Bet on Saudi vector

Time to make a sort of bet or speculation. I don’t have high confidence in this one.

Obvious facts:

1. 9/11 was an attack by Saudi forces, motivated and organized by CIA and FBI. Osama was basically a mercenary.

2. We “responded” to 9/11 by attacking Iraq and Afghanistan, who had only the slightest semi-imaginary connections to the act.

3. Who do we HATE more than anyone else? (Aside from our permanent top-level hatred of Russia.) We HATE a former Deepstate mercenary who turns against Deepstate and serves his own people. See Castro and Khomeini and Saddam and Qaddafi.

Question: Now that Saudi is turning against us and moving to the China/Russia side, what will we do?

Speculation: We’ll pull out the old blackmail dossier, unredact the redactions, and “suddenly realize” 9/11 was a Saudi attack. We’ll start sanctioning and warring against Saudi.

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