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Barrett discusses Lance DeHaven Smith’s “crimes against democracy” theme.

Here’s a good ‘montage’ of Smith himself:

Smith makes a strong point about branding. In ordinary commerce, when people get dissatisfied with a product, a competing product tries to take advantage of the dissatisfaction. In 1914 people wanted bigger cars than the Ford T at an affordable price. Dodge filled the gap. In 1958 people wanted smaller cars that were still usable. Rambler filled the gap.

This doesn’t happen in politics. When EVERYONE is totally dissatisfied and disgusted with government, there is NEVER a competing brand. The “two” “parties” always work together for constantly accelerating evil and NAZI TORTURE and NAZI GENOCIDE. The “two” “argue” about silly nonsense that has absolutely no connection to any problems.

Smith’s best point is that ordinary cops and courts and juries work correctly. When big shit like 9/11 or a presidential assassination happens, it should be treated like an ordinary crime. No commissions, no FBI, no “investigations”, no changes in government. Just follow the same procedures and evidence rules as ordinary crimes. If these giant events couldn’t change the nature of government, Deepstate would be less inclined to create them.

This rule applies INFINITELY to the “virus” of 2020. We already have strict rules of evidence for diagnosing conditions and handling microbes. If government knew that it couldn’t create a fake “disease” to wipe out all real science and STRANGLE THE ENTIRE FUCKING WORLD, government would be less inclined to create fake “diseases”.

Of course there’s no chance the federal superdemon will ever submit itself to any rules or laws or procedures. Still, Smith has given us some useful tools for irrelevant futile pointless thinking about evil.

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