Good point, best point

Pretty good point from Kirn:

AI Chatbots simply formalize & make explicit the profoundly inert nature of collective thinking that made real artists & writers attractive in the first place. They are more important than ever now, in fact, as second-rate pseudo-creativity has consolidated itself as never before.

Vastly stronger point from one of his responders:

My biggest concern is that the hated drudge work that has disciplined so many writers in the past will be outsourced to machines. In those cases, even if the machines don’t improve, neither will the young men and women.


This applies to all skills and crafts. School is useless. Learning happens in an APPRENTICESHIP, where you perform repetitive drudgework over and over and over, with minor variations for each production run or book or movie. We’ve ALREADY offshored too much of the drudgery to cheaper workers. Now that it can be done at ZERO COST by a “worker” who is guaranteed to follow all EPA and Diversity and CDC guidelines, it will be instantly and totally offshored to the AI.

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