Bet they’ll flip on this

The fake “ideologies” of the “two” parties have flipped on most of their fake “issues”. Here’s one they haven’t caught yet. For many decades “both” parties have been screeching about immigrants getting to “vote”. D wants immigrants to “vote”, R wants to keep them from “voting”.

The actual party preferences of several major immigrant groups have been switching. After D’s messaging was totally taken over by wacked-out identity and sex changes and grotesque language distortions, they lost the absolute allegiance of traditional cultures like Blacks, Hispanics, and more recently Hindus and Sikhs. These groups started favoring Trump, not because they liked anything he did, but because he was pretending to dislike the new cultural weirdness.

Of course Trump himself is at the HEART of cultural chaos. His actual life and career are perfect D, and his TV shows helped to stir up the chaos. Many of the flipped immigrants recognize this, but their need to send a message to arrogant Ds overcame their proper distaste for the actual Trump.

The Repoofs are still playing the anti-immigrant card, as seen in this Federalist headline:

RNC, Vermont GOP Sue City Of Winooski For Letting Noncitizens Vote On Spending State Funds

If they really wanted to serve their own crass purposes, they’d be suing all the OTHER cities for continuing to bar immigrants.

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