Quantum broke metrology

As long as I’m ranting about Quantum Quackery….

Some of the antivax data-gatherers have bought into the virus cult’s demonic measurement system. They’re misusing “cases” to relabel ordinary illness and death as vax illness and death, just as the demons use “cases” to relabel ordinary illness and death as “virus” illness and death.

There’s no doubt that illness and death rose dramatically during and after the holocaust, but we’re not helping our own side when we instantly categorize all illness as vax. We’re mislabeling some unrelated deaths that would have happened anyway, and we’re also mislabeling deaths caused by the REST of the holocaust.

Constant screeching panic and fear are killers. Mass unemployment and isolation deprives people of purpose, another known killer. Two years of strangulation and poor diet are also obvious killers. The muzzles were explicitly intended to destroy IMMUNITY by recycling our exhaled microbes. With weakened immunity we’re more susceptible to everything including cancer.

Deepstate uses demonic measurement at all levels. Our economic numbers are constantly changing to suit the needs of government. Inflation and unemployment are redefined every year or two, making them TOTALLY USELESS as comparisons. If we had continued using the unemployment measurement of the 1930s, we’d see instantly that our current unemployment is the same as the 1930s. We aren’t allowed to see this because the measurement, the calculation, and the method of choosing the domain of “cases”, are entirely different now.

New thought: Quantum quackery broke metrology in physics. In the quantum mindset nothing can be measured by peasants. Only the accredited priesthood at CERN can develop enough Holy Energy to collapse the probability function and make reliable measurements. The cat is in the box when tenured CERN priests observe it.

Before quantum, everyone understood the basic principle of metrology. If you’re going to measure for a broad consequential purpose like scientific reports or business accounting or official regulations, the measurements must be the same everywhere in the world, and the same across all timelines. If you want to compare CO2 in 1900 with CO2 in 2023, you must choose the same “cases” and use the same instruments and the same units for both years. If you want to compare illness in 2019 with illness in 2023, you must choose the “cases” by the same method, and you must use the same statistical tools.

Subjective measurements are often superior for individual purposes. If I’m feeling cold right now, I need to turn up the heater. It doesn’t matter if the thermostat says 70, which sometimes feels comfortable. I’m cold now by my internal senses, so I need more heat now by my internal senses.

But if I used my own temporary sensations to control everyone’s heaters, I’d be a psychopath.

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