Inspiring lyrics

EnidBuzz asked for misheard lyrics. One commenter said that her school always sang the state song, and she had her own version and her own image of the song.

Original words:

Oklahoma, where the wind comes whistling down the plain
And the waving wheat can sure smell sweet
When the wind comes right behind the rain.
Oklahoma, every night my honeylamb and I
Sit alone and talk and watch a hawk
Making lazy circles in the sky.

Her image:

Oklahoma, where the wind comes whistling down the plain
And the waving wheat can sure smell sweet
When the wind comes right behind the rain.
Oklahoma, every night my honey, lamb, and I
Sail along and talk and watch a hawk
Making lazy circles in the sky.

Makes far more sense because sailing brings the wind into the scene as a character. Okie wind is always there. A typical day is 20g30, and 30g40 is nothing special.

Polistra and Happystar are inspired. (Sputnik subs for the hawk.)

= = = = =

Footnote: Here’s the story of how the state belatedly replaced its HORRIBLE original song with the WONDERFUL Rogers and Hammerstein number.

I missed the best part.

The remarkably realistic comment by the Harris Poll included a quote from Ice T. I was enamored of ‘analog people’ and didn’t notice the POWER of Ice T’s suggestion.

It would [be] kinda dope if Musk bought Twitter and just shut it off.

It’s powerful because shutting off is THE NORMAL PURPOSE of buying a company. Rich fuckheads buy a smaller company, then strip its assets and shut it off, leaving the workers out in the cold.

In most cases a hostile takeover is harmful to the real economy, eliminating real products and real services and real SKILLS. Shutting off Twitter would be a rare DEFENSIVE takeover, like using poison to kill a predator. The media and government monsters who use Twitter to manipulate public opinion would have to find other channels, and their power would be slightly disrupted and chaotized for a while.

Gets it

The Enid Buzz fb page asked who had CB radios. Here’s a reply that GETS IT:

The FCC did regulate CB indirectly. CB radios had to be prepackaged. The manufacturers had to keep the power below 5 watts ‘gross’, and had to maintain accurate frequency. Homebrewers who built 1 kilowatt amplifiers got caught pretty quickly.

But that’s not what she means. She’s making the same point I’ve been hitting forever. Radio is a soft analog medium, with all radio signals present everywhere. There’s no way for the FCC to isolate and block your signal in the ether, no way to demonetize the signal or place warnings under your signal. They would have to invade your house physically and confiscate your equipment.

Digital signals can be isolated or disconnected or jammed or modified at any point in the web. When you say “water is wet”, the web can autocorrect it to “water is dry”, and you’ll never be able to undo the autocorrect.

Should have stuck with SW

Still on info input and output….

Censorship is all about info inputs, and the criterion is caste, not content. Correct Persons are allowed to insert their info into the closed-circuit web. Incorrect Persons are not allowed to input.

We’ve been conditioned to assume that Twitter and Google and Apple are the ONLY channels. Simply and flatly untrue.

Landline phones still work. Paper mail still works. Shortwave radio still works. Those three channels are NOT strictly moderated by Twitter and Google. Your phone can be tapped and your mail can be intercepted, but those don’t happen automatically and universally. Those interceptions require expensive labor and expensive “legal” procedures, so they’re fairly rare.

It’s especially unfortunate that commercial and national propagandists abandoned shortwave. RT has been totally disconnected by our Deepstate system. Before the web, Radio Moscow was able to blast through our jammers. Shortwave is a ‘soft’ analog system, depending on the vagaries of atmospheric conduction and reflection, and received through real human perception. Thus jamming is never complete and constant. In a digital system it’s easy to block and control all channels, and there’s no way for human perception to ‘look through’ the blockage.

And of course before Deepstate’s 1946 rebirth, WE WEREN’T JAMMING AT ALL. We had confidence in our economy and our culture. We ENCOURAGED ‘informed citizens’ to listen on shortwave and compare Russian and German propaganda with our own propaganda.

Statusotopic mapping?

If we start from my unconventional thought that secrecy is the default, what happens? If we treat this as the baseline assumption, what about “innovation” and “robust debate”?

