Today isn’t Pi Day, but a couple of half-decent Pi jokes showed up today.

First, from a rare ’40s radio show, one of the many with high quality music and low quality but often funny comedy.

This poem was featured in Fountain of Fun from November 1942 when rationing was the hot topic. Food and drink were hard to get.

In arithmetic they taught us
that Pi was equal to,
Three point one four one six,
and I’m sure that is true.
I hope you have Pi for Thanksgiving,
and as for me, what I hope you will do,
is give me some Pi plus Point eight five eight four,
so that I may have three point two.

Audiences then were more skilled in mental arithmetic, and more skilled in singing.

And an especially elegant joke from Reddit:

Chuck Norris can recite the entirety of Pi … backwards.

= = = = =

Speaking of great music, here’s a brilliant performance of Surrey, clipped from one episode. Intense jazzy harmony on top of a classical accompaniment, both extinct now.

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