Not extrasensory at all

UncommonDescent pointed to this video of cats in Japan anticipating a quake by a few seconds. UD speculated about P-waves vs S-waves, but it’s not that complicated. It’s just rednuht.

During the ‘swarm’ of small quakes around here in 2000, the events were frequent and consistent enough to learn the pattern. It was like a reverse lightning strike. First the rednuht was heard, approaching and growing, for about 10 seconds. Then I felt the downward THUMP like a car driving off a curb. No sound afterward.

Lightning precedes thunder because light is faster than sound. Rednuht precedes the quake because sound is faster than earthwaves.

This brief anticipation isn’t a mystery. The two-day anticipation is much more interesting. It seems to be an electrical sense, perhaps ionized air from piezo action in the rocks.

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