You can do better

UncommonDescent’s take on the Lawrence Livermore fusion advance:

Could fusion energy be God’s design for supplying humanity’s energy needs in a future era?

Come on, you can do better than that. The fusion-powered SUN is God’s design for supplying energy to life. We still haven’t turned fusion into a practical and controllable energy source, and might never get there. The internal gain is only a small part of the necessary overall gain.

If you want to talk about God’s provision for future eras, the answer is automatic.


Supersquirrel God buried a bunch of plants and left them just under the surface, fermented and preserved for millions of years, waiting for human ignition and combustion in long winters.

= = = = =

Got curious to see if the old tribes had squirrel gods. Sure enough, the Navajo have a POWERFUL prophecy about a supernova and a flood. The squirrels try to provide for the future era, but their effort isn’t enough.

When the white light arose in the east, next morning, the waters were seen high as mountains encircling the whole horizon, except in the west, and rolling on rapidly. The people packed up all their goods as fast as they could, and ran up on a high hill nearby, for temporary safety. Here they held a council. Someone suggested that perhaps the two Squirrels (Hazáitso and Hazáistozi) might help them. “We will try what we can do,” said the Squirrels. One planted a piñon seed, the other a juniper seed, and they grew so very fast that the people hoped that they would soon grow so tall that the flood could not reach their tops, and that all might find shelter there. But after the trees grew a little way they began to branch out and grew no higher.

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