Now I get it. Maybe.

Elon is leaving Twitter, “letting” the people “make the decision” for him.

Now the whole thing makes sense, sort of.

Back in April he made an offer purely for noise and publicity, certain that Twitter would never take him up on it. Twitter’s big shareholders, perhaps understanding Elon or perhaps for their own cold-hearted reasons, called his bluff and forced him to buy. Now the big shareholders have a profit from the overpriced shares.

When Elon got bluffed into taking the job, he immediately set out on a campaign to lose the job. Change 1, revert change 1. Change 2, revert change 2. Change 3, revert change 3. “Reveal” all the secrets without letting any actual Shannon info out.

The only REAL UNREVERTED change is decreased employee count.

Now his financiers and partners have what they want. A traditional LBO. Twitter in its original form, but with much lower payroll costs. Elon’s job is done.


Later thought: Deepstate gains an extra bonus from the “secrets”. The “independent” fact-gatherers like Taibbi and Weiss are discredited. They took the bait and dug into the load of shiny vapor, preparing their audience for Big Scoops. Elon led them into the heart of the trap with talk of a coup de grace and a bombshell.

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