The editor is the inventor

Reading an old article about GM’s dream cars and Motorama shows. When AI produces a car to match a prompt, its result often has the same flavor as GM dream cars, which were NOT manufacturable or drivable.

Everyone has dreams. If you’re familiar with cars, you’ll dream about impossible combinations of cars. If you’re familiar with houses, you’ll dream about impossible houses. Dreams make endless combinations without an editor.

The key to real creativity is ruthless SELECTION of dreams. The best way to edit a dream is to turn it into a manufacturable PHYSICAL model.

Before patent and copyright laws were corRUPTed by the Innovative disRUPTors, both laws required a manufacturable physical model. A small-scale wood and metal working machine, a phonograph record of the song being played and sung, or a paper copy of the book or article ready to print. If your dream couldn’t be made or sung or printed, it wasn’t going to generate JOBS and PROFITS for real people, so it wasn’t worth the trouble of legal protection.

We’ve descended so far into multilayer abstraction that we no longer require reduction to form.

Bitcoin brings in trillions of real money despite its blatantly obvious lack of function or movement. It’s just a list, which isn’t even dreamy.

AI, which generates undrivable dream cars and unlivable dream humans, is threatening to destroy real human jobs and skills.

Bring back the editor!

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