First some clarification. I’m talking about secrecy and language within a family or tribe or guild, not secrecy between all individuals. Language forms the circle and keeps outsiders at bay. Secrecy inside the guild is natural and easy. Secrecy between individuals (within the circle) is not natural and interferes with civilization. Modern technology is designed to break down the natural forms of secrecy. Destroy the workplace, destroy the family, destroy clubs and Mutual Benefit Associations. The state penetrates all boundaries.

I was casting around for a way to organize this random crap, until I read this proposal for breaking an important part of secrecy. “Transparency” is a favorite fake goal of reformers. “Transparency” breaks the privacy of the guild.

“Transparency” in the process of research and development would ruin research, because competing teams with more money would be able to catch the idea and frontrun it.

This was the original purpose of the Web. NSA wanted a way to catch research ideas early in their formation so NSA could get ahead of them. It’s bad enough to have NSA frontrunning all your tentative thoughts and hypotheses, but it would be vastly worse if the team at MIT could see an early form of a brilliant idea or clever experiment at Podunk Community College.

= = = = =

Part of my initial 2016 thoughts on the subject:

= = = = = START REPRINT:

These modern debates about encryption (ie the Bitcoin scam or the fake dispute between Apple and FBI) ring hollow to my ear, but I hadn’t figured out why until just now.

Both sides are missing the oldest and deepest fact.

Encryption is the PRIMARY form of communication. Encryption came first. Publicly readable speech and writing came later.

Most living things communicate through chemical, visual and audio signals. Some fish communicate through AM and FM radio waves. Bacteria and mitochondria communicate electrically via wires. Most of these ‘channels’ are intrinsically and physically private.

Smarter vertebrates turn public audio channels into private channels through individual variations. Why do birds develop special grace notes? So a male can stand out as a mateworthy individual, and so members of a family can recognize each other.

Why did humans take it to the next level with more complex and more articulate syllables? Not so everyone could understand. That’s SUICIDAL. We developed language so OUR FAMILY and OUR TRIBE and OUR GUILD and OUR COMPANY could communicate without OTHER modules picking up the information.

Why did humans later develop ways of recording information on clay or wood? Three semi-separate motivations. (1) The priesthood of bookkeepers (my kind of priesthood!) developed numbers so they could keep track of business transactions. After the idea of visual mapping became familiar, the specific number symbols for One Ox or One House came to represent the ox or house itself, and then the sounds for Ox or House. After that, metaphor expanded or specialized the symbols.

(2) Census-takers picked up the trick, using it to register information about residents for governmental purposes like debts and taxes. (3) Religious priesthoods used writing to keep the scriptures within bounds, so they could gain power and money by renting out little bits of the ceremony. Guilds developed their own special sublanguages to protect their ownership of skill-estate, so they could rent out skilled labor without passing the skills to outsiders.

All of these priesthoods were trying to keep information within their own circles. Otherwise, why bother?

Audio encryption pretty much disappeared after writing became commonplace. It didn’t re-emerge until electronics made tricks like scramblers possible. Later on, DSP made complex audio encryption easier.

And that’s where we are now. The same place we’ve always been…. except that AS FUCKING USUAL we intentionally reverse our understanding.

The initial and permanent purpose of communication is EXCLUSION. DIVISIVENESS. XENOPHOBIA. When communication REALLY MATTERS, it’s coded.

Families no longer matter, so families no longer encrypt. Businesses still need encryption to stay ahead of the competition. Government data-gatherers still need encryption to stay ahead of the citizens. Armies still need codes to protect strategies.

Languages didn’t start from a single universal tongue. Exactly the opposite. Satan doesn’t separate languages; Satan wants everyone to speak the same way so the government can spy more efficiently. God smashed the Tower of Babel because the emperor was trying to force ONE language.

= = = = = END REPRINT.

Now a bit of speculation about innate capacities. We’ve known for a long time that the basics of spoken language are built-in. We’ve known for a shorter time that writing and reading are built-in and hardwired. Recent observations seem to indicate that we have an innate structure for status, which makes sense. Hive structure is innate and permanent, so it must be hardwired.

Status indicators (formal vs familiar) were part of all languages until the Locke-Marat Endarkenment wiped them out of English.


