If “justice” had even the slightest microremnant of meaning, the “virus” torturers, including all of their MD concentration camp guards, would be executed in a massive mega-Nuremberg. These demons are precisely identical to the Kraut Nazis of earlier decades. Not analogous, identical.

At first I dreamed of a new Nuremberg, but soon realized it’s physically impossible.

The Allies in WW2 included most of the industrialized world, actively or passively. US, Russia, Canada are most of the land area, and China was on our side passively. India was part of the British Empire at that time, so it was also a passive helper. The Axis was Germany and Japan, with Italy as a lazy sidekick.

A show trial to punish Germany was practical because the victorious Allies were the “government” in terms of overall force. We didn’t punish Japan even though it had been equally genocidal and brutal for a much longer period.

2020 is the exact opposite. The Allies were Tanzania and Burundi, plus lazy sidekick Belarus. Sweden doesn’t count. Sweden was playing the same tricky game it played in WW2. The current Axis is everything else. We killed the heroic martyred leaders of Tanzania and Burundi quickly, so there wasn’t any actual war.

= = = = =

Now we see a move toward an international show trial to punish Russia for defending itself. We’ve been invading and pushing Russia for 100 years, except during FDR’s blessed lifetime. Starting in 2014, we made a new and more extreme push to drive Putin out of power. We hate him for the same reason that we hated Castro and Khomeini. Castro and Khomeini were OUR revolutionaries until they turned against us and served their own people. Yeltsin was OUR revolutionary until he turned against us and appointed Putin as his replacement.

I can’t sympathize with Putin now. He joined the “virus” Axis, so I don’t give a fuck what happens to him personally. I’m still on Russia’s side in the long run. Russia has NEVER attacked us, and has OFTEN helped us with no thanks. We attack Russia because we are the devil. That’s all.

There isn’t an adequate word for a perfect total reversal of “justice”, a punishment administered by genocidal torturers against a normal person or nation who dared to defend himself and his people.

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