Multi-factor Sucker Filter

Double-locked doors are an old technique. Multi-factor identification is an electronic version, doubling the certainty that the entrant is authorized.

Clever scammers have developed a multi-factor Sucker Filter.

A UK court has branded a dark web site advertising bitcoin-for-hire hitmen an “absolute sham” and “palpable nonsense” after a woman, who allegedly tried to have a one-time fling murdered, lost $25,000 in bitcoin. In her defense, she said: “I put a post on a forum. It was to vent more than anything and to say things that I was feeling. You have to give your OK for someone to be done.”

Sounds like she’s thoroughly accustomed to “doing” her unfortunate ex-lovers.

Sucker Filter 1: Anyone who thinks an online hitman service isn’t a police sting is too dumb to breathe.

Sucker Filter 2: Anyone who thinks bitcoin is secure or decentralized or anonymous or ANY FUCKING THING AT ALL is too dumb to exist.

Multiply those selection factors, and you’ve got the Select of the Select, the Platinum Quality Fools who can be led in any direction with any sort of nonsense.

Putting it another way, this is a superhet sucker receiver. The dazzling world of bitcoin has separate Local Oscillators for each type of susceptible sucker. Jordan Peterson modulates conservative men, SBF modulates lefty womxns. After the modulation, all suckers are contained in a specific narrowly tuned bandwidth of vocabulary and thought patterns. The single-frequency suckers can then be efficiently passed through a simple second filter that counts on certain words having a certain non-standard meaning.

Totally random observation when thinking of Jordan and Sammy in the same paragraph: Both of them look OLD. Peterson is about 50, I think, and looks like a high-mileage 65. Sammy is 32 and looks 45. Effects of drugs?

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