Gaia is pleased

Part of a Driver’s Dream cartoon from Motor Age 1913:

Meanwhile here in Spokane, the screechily Gaian city “government” is tearing down a pedestrian bridge over I-90 as part of its long-term mission to make life miserable for pedestrians. This is pleasing in the sight of Gaia, because it means more dead peasants.

= = = = =

A few years ago they tore up this neighborhood to build some “traffic-calming” curbs on the boulevard. Before the “calmings”, there was a bike lane and parking lane on each side, and walkers could stay out of the traffic lane all the way. The “calmings” force walkers into the traffic lane at each corner, which definitely makes both the walkers and the cars calmer. Dead peasants are calm.

= = = = =

And while I’m thinking about the boulevard…. Seven years ago the city generously gave us three miasmal swampy pits as part of their $200 million giant project to prevent untreated waste from diverting into the river after heavy rains. Allegedly the goal was to decrease the phosphorus content of the river from 2 parts per million down to 1 part per million or something. Why was this URGENTLY NEEDED? Because phosphorus encourages the growth of algae, which is undesirable for some reason even though ALGAE IS THE MAIN SINK FOR CO2 AND THE MAIN SOURCE OF OXYGEN IN THE FUCKING WORLD. So they ruined neighborhoods and created new swamps and floods in order to reduce the ability of the river to absorb CO2. Gaia is pleased.

Needless to say, the whole system has also failed to accomplish its alleged “purpose”. Heavy rains still overload the treatment plant and require diversion. It happened again a few weeks ago after a heavy rain with snowmelt. Gaia is pleased.

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