Poor assumption

This writer has some interesting details of digital journalism, but he starts from the assumption that “news” and “investigative journalism” are intrinsically valuable products that NEED to be made, whether profitable or not.

Bad assumption. Nobody actually needs “news” as it’s commonly formed. We could use prior warning of incoming weather and demonic government projects and crