Lot of silliness

Reading some comments on AI. Some were hopelessly behind the times. “What if AI passes the Turing test?” “What will happen when we give AI the nuclear codes?”

Already passed the Turing Test, already has the nuclear codes.

The famous story of Blessed Hero Stanislav Petrov proves it. In the early ’80s both sides were already relying on computers to detect and process and launch. The Russian computers made a mistake and started the launch sequence. Fortunately there was a human cutout, and fortunately Petrov was there, and fortunately Petrov had CONFIDENCE in his own judgment. He halted the launch.

CONFIDENCE is the key.

The current foofaraw is SOLELY AND PRECISELY designed to obliterate human confidence. What if? What if? What if? Well, the IFs have already happened, and we’re still around.

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