Given that language and status are both hardwired, there must be a MAP of status locations closely tied to the language processors. All languages account for physical location (noun case, prepositions) and all languages account for temporal location (verb aspect and tense). These language structures must connect to the hippocampal maps of space and time. The space and time maps are laid out ‘on the horizon’ of the hippocampus. Where is the status map? I might envision it as two-dimensional. Around the horizon we see the ‘portals’ of our own hive, where it connects to other hives of superior or inferior status. The superior hives are above, the inferior hives are below.

Revising a conventional guess

In previous item about a strangely primitive tube-based spy rig, I casually dismissed transistors as not ready for prime time. That was true in the early ’50s, but Russian equipment famously stuck with tubes long after transistors were generally reliable and consistent.

Sputnik used submini tubes while our satellites used transistors. Sputnik got there first, which says that tubes were still fully competitive even in small and light equipment.

The conventional reason for the Russian caution is EMP. Supposedly Russia was afraid that we might hit them with a high-altitude nuke.

In reality EMP never happened. Not fucking once. We had plenty of chances to use it, and “terrorists” had plenty of chances to use it. EMP has been a potential (heh) threat for 75 years, and nobody has ever tried it.

Now that I’m more familiar with the capabilities and behaviors of UFOs, maybe it’s time to revise the hypothesis.

Russia was protecting its equipment from UFOs, not from EMP.

There’s plenty of doubt about the origin and ownership of UFOs, but one thing is certain from reliable reports:

UFOs had a powerful electric field.

I’m inclined to believe that UFOs were American, not Martian or Venusian. This would also fit the unique Russian desire for protection. We didn’t need to protect our equipment from our own weapon.

Some observers also measured high radiation readings where UFOs had landed or approached the ground. This measurement is far less definite than the electric field because it was infrequent and lacked baseline comparisons. If the radiation measurements were valid, they would imply that the electric field was generated by fission, just like the alleged EMP.

Was EMP a polite way of saying UFO?

Reprint on the uses of expertise

I’ve reprinted this list many times in various contexts with various additions. Feels like a good time to reprint it again, connecting it to my recent language-based comparison of facts vs commands, and this week’s UFO obsession.

This version of the list is from 2017, with a good discussion of factual experts vs commanding experts.

= = = = =

“Scientists” jail you for questioning “science”.

Astrologers don’t jail you for questioning astrology.


MDs force you to follow orders by withholding life-sustaining prescriptions. (In any other context this would be called extortion.) (Now, of course, MDs have shown their true colors as pure Nazi torturers and holocausters.)

Alternative doctors (naturopaths, chiropractors, etc) don’t force you to do anything.


Social “scientists” design and operate torture chambers.

Psychics and faith healers don’t.


Non-smokers jail you for smoking in the wrong place, which is pretty much every place.

Smokers don’t jail you for not smoking.


Bankers punish you for using cash. (And now they STEAL your money when you spend it on heresy.)

Goldbugs don’t jail you or STEAL YOUR MONEY for using debit cards.


Globalists bomb you for questioning the Empire.

Localists don’t bomb you for being a globalist.


Adding: Government punished UFO believers. Many lost jobs or ended up in insane asylums.

UFO believers didn’t punish disbelievers.

= = = = =

I commented in detail on the “sonic attack” hate-hoax, more or less dismissing it but remaining objective because this is my proper area of expertise.

Later ZH had a headline:

This Is What Americans Heard During The Mysterious Cuban Sonic Attacks, And Why Experts Don’t Buy It

Yup, I’m an expert and I don’t buy it.

Some experts in acoustics and phonetics are in fact working for NSA and Apple and Google. Their jargon is easy to recognize in the NSA stuff released by Wikileaks, and their work is easy to see elsewhere.

In terms of the pairings above, does that make me an astrologer? Yes. If an analogous title existed I’d happily use it. (Faith acoustician? Phonologer?)

The important distinction in the pairings above is not the professional title but the willingness to serve power. The first group in each pair is willing to use their expertise aggressively. The second group is not willing to serve power. They are defending people against power, lending their knowledge and skills to people who are just trying to live an ordinary life.

