Forgotten now

Hersh’s latest piece is a lengthy tribute to Daniel Ellsberg. He emphasizes a set of facts that were general knowledge back then, but forgotten now.

= = = = = START QUOTE:

[The Church Committee] was the most extensive Congressional inquiry into the activities of the CIA since the agency’s beginning. The committee exposed the assassination activities of the CIA, operations undertaken on orders that clearly came from Jack and Bobby Kennedy, although no direct link was published in the committee’s final report. But the committee reported extensively on a secret group authorized by Jack Kennedy and run by his brother Bobby to come up with options to terrorize Cuba and assassinate Fidel Castro. The covert operation had the code name Mongoose. And it was led, the committee reported, in 1961 and 1962 by Ed Lansdale.

= = = = = END QUOTE.

In the ’70s we recognized that the entire Kennedy family was part of Deepstate. Both brothers had participated WITH Nixon in the HUAC hearings that helped Deepstate to defeat the last FDR loyalists, and also protected FBI’s fake Soviets from exposure. Ike was a strong nationalist, trying to build up our internal infrastructure and avoid foreign entanglements. He pulled OUT of Korea and refused to go IN Vietnam. The McCarthy farce was really aimed at punishing Ike.

Nationalism, then and now, is the ultimate sin, so Deepstate gave the “voters” no choice in 1960. We could pick from a menu of two Deepstaters, both sworn to go IN Cuba and Vietnam. The cointoss picked JFK, who followed orders.

The modern fake alts were softpedaling JFK for a long time before they liplocked RFK Jr. The newer line is that JFK didn’t really want to help Deepstate. Simple history says otherwise. He approved the Bay of Pigs, then started escalating Vietnam.

The modern alts also try to forgive Trump for the “virus” holocaust, claiming that he didn’t want to do it. Nonsense.

Presidents do what they want.

Ike didn’t want any foreign involvements, so he stopped Korea and avoided Cuba and Vietnam. JFK wanted more wars, so he approved more wars. Trump approved the lockdowns and ballgags and needles, therefore he WANTED the lockdowns and ballgags and needles.

Now Bobby Junior has completely infiltrated and subverted the “virus” opponents, who are obediently marching for Gaia. Neat trick. (Reminder: Gaia is a CIA project.)

Hersh’s story shows that Ellsberg flipped the other way. Like other “social” “scientists”, he happily worked for Deepstate for many years, until he finally got tired of it.

Or maybe he didn’t flip, maybe all of his revelations were just the good old modified limited hangout routine. Hersh carefully leaves that possibility open. In terms of personality, Ellsberg comes across as the classic galaxy-brained Influencer type, still prominent among Deepstate’s subverters.

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