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Interesting dream this morning. I was working with a Balaji type. He was talking fast, in long sentences with lots of NUMBERS. He was building fences all over the world, trying to cell off all the humans so they would die and he would be the only survivor.

I tried to tell him that he should move before the fences were done, but he insisted that he was in the perfect location as defined by lots of LaTeX equations. After the fences were done, he was the only celled-off human. Everyone else was able to get around the fences.

Zuck and Elon and Balaji and other super-rich transhumanists are trying to construct the ideal escape capsule, the ideal private world leaving the Negative Externalities behind. Zuck’s metaverse collapsed from abject stupidity. Elon’s rockets keep crashing. Balaji’s bitcoin utopia crashed.

Utopians always make the same mistake. They wall out all the nonbelievers, thus leaving out practical people who can see beyond and below NUMBERS or IDEOLOGIES or THEOLOGIES.

From 2019:

= = = = = START REPRINT:

I was trying to think of a “clever” way to make this point with an electronic analogy of resistance vs reactance, but the analogy is unfamiliar and unhelpful. I’ll just stick to plain words.

#Resistance is really #assistance.

When you join a protest or a movement, you are joining Deepstate. It doesn’t matter which “side” you think you’re resisting. You are HELPING Deepstate to create chaos.


There are no sides. There is only ORDER vs CHAOS.

Order is life. Chaos is death. This is plain biology.

When two “sides” are fighting in the public arena, the fight is always fixed. Deepstate knows in advance which side will win. What matters to Deepstate is the betting, the collateral damage.

The dead cops and protesters are irrelevant. What counts is the loss of money and loss of power for EVERYONE who supported the losing fighter. Everyone who cheers for the losing fighter can be identified and punished, through loss of jobs, arrest and imprisonment, and most of all public slander. Everyone who rooted for the loser is “terrorists” or “supremacists” or “fascists” or “commies” or “hippies” or “soyboys”…… Fill in this year’s dozen top terms of opprobrium. The terms don’t matter, only the slaughter matters.

The only good choice is #DESISTANCE. Cease. Halt. Quit. Give up. Stay out. Don’t join either “side” of the puppet show. Don’t lend your infinitely precious skills and talents and LIFE to Satan’s fixed fight.

Lots of people have already made this choice. Some intentionally, some unconsciously. When you do everything the system demands for many years, and you see that your efforts are creating only harm for yourself and your family, you DEsist.

= = = = = END REPRINT.

More generally, see the #desistance theme.

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