Why does this myth persist?

One of the fact-gatherers is coming to terms with reality, but not quite there yet.

As citizens, concerned citizens, we engage in debate not to hear ourselves talk, but to convince others of the truth of what we claim. What is supposed to happen, in a debate, ideally speaking, is that the person who makes the best and most convincing argument carries the day. What that means in everyday language is that if I best you in a debate, you change your mind. The same goes for me. Evidence changes people’s minds.
Otherwise, why bother talking at all?

Academia and “elections” and meritocracy have been spreading this silly idea for at least 200 years. We believe that science advances by “free and open debate”. We believe that political “debates” change minds.

Never happened, never will happen. Practical thinkers about politics and science have always known the truth and told the truth. Machiavelli told the truth, Kuhn told the truth, and still the myth persists.  (Meta:  Hearing the truth about debate never changes minds, which proves that debate never changes minds.)

Experience inclined me against believing the myth. I’ve never been an influencer. More like an effluencer. My ideas, whether right or wrong, have always been treated as effluents.  Finally I recognized that ideas are simply a product of personal status and popularity. Popular people have correct ideas by definition.

What’s the solution? The solution is solution. Leaders who solve problems DON’T NEED IDEAS. In fact real solutions are totally disjunct from ideas.

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A sharper view on this specific subject.


Demons know the facts. That’s exactly why they are able to MISUSE the facts so expertly and lethally.

Before March 2020 all the correct facts about viruses and immunity and public health were UNIVERSALLY KNOWN AND UNIVERSALLY STATED BY ALL EXPERTS. Nobody was publicly proposing imprisonment and starvation and strangulation and riots as part of “public health”.  Even Demon Fauci was recommending against all of this shit before March. After March, the facts didn’t change. We may have been dealing with a new variety of the common cold virus, or perhaps no new virus at all.  We’ll never know.  What changed was the COMMANDS, not the FACTS. Demons don’t use or read or dispense facts. They give lethal COMMANDS.

So there is never any point in “speaking truth to power”. Power knows the truth and uses it as a weapon. Attempting to “change their minds” by reminding them of the facts is utterly pointless. Demons don’t repent and reform in response to facts; they only modify their COMMANDS to maximize the harm and chaos and lethality.

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