Real complaint, backwards solution

One “socialist” party in Australia is making headlines by proposing that politicians should be paid no more than the median wage.

Effective Altruist monsters are rising up against this idea, claiming that you need super-high pay to get the “highest quality” (highest IQ) candidates. Fuck that. High IQ is the specific center and wellspring of our current demonic hellfire.

Politicians should be overpaid for an entirely separate reason. New members of Congress are genuinely underpaid considering what they have to spend in DC. Some of them have to share apartments. This shortfall has two effects:  It favors innately wealthy politicians, and it pushes non-rich politicians to seek money from lobbyists. If new politicians could expect a salary of $2 million a year, they would be less likely to depend on bribes. Some would anyway, but the quantity would be lower.

If we’re going to make silly utopian proposals, piecework pay makes more sense. Divide the current set of politically solvable problems into subtasks. Pay each representative or bureaucrat for writing and advancing real legislation or regulations, AFTER each segment of the problem is solved.

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