Still chewing on this….

I’ve been trying to untangle the two factions of opposition to the “virus” tyranny.

I was never bothered much by vax. It’s the ONLY part of this monstrosity that belongs in real medicine and real public health, and the ONLY part that may actually work against a real virus if there is one. Taking one or two shots is not a massive interference with daily life.

I was always HUGELY INFINITELY TERMINALLY bothered by the lockdowns and ballgags. Partly because I have a peculiar addiction to breathing, partly because these are STRICTLY OPPOSITE to all real medicine and real public health. Imprisonment and strangulation and starvation and isolation and sleep deprivation are weapons of war and inquisition and torture.

When the opposition turned almost exclusively to anti-vax and ignored the rest, I pulled away from the opposition. Focusing on the smaller end of the problem is a classic sign of color revolutions and controlled opposition.

Now the antivaxers are expanding into worries about EMP from the spy balloons, and chemical pollution from explosions.

They’re sounding a lot like chemtrail theorists and environmentalists, which isn’t surprising considering that RFK Jr, the new master of the antivaxers, is the High Priest of Gaia.

Looking back at history… Before 1970, antivaxers were a subspecies of OCD, part of the overall demand for bodily purity. No smoking, no drinking, no meat, no salt, no sex. This tendency was associated with offbeat religions like the Grahamites, who were also Controlled Opposition. Modern environmentalism started in this religious atmosphere with Hal Lindsey, then got coopted by CIA and Nixon in the ’70s.

= = = = =

New thought:

OCD is a mutual source of both sides.

The “virus” genocide was invented by pure Deepstate demons in the Bush administration, and mobilized OCD bodily purity types who already appreciated muzzling and isolation and lucite bubbles. (Hint: Trump is OCD.)

Now the opposition, which started with ordinary people wanting to work and breathe, has been coopted by a different flavor of OCD.

This mutual OCD source may be a good thing in the long run if it draws some of the pro-tyranny OCD types into the movement.

In any two-sided situation, the passionate people on Side A are more likely to switch to Side B than people who have no interest in the issue. Pro-aborts and pro-lifers are likely to trade places. Pro-aborts and Pro Wrestling fans are not likely to trade places. Different passions arise from different genetic tendencies.

The big rule, which I learned way too late, is just Ockham. When you see organized groups of people arguing two sides of a question, stay out of the argument. The two sides are organized by the rulers and media to prevent us from seeing the important questions, or to prevent us from seeing plain old reality.

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