I sat down and listened to this long interview with Nikki Haley. I’m glad I did. She is unquestionably an imperialist neocon, but she’s ALSO an experienced problem-solver who did the right things as governor of SC. Right things = bringing in more real physical business, not sending real business to China.

She’s ALSO a proper Southern lady. Okie ladies have always done tough jobs without “transitioning” into men. They could break a horse or overhaul a car without mussing their beehive or losing an eyelash.

Most of all, she sees the “virus” holocaust as an unpardonable sin that MUST NOT be repeated. She emphasizes the muzzles, not the vax.

Given a choice between Haley and DeSantis I’d take DeSantis without hesitation. DeSantis has been ACTIVELY SOLVING the holocaust in EVERY POSSIBLE WAY, and also solving education problems by weakening tenure and accreditation. Those are undramatic changes but VASTLY more important in the long run than CRT.

If the Trump Blackmail Factory knocks down DeSantis, I’d take Haley over anyone else.

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