Demons always change the rules

Bitcoin and AI are Tech Disruptors introduced by Deepstate at different times for different purposes, following the basic pattern of psychopathic obliterators.

Bitcoin was purely social engineering, a meaningless bit of fake computer code that does absolutely nothing and serves absolutely no purpose. The social engineering did serve two purposes. (1) It sucked billions of dollars from the poor to the rich, partly absorbing the infinite fountain of free central bank counterfeit emitted from 2009 to 2021. (2) Many thousands of TALENTED young people have diverted and wasted their skills toward utterly useless crap without a future.

Bitcoin was introduced quietly and gradually, first as ‘secret knowledge’ for the courtiers, in order to develop maximum cultness. It was tremendously hard to use, and after you mastered all the arcane details you still couldn’t use it. The cult followers always CLAIMED that bitcoin had a purpose, but nobody ever USED it for anything except social engineering.

Now that the fountain is closed and the “virus” torture camp is momentarily paused, Deepstate needs a new way to ruin a different group of souls. Deepstate recognized that the ‘knowledge class’ was only partly destroyed by the “virus” Auschwitz, which primarily obliterated retail and service jobs. Demons are driven by a BURNING NEED to kill and harm EVERYTHING in the most painful and torturous way.

This year’s Final Solution of AI is the opposite of bitcoin. It was introduced suddenly in a fully public way, instantly easy to use and ready to destroy skills and jobs. It quite openly PROMISES to eliminate all knowledge jobs, and everyone who tries it sees that it works. Nobody is fooled by ChatGPT. No secret, no gnostic cult.

It divides the population cleanly between takers and makers of IP. The takers and confiscators (financial types) LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE it. The makers (working artists and programmers and script-writers) HAAAAAAAAAAAAATE it.

= = = = =

Fussy footnote: NFTs, an outcropping of bitcoin, seemed threatening to artists, but as with all of bitcoin the threat was empty. If something like an NFT had been functional, it could have confiscated a lot of artistic work product. Fortunately the buyers figured out that an NFT has exactly zero advantage over simply downloading a digital work. Real copyright (plus an army of lawyers) enables takers to confiscate makers. NFT (with or without the lawyers!) doesn’t enable anything at all. The fad disappeared instantly after the counterfeit fountain stopped.

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