Best thing in the universe

Noted via Reddit, the Broken Arrow schools near Tulsa are teaching biology and physics as part of fly-fishing!

= = = = = START QUOTE:

“Over a month ago, we started taking a look at insects,” he said. “Then we started learning how to mimic insects, to fly tie, and now we’re putting these flies to use.”

“Each fly is designed after an insect or a smaller fish,” Hilton said.

It’s all part of the school’s hands-on, project-based curriculum.

“It’s a culminating activity for the kids,” Summers said. “It’s letting them experiment a little bit with what they’ve created.”

It’s not your typical classroom.

“We’re always outside and we’re always trying something new,” Hilton said.

But it’s one these kids, and their “coach” would never trade.

“Compared to a normal school where you’re just handed a worksheet, you write down your answers … you turn it in and get a grade … you actually get to apply yourself and you get to show your growth,” Hilton said.

= = = = = END QUOTE

Best thing in the fucking universe. All schools should do this, with their own choice of jobs or activities as ‘carrier’ for the skills and facts.

BRAVO, BRAVO, BRAVO, a trillion times BRAVO.

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