Okay, here’s a suitable year-end shit, inspired by reading Huxley’s 1927 essays.

Compare events that came out exactly as I thought, versus events that came out the opposite way. Check my own biases and assumptions.

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Exactly as I thought:

In Feb 2020, when China started doing the lockdown lunacy, my first assumption was that China was disinfecting political opposition, not disinfecting a “virus”. This turned out right. The “reopening” started one day after Jiang died.

None of this monstrosity ever made the slightest sense as a “health” measure. All of it was standard procedure in the realm of war and purges and NAZI TORTURE.  Each country disinfected its own “microbe” who was popular among peasants.

= = = = =

Opposite of my thinking:

Jerome Powell amazingly turned off the magic money fountain. Starting in 2008, I always assumed that QE and ZIRP would continue forever, or until all peasants were killed. We still don’t know why Powell shifted abruptly into reverse. Did he have a conversion experience? It’s hard to imagine a devious or backhanded reason, because the turnoff has unquestionably damaged the demons who might have given such an order.

And after the fountain was turned off, the bitcoin fraud immediately started to unravel. The unraveling itself was a perfectly obvious consequence of the turnoff; no need for predictions.  I then assumed that the Correct influencers would abscond safely, while the Incorrect “conservative” and “alt-right” influencers would be taken down. In fact both “sides” are being arrested and sued hard and fast.  More broadly the antitrust and stock regulators are starting to feel their Wheaties after 40 years of dormancy.   The FDR laws that were deleted in the ’80s and ’90s haven’t been replaced yet; but at least the agencies are starting to enforce the few remaining laws.

= = = = =

Speaking of 1927: The Pope just died. It will be interesting to see if Bergoglio and the bishops reshape their doctrines now that the Pope can no longer inspire opposition. Will Bergoglio openly approve abortion now? He approves all the other fashionable demonic sacraments, but something has been preventing him from finishing the job.

After reading a couple of articles on the subject by Catholics with Vatican connections:  The machinations of power in Papal circles are pure unadulterated Machiavelli, literal and precise, time capsuled since 1500.  Secular rulers follow Mach’s rules in a more generic way, transposed to modern culture and modern tech.

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