Bureaucratic genes and epigenes

I read and understood Parkinson 50 years ago, and haven’t yet seen any contrary evidence. In fact the real situation is vastly worse now than when he was writing.

My usual question is:

Given that criminal agencies and organizations CAN’T AND WON’T be deleted, how do we set up competing forces?

My usual answer is the unique example of Trinity House, created 500 years ago and still serving its ORIGINAL PURPOSE of improving navigation and safety of shipping. Trinity House is solely funded by ships safely reaching British ports, so all of its incentives are aligned toward DOING ITS JOB. Its innate gene has never been switched off by epigenes.

= = = = =

Watching the start and end of QE, and the simultaneous start and end of Bitcoin, a different question occurs.

This year we see central banks and securities regulators RESUMING THEIR PROPER PURPOSE without any change of “laws” or funding sources.

Before this year I had no hope or expectation that either of those groups would turn around. The securities regulators had been solely aiding crime since 1999, and the central banks had been ruining the world since 2008.

Obviously SOMETHING changed their view and switched off their criminal epigenes. Something turned them back toward DOING THEIR FUCKING JOB. What changed, and how can we encourage a similar shift in other demonic agencies?

The central bank started in 1913, and the securities regulators were started by FDR. They have an innate GOOD gene which can be re-expressed. EPA was meant to control real pollution, and DID ITS JOB for a few years until it was switched to the Carbon Cult in 1975. It might be reversible.

The 1946 agencies were explicitly created FOR crime. CIA, NSA, CDC, WHO, NIH, NSF, UN. Their gene is psychopathic. Encouraging them to resume their original purpose won’t help, because their original purpose is obliterating the universe. Innately unsalvageable.

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