A craft that adapted

Looking for more info on old trucks and such, came across the American Blacksmith journal from 1917.

Real work and real creativity adapt smoothly to changed circumstances. The evil Innovative Disrupters cackle at the “obsolescence” of buggy whips and blacksmiths, because the evil Innovative Disrupters are demonic genocidal murderers.

In fact blacksmiths simply broadened their craft and broadened their customer base. The magazine includes plenty of horsey articles, showing how to cure or compensate for injuries and diseases. Blacksmiths were the orthopedic part of the veterinary profession.

The magazine also includes details of engines and transmissions, showing how to forge pistons and harden bearings and cut gear teeth. Blacksmiths became welders and machine shops. They didn’t add those skills. They had already been performing those skills for centuries. They subtracted the horsey part of their trade.

One item caught my attention. This little piece of information is surprisingly hard to find. The 9/11 theorists constantly claim that the jet planes couldn’t have brought down the towers because jet fuel doesn’t burn hot enough to melt steel. I always knew that kerosene blowtorches were used by blacksmiths but couldn’t find the exact numbers.

Here is the number, from an ad for kerosene blowtorches:

= = = = = START QUOTE:

It was with the purpose of eliminating this danger that the Hauck Manufacturing Company, 140 Cedar Street, New York City, designed and manufactured the Hauck Patent Kerosene Torch, used everywhere and acknowledged to be the perfection of blowtorches. It does not smoke or soot. The temperature of the flame is 3,000 degrees Fahrenheit. For brazing, annealing, straightening shafts, axles, wires, pre-heating and similar heating operations, this blowtorch is very efficient, producing an intense, clear flame. The burner, mounted directly on top of the tank, is designed for kerosene oil. The pump is built inside the tank, and the entire apparatus is complete.

= = = = = END QUOTE

3000 is above the melting point of iron and steel.

If you want to argue with Deepstate’s lies you have to start with REALITY and stick with REALITY. The important lie about 9/11 has nothing to do with the buildings. The important lie is WHO PLANNED AND ORDERED THE ATTACK. Deepstate tells us as always that Osama was a lone crazy with no governmental support. In fact he was a CIA operative working with plenty of support from our Deepstate and the Saudi government. No secret.

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