Probably not an April Fool

Apparently this isn’t an April Fool. It should be. “Scientists” are trying yet again to communicate with Autistic Messiah Aliens, using really stupid NFT-style images.

The new spacebound note, named the Beacon in the Galaxy (BITG), is the latest in a series of attempts to contact other lifeforms in the universe that date back to a message sent in 1974 from Puerto Rico’s Arecibo telescope to a star cluster.

Nope, 1974 wasn’t the first attempt by a long shot. The Hayden Planetarium sent a poorly designed signal toward Mars in 1939. Nothing happened, nothing bounced back. The radio coverage of the Hillsdale sighting in 1965 mentioned that UMich had been sending out some kind of signal, and the “scientists” assumed arrogantly that the aliens were answering. (The Hillsdale thing sounds to me like natural ball lightning, not an alien craft. It happened right after a thunderstorm.)

The current crop of arrogant “scientists” assume that the aliens will be able to fill in the details of an NFT-level 2d pixelated picture of naked male and female humans, and assume that the aliens will be interested in a whole bunch of math formulas written in a made-up alphabet that looks like swastika-flavored Chinese. Made-up languages are a stupid idea. Just use the Latin alphabet and use English. Less chance of error on the encrypting end, and a better chance of reception both ways. What happens if aliens 20 lightyears away answer in this language? Everyone will still know English in 2062, but nobody will remember this made-up crap.

If the aliens had been receiving and decoding our TV signals for the last 70 years, they would be familiar with the shapes and contexts of clothed and unclothed humans, so they would assume that this message was some form of cheaply made porn, not some form of math.

And good old Esperanto stupidity comes through again:

“Logic suggests a species which has reached sufficient complexity to achieve communication through the cosmos would also very likely have attained high levels of cooperation amongst themselves and thus will know the importance of peace and collaboration,” the team said.

Shit. Why did WE start exploring? Why did we start learning the languages of the strangers we encountered when we explored? It sure as fuck wasn’t for “peace and collaboration”. It was for war and obliteration. We don’t have any other examples, so this is the only “logical” conclusion we can draw from the given cause.

Peace and collaboration happen when we MIND OUR OWN FUCKING BUSINESS, doing as much for ourselves as we can, and trading with foreigners for the few resources and skills we can’t acquire internally.


I haven’t made any new graphics in MANY months. I used up my graphics gumption during 2020, in a frantic outpouring of science as entertainment to counterbalance the Nazi torturers misusing “science” as a god of genocide.

During most of 2021 I was just weary, bombarded with especially awful weather along with the torture. 2022 is definitely back to normal on the weather front, and it looks like the Nazis will grant us a brief reprieve starting in late March, before the next horrible fake imaginary fictional “threat” requires even more deadly and vicious and grotesque torture and murder to “protect” us from living, and to provide glorious sexual joy for the demons.

= = = = =

I’ve been doing some C++ programming this month, updating my first and best courseware project to add more features and run on newer Windows. After reaching a point of satisfying semi-completion, I got hungry for graphics again, so decided to run up a couple of personally resonant items. I’ve been wanting to make these Zeniths for a long time.

The first is a Zenith ‘shutter’ or ‘clamshell’ radio. I owned one of these in ’68, and threw it away when I went to jail in ’69. The ‘shutter’ chassis was built in several forms and fitted into all sorts of cabinets. It was THE best radio in the late ’30s. Only the super-custom jobs by Scott were supposedly better; but I’ve never seen or heard a Scott so can’t judge.

Zenith specialized in fancy mechanisms, and the shutter chassis reached an absolute zenith of wonderful gadgetry. The band switch used a series of cams to push the ‘shutters’ aside. The other controls had dials visible through arc-shaped slots instead of plain old labels on the front of the set. Tuning was clock-style with a fast-moving second hand on a 0-60 scale and a slow-moving minute hand on the actual frequencies. The tuning knob had a big flywheel so you could throw it across the dial with one good spin. And of course the Magic Eye tube showed you when you were tuned in.

The Magic Eye presaged TV in some ways. Fancy dials with Magic Eyes gave you something to look at as you imagined the visual part of the show. TV ruined its initial promise by destroying your visual imagination.

