There must be a reason….

An observation on the peculiarities of social media algorithms.

I wanted to write a couple of uncontroversial comments on Reddit, answering a linguistic question and a snow-shoveling question. I knew the answers to both, and the correct answers hadn’t appeared yet. So I signed in using Google as a ‘mediator’ and supplied both answers.

After that, I found that my ability to READ Reddit was diminished. As a total outsider I could pick ‘new’ instead of ‘hot’. Time order is always more useful than algo-filtered order. After signing in, I was forced to read ‘hot’. ‘New’ was no longer available.

This is absurd, and I also had sober second thoughts about the wisdom of joining a Mensa Moshpit. So I tried to sign out. But my Google-mediated semi-membership was not signoutable. I had to go all the way in, creating a full membership with a password, before I was allowed to delete my membership.

Even more absurd.

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