USA = Rodarbal

I’ve been bothered for many years by one vicious inconsistency.

1. US loves and obeys countries that have actually attacked us in one way or another. England, Germany, Japan, Israel, Saudi, China.

2. US hates countries that have never attacked us. Above all Russia, which has always tried to be our friend. We’ve been steadily and repeatedly attacking Russia for 104 years now, except of course during our brief sane interval from 1933 to 1945.

If any country dares to NONATTACK us, we bait it and sanction it and run Color Revolutions in it, until it finally gives in and attacks us in one way or another, or hints at attacking us. Then we’re “justified” in making war.

What’s the underlying pattern?

We hoard and cultivate enemies in the same way that a Labrador hoards and cultivates friends.

Normal people and normal countries don’t actively try to turn the whole world into enemies OR friends. Normal people and normal countries have likes and dislikes, but try to get along with their dislikes as much as possible.

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