Got curious

I decided to take a look at the central forum for the Effective Altruism monsters. Right off the bat their satanic evil shows up.

Headline: Why neuron counts shouldn’t be used as proxies for moral weight.

Jesus. This is exactly Peter Singer’s version of Nazi eugenics.

The article says that many EA demons are proposing this correlation, and tries to gently suggest that perhaps we should include other measurements when calculating the “moral weight” of an animal or person.  (“Moral weight” = cullability.  Items with low “moral weight” must be culled.)

If you think neuron count is correlated with INTELLIGENCE you have zero knowledge of neurology. And it doesn’t take detail to see this one. Whales and dogs are about equal in intelligence. Birds with one-inch brains are closer to human abilities than monkeys with human-size brains.

And if you think INTELLIGENCE is positively correlated with MORALITY, you know nothing at all about human history, or the CURRENT FUCKING CONDITION of human “civilization”.

Jesus. These fuckers are evil and stupid. Unfortunately their stupidity doesn’t weaken their ability to do evil, because they’ve clearly persuaded everyone who counts that they’re the top of the intelligence stack and “therefore” also the top of the moral stack.

= = = = =

The forum doesn’t have a lot to say about Bankman-Fried, but this article is warning members that journalists use “misinformation” about EA to get clicks for their Sam coverage. So far the only “misinformation” I’ve seen in the media is the nearly universal agreement that EA is Our Holy And Noble Saviour, which is EA’s own propaganda. Vox magazine is a notable exception. Vox took some of Sam’s money and seems to regret falling for his nonsense.

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