= = = = =

The second Zenith is the TransOceanic. Zenith carried this brand through four decades from 1941 to 1981, morphing from tube to discrete transistor. It was built in Chicago until 1979, one of the last consumer electronic products built here and very likely the last with discrete transistors and real wiring. The final version from ’79 to ’81 succumbed to ICs and digitalism and offshoring.

Wikipedia says the TransOceanic was inspired by Zenith’s CEO, a navigator and outdoorsman who wanted a portable. So the TransOceanic was not designed for room-filling volume or mechanical gimmicks; it was a rugged portable SW receiver for camp or boat, enclosed in a suitcase for weather protection. It had a choice of battery or AC power, switched by a toggle switch on the back.

The version I’ve made is the most familiar of the postwar types, the G500. This radio served me and helped me just after I got out of jail, so these two Zeniths form a sort of symmetrical pair.

I installed A and B batteries (which could still be bought at hardware stores) but never used the battery mode. Oklahoma didn’t have power outages. I also didn’t take advantage of the gimmicky separable WaveMagnet antenna, which could be removed and mounted on a window with suction cups. Oklahoma had excellent SW reception, so I just left the WaveMagnet on the lid.

I treasured the TransOceanic as a reassuring companion in those first few months as I was resuming life ‘on the bricks’. Open doors, bicycling, cooking my own food, not being raped.

In 1970 US media was in one of its crazy spells. Not nearly up to 2020 standards, but plenty bad enough. The ogre of Nixon and the “threat” of Antiwar Terrorists were filling the air in the same way as the ogre of Trump and the “threat” of Antivax Terrorists now. Several Euro SW broadcasters were neutral and objective on Vietnam. BBC and Lisbon and Nederland served as unwavering beacons while US Deepstate and media thrashed around in a partisan frenzy.

I’m not sure what happened to my TransOceanic after those first few months. In the next location I can remember, I was listening to a big Philco console, then dropped down to an uninteresting but competent Radio Shack transistor receiver in the ’80s. In 1990 I moved to Spokane, a dead spot for SW propagation, and then SW broadcasting itself died.

= = = = =

Since I’m in Zenith mode, might as well turn out a couple other iconic Zeniths.

This AM-FM table model was the most popular Zenith in the late ’50s. For some reason it was more often seen in stores and workshops than in homes.

= = = = =

And finally, this ‘owl-eyes’ clock radio just struck me as fun. Zenith got into the ’50s plastic styles with a vengeance.

= = = = =

For Poser users, the four radios plus Orby are now at ShareCG.

Reprint from 2018

Especially germane on the subject of protests, media insanity, etc.

= = = = = START REPRINT:

Want to break the “cycle of violence”? Break the media.

The press has been running this routine for at least a hundred years. It’s not mysterious or “unintended”. It’s an intrinsic part of their business model.

Blood sells newspapers. Blood and chaos and war are the RAW MATERIAL of media, just as wheat is the raw material of bakers. When bakers want to sell more bread, they develop more sources of wheat. When media wants to sell more clicks, it develops more sources of war and violence.

Hearst dared to say it openly. Every media baron since Hearst has followed his methods while sanctimoniously pretending to be against violence.

More war means more clicks, and more clicks give the media more power to create more war and chaos.

Everyone in a position of power is part of the setup. DC profits massively from violence. More budget for the Pentagon, more budget for FBI, DHS, BATF, ETC.

So DC does everything possible to increase the cycle. Pentagon creates coups in foreign countries “justifying” our intervention. FBI cultivates “terrorists” on “both” sides. BATF runs stings. ETC.

We can’t do anything about the government side of this positive-feedback death loop. FDR was a one-time miracle, and Deepstate regenerated after FDR’s death to GUARANTEE that we would NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER get another sane leader.

We can do something about the media side.

First, don’t be a blood farmer. Don’t add to their overflowing silos of raw chaos material. Don’t protest, don’t join organized groups. ALL ALL ALL ALL ALL ALL organized groups are run by Deepstate. This has been STEADILY true since 1946.

Second, don’t click. Don’t help the retail side of the cycle. Turn off everything. We don’t NEED to open our God-given life to the chaos of Bezos.

