Why India wins

I’ve been hammering these points:

We’re fucked because we’ve been lying about caste for 200 years. We substitute all sorts of other shit like IQ and hard work and ideology. Those variables aren’t entirely irrelevant but the base constant of human activity is CASTE. Caste is innate and permanent. The distribution of castes occasionally shifts due to immigration or mass slaughter, but the overall pattern remains the same.

India is winning because India is perfectly honest and precise about caste.

While randoming through Reddit I bumped into this little speculation from Kerala.

How will caste be organized in 2050?

Will caste system disappear in 2050 kerala? Nothing much changed in 2000-2023 period about caste system in kerala. Ezhava became a neutral caste. Caste discrimination/ untouchability is decreased on public platforms. Nair facing reverse caste discrimination on social media, political correctness advocates born , grown. Etc. In 2050 some minor castes like ezhuthachan, aachari etc will disappear or will merge in bigger castes. Dalits will be in neutral position. Nair will continue to be dominant caste with strong opposition from ezhavas who are then became upper caste.

Note the strict realism and precision. The author knows the exact position of each type and feels safe in predicting how they will move around in society.

We can see the precision of Indian castes among immigrants, though we refuse to recognize it. Patels are landlords. Patel literally means “one who holds pieces of land called patis.” When they moved here they used their INNATE AND CULTIVATED SKILLS to take over the niche of hotels and motels. We lost that niche because we trusted the idiotic nonsense of “meritocracy” and “education” to develop landlord skills.

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