Sharp observation

One of the anticoin Redditors sees the early signs of a switchover.

So apparently personal finance YouTubers/Influencers are now doing AI-related schemes/scams where supposedly this magical AI software can predict which stocks will be best. If NFTs and high yield accounts are what sparked the 2020/2021 bubble, I’m guessing that something related to AI could be what can prompt a future Bitcoin/crypto bubble – perhaps when Fed start cutting rates some exchange or startup might tout some AI-related crypto shit.

I think he’s onto something. AI is definitely the magic bean (along with Web3/metaverse) now that bitcoin has turned sour.  But I’d guess that bitcoin will be entirely out of the picture.  The predictions will be for stocks or some other old-fashioned speculation like oil or wheat prices.

AI has one big advantage over bitcoin as a cult controller. Bitcoin is solely about numbers. The blockchain doesn’t invite your thoughts or shape your thoughts on anything except money. NSA can detect what you’re doing by analyzing where the money goes, but can’t detect what you’re thinking.

AI chatbots are SPECIFICALLY about inviting and recording your thoughts, as Weizenbaum noticed with dismay when he built the very first chatbot in 1964.

Modern AI also shapes your thoughts because it’s carefully curated to absorb and synthesize ONLY the currently fashionable demonic orthodoxy on every subject. AI will never give a heretical (truthful) answer.

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