Life is an island of order in a universe of chaos. Life generates order and beauty. Bezos and DC generate chaos and death. We can’t break them but we can preserve our souls by attempting to make more order and beauty.

Listen to Booker T. His advice to black men in 1910 is still SHARPLY APPROPRIATE advice for Deplorables of all colors.

= = = = = END REPRINT.

Only slight edit needed now: Replace ETC by CDC.

The tired old Klaatu story

Via MindMatters, NASA is studying how to use “aliens” to replace religion with science. This replacement has been a constant theme of Deepstate-loving scifi writers. Alien Avenging Angels descend to Earth and cleanse it of redneck crackers and holy rollers, leaving only the Official Doctors And Scientists alive and in charge.

The only problem with this demonic Rapture myth** is that the people who claim to have actual conversations with aliens are always redneck crackers and holy rollers.

Maybe the aliens know more about religion and humanity than the scientists do.

In reality this is NOT about science vs religion, this is two competing religions. NASA belongs to the Robespierre tradition of all-consuming OCD Ubermenschen. The Ubermensch religion has been trying to obliterate the older god-based religions since 1789, but filthy little god-based redneck cracker hillbilly three-toothed bible-thumping LOSER religions just keep popping up like ants, requiring constant scrubbing and disinfecting.

In reality humans are built to resonate with a god-based universe. We can be forced by weapons and psyops to OBEY the omnicidal Emperor-Doctors like Marat and Fauci, but compliance is not belief.

= = = = =

**The newest version of the Rapture myth is more like the Revelations version. Instead of disinfecting the earth, the Ubermenschen fly to Mars and create a new CLEAN STERILE LOSER-FREE earth for themselves. They’ve already built their rockets.

Defensible Spaces review 1/6

Unlike the other reviews I’ve been doing this year, the Defensible Spaces theme started with a general feeling, not with a specific piece of science or a specific input. Later a smart scientific idea fertilized the theme.

The first exposition of the theme in July 2015:

Dreher is hitting his Benedict Option theme again.

Stand firm against the “barbarians” — people who live by feeling, driven by the passions, not right reason, and with no sense of restraint or obligation beyond satisfying their momentary demands — of our dominant culture is to form stronger, thicker communities based on a commitment to virtue.

Live by feeling? Driven by passions? No restraint?

Exactly diametrically wrong. Dreher is stuck in the obsolete ‘relativism’ crap. The dominant culture has nothing to do with passions or feelings or unrestrained-ness. It is solely about ABSOLUTE MECHANISTIC OBEDIENCE to Big Brother.

At the moment an individual dissenter can live well enough by decoupling. Withdrawing consent and participation. Avoiding the command stream. For damn sure, no TV. TV has a unique ability to phase-lock** the brain. Other media are not quite as ‘pipe-like’. Radio leaves you somewhat more freedom to absorb or reject the message. Print is best.

If you’re in an occupation where participation is forced, you have a hard choice. At the moment those occupations are literally butcher, baker and candlestick-maker. The list will expand FAST. Pay attention. [2022 footnote: Yup.]

Communities have a bigger problem. I find it instructive (constants and variables as always) to compare the fate of David Koresh’s community with Prophet Clare’s CUT community. Both were active and growing in the ’80s. Koresh was loosely tied to Christianity, CUT followed a new-agey Spiritualist theology. Both were about the same size. Both were isolated in rural areas, with some members working in nearby cities to bring in cash.

We know the fate of Koresh. Tanks and bombs. Christallnacht. Clare’s cult didn’t get bombed. It apparently faded out on its own, as cults generally do.

What’s the difference? Theology is one variable, but there’s a vastly more obvious difference. Koresh had a fragile wooden building. CUT was housed in missile silos and had its own tanks and bombs.


A community formed by Christians or other natural-law types will need to look maximally unattractive to Big Brother, and it will need to be maximally unreadable. Residents will need to pay careful attention to signal discipline. Ideally avoid electrically based communication altogether. Think gears and levers, analog, mechanical differentiators, paper and hand-signals, Helen Keller.

