Mister Restitution speaks

Yahoo Finance is interviewing Kenneth Feinberg, The Restitution Man. He knows better than anyone else how to distribute the assets from complex semi-criminal enterprises. He brings out a basic fact: Many of Sammy’s creditors are criminals who knew they were laundering criminal money.

He doesn’t quite hit the exact analogy.

Bitcoin is counterfeit.

Bitcoin was specifically and explicitly designed to be fake money that would dazzle suckers into trading their real money for counterfeit. The passers know they’re playing with counterfeit money. Claiming their share of the loot is explicitly self-incriminating. The suckers won’t have to self-incriminate, but they will be hugely embarrassed by publicly claiming their share of the criminal loot.

Embarrassment is an integral part of every smart swindle.  Suckers who think they’re getting away with something shady are VERY reluctant to call the cops.

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