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Linked in previous item, worth a reprint. From 2018.

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Yet another proposal to counteract big money in politics:

At their heart, political campaigns are no different than any other organization: they need to raise revenues and then spend it to meet their objectives. Organizations are responsive to who pays them, and therefore, the only way to connect politics back to the everyday lives of people is to connect more pocketbooks of voters directly into the revenue model of DC.

This type of proposal never works. The reformers miss two distinct and separate facts.

1. Big money always funds “both” “parties” because “both” “parties” are the same side. Big corporations understand how Deepstate works, and ESPECIALLY understand how Symmetrical Scapegoating works. Pay “both” “sides” to make meaningless noises at each other. Simultaneously pay “both” “sides” to do the same job. If one “side” is weak at the moment, the “other” “side” will be strong. Job gets done. (This is IDENTICAL to the neural use of paired organs and paired hemispheres! Contralateral and ipsilateral innervation insures that you always have a backup.)

2. These reformers understand the pay side of the pay for value problem but don’t understand the value side.

They understand that nobody is paying Deepstate for sanity and non-intervention, so sanity and non-intervention don’t happen.

The value side is harder to see because USA STRONG has been ruined since 1920 by the idiotic “Good Government” culture. We have decided that a direct retail connection with politicians is “corruption”. We don’t like to see citizens paying for pothole repair on their street, or parents paying for their own school. Everything must be handled at the TOP level, and everyone must pay for everything in a perfectly fungible way.

Fungibility is the problem, not the solution. When you KNOW WHAT YOU’RE PAYING FOR, and when you GET WHAT YOU’RE PAYING FOR, politics works. That’s real democracy.

So the abovementioned reformers won’t achieve anything unless they can break down the universal-funding model to some extent. There are a few basic tasks that must be universal, at least as a floor to insure survival. But even in those tasks, there must be room for paying more to get more. We’ve applied the universality rule so strictly that we’ve lost all FEEDBACK.

Universality requires all functions to be controlled by one central lever. The biggest corporations have the power and money to grab the single lever, so they control all functions. With a modular system there is no single lever. Each city or school or neighborhood has levers and knobs for its own local functions, and the local citizens or parents can prevent outsiders like Bloomberg from grabbing hold of the lever.

In software this requires a compiler that jealously guards private variables from global interference. At one time we had some words in our compiler (the 10th amendment) which were meant to perform this function, but Genocidal Madman Lincoln, loyally serving NYC, wiped out the compiler along with 1/6 of the people in the country. NYC never allows non-NYC control or possession. Everything must be owned and controlled by NYC.

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