= = = = =

** ‘Phase-lock’ deserves a note. Modern tyranny may appear ‘relativistic’ or loose because it has a dynamic goal, just as a fast-moving train looks like a blur. Requirements are constantly changing but ABSOLUTELY PRECISE at each instant in time. This is the point Orwell was trying to make in his O’Brien sequences. 2 + 2 doesn’t equal 5, and it most certainly doesn’t equal Whatever, Dude. 2 + 2 equals PRECISELY what Big Brother says it equals AT THIS PICOSECOND. You need to keep up with the changes, which is much harder and much more brain-destroying than simply accepting a STATIC lie. In engineering terms you need to eliminate your own natural resonances and lock onto the constantly varying signal.

Proper morality, whether you call it “God’s word” or “the data from millenia of painful experimentation”, is STATIC. The basic character and relations of male and female, the broad requirements of diet and public health, are unchanging. There is no “evolution”, no “personal journey”. A church or a believer can set its resonant circuit once. Some churches may have a broader Q, some have a sharp quartz notch; but if you see a church or a leader constantly sliding up and down the band to lock onto Kim Kardashian, you know it’s not a valid church or leader.

More on static vs dynamic here.

Defensible Spaces review 2/6

The digital world is built on gang-style traps. After you join Facebook, you’re never out. Every subscription starts as free and then turns into a lifetime obligation. Every program “phones home” and forces daily “updates” to maintain maximum vulnerability and control. (Firefox popped up an update alert as I was typing the previous sentence!) You can’t even unsubscribe from stupid spam emails. You click ‘unsubscribe’ and nothing happens.

2020 created world-size traps in a horrible multi-front siege war of attrition. “Medical care” is mandatory since 2015, so you can’t break loose after the “doctor” reveals herself to be a Nazi torturer. In the Nazi states, every store is forced to maintain the same rules. You can’t escape from ballgags and needles by picking a different store. Moving from a Nazi state to a sane state is suddenly a lot more difficult because investors have bought up most of the houses and raised the rents and prices beyond your range.

= = = = =

Trust requires exit doors.

When you detect that you’re being tortured or cheated or fooled or disdained or led down the Pied Piper path, you should be able to get out easily and smoothly. You shouldn’t have to prove your case or provide documentation. Just stop paying and leave.

Substack’s monthly subscription breaks the digital rules and provides an easy exit door. I’ve used it several times when I felt a hint of sting or Agent Provocateur. One or two of those feelings may have been oversensitive, but after a lifetime of being fooled and betrayed I trust my feelings more than my feeble reason.

Defensible Spaces review 3/6

The magnificent Del Giudice idea entered the theme of Defensible Spaces in 2019.

Via, a genuinely fresh and PRODUCTIVE idea that sounds silly at first glance.

Del Giudice doesn’t claim this is a theory, just an open question to spawn new ways of looking:

Did the brain develop ‘software’ defenses against behavior-controlling parasites?

Many parasites try to control the host’s behavior. The most horrible example is the fungus that takes over an ant, turning it into a seed pod that walks up to the top of a plant and explodes. Most viruses alter the host’s behavior in more subtle ways. Familiar example is chicken pox, which digs into the nerves and pounces years later, causing pain or paralysis.

This type of attack has been going on for millions of years, so it makes sense that the brain and nervous system would have developed electronic countermeasures.

The most interesting part of the question deals with signaling and OpSec:

The central nervous system uses neuroactive substances as internal signals between neurons, brain networks and between the brain and other organs. Parasites can hijack these pathways to alter behavior by producing overriding signals or, as Del Giudice points out, corrupting existing ones. This entails breaking the host’s internal signaling code.

Thus, a more complex signaling code is more difficult for a parasite to break. Instances of such a complexity increase include the requirement of joint action of different neurochemicals, or releasing neuroactive substances in specifically timed pulses. Expanding the set of transmission molecules and their binding receptors also increases complexity. More elaborate internal signals increase the time required to break. From an adaptive standpoint, this can close off the parasite’s options, forcing it to develop other means of manipulation.

Genuinely inspirational and immediately thought-generating. Most discussions of neural signaling miss the infinite complexity of the real neurons and glia. Del Giudice gets it and adds something new.

His concept happens to fit with the question I was asking yesterday about separate mental spaces:

I’m under the weather this week. Trying to boost my spirits, this “thought” popped up:

When I’m feeling bad, I forget what it’s like to feel good. I forget that I was feeling good just two days ago, and the last time I felt bad was only a few days. BUT: When I’m feeling good, I forget what it’s like to feel awful.


That’s not a BUT. Not a paradox. It’s the same rule.

Feeling good vs feeling awful are separate mental universes in some way, just as dreamtime vs waketime or sober vs drunk.

How does the brain keep these spaces separate? When does the brain decide to create a new space? How many spaces can we contain?

A separate mental space during illness would be an excellent way to protect normal memories and decisions when under attack. The memories and decisions formed while the parasite is in control are outside the regular space, thus not affecting the regular space.

How is this space formed? I have only a vague semi-guess. I doubt that the brain opens up a special room or nucleus. More likely it’s a different tuning, a different carrier modulating the signal.

Analogy: The pattern of electromagnetic waves washing over the whole earth includes billions of separate transmissions at any moment. Each receiver tunes to its desired frequency to pick up one harmonic.

Closer analogy, though less familiar: Subcarrier systems. Even on the same main frequency, subtle frequency or phase modulation can create signals that aren’t readable by an AM receiver.

Chicken pox might be a good test case for Del Giudice’s idea. Shingles follows the timeline of the seed-pod parasites. Infiltrate, wait, explode. But it doesn’t actually do anything to help the virus spread. It just messes up some pain and motor nerves, creating annoyance and damage. Is this the result of an ancient countermeasure that diverted the parasite’s efforts?

Defensible Spaces review 4/6

How about defensible times? From 2019 again:

Roger Scruton’s latest article includes this evocative sentence;

At first, I thought that the placeless character of modern housing is a matter of style—the modern materials and proportions, the grammarless disposition of windows and doors, the random orientation along cul-de-sacs that join nothing to nothing. But it soon became clear that the style made next to no difference to the effect.

‘Grammarless disposition’ is a wonderfully precise phrase, and I think it’s the key to the problem.

Life is order. Death is chaos.

Civilization is a specific TYPE of order called Natural Law. Natural Law was recorded in God’s experimental log book. It was recorded by the civilizations who survived. Sorosians break every provision of Natural Law. We can watch the experiment in supercompressed video now. Sorosian cultures are dying fast from both ends, failing to reproduce and committing mass suicide. Natural Law cultures are reproducing and staying alive.

Language also has a specific TYPE of order called grammar, which develops naturally. I’ve made two pretty good observations on the subject. (1) Grammar is a trellis that organizes and strengthens civilization. (2) Languages with caseless nouns are easy prey for Sorosian chaos. The latter connects with Scruton’s discussion of places. If your language has firm structure of the relations between places and things and people, you have a better defense against Sorosian destruction of borders and connections. A place for everyone and everyone in his place. Firm structure of verbs doesn’t seem to help.

Natural grammar is generally unrecorded, so it doesn’t have lobbyists or churches to defend it against the chaotizers. The chaotizers, unsurprisingly, started to enforce the invented rigid abstractions of UNnatural grammar at the same time that they started to enforce the rigid demonic insanities of the “Enlightenment”. The “rules” of official “grammar” lead to confusion and ambiguity, and make it impossible to express normal thoughts in normal order, just as the crazy abstractions of “rights” and “equality” lead to confusion and ambiguity. Chaotized meaning is well-known, thanks to Orwell. Chaotized grammar is equally important but not often discussed.

I haven’t thought much about the grammar of art and architecture, but it fits the same pattern. Utopias of “rights” and “equality” always break down natural symmetry and resonance. It’s most obvious and literal in music, where movements like atonalism and Twelve-Tones obliterated resonance and rhythm.

Needless to say, the brain’s functioning depends on resonance and rhythm, and I’m guessing that the brain creates defensible spaces by heterodyning or subcarrier processes.

Any input that breaks resonance and symmetry and rhythm is a pathogen against internal rhythm.

Any input that breaks our memory of previous experience is a pathogen against defensible times. Globalists constantly break memory and force it to be reinterpreted the globalist way. Github/Room 101 doesn’t merely distort earlier memories, it smashes the PROCESS of creating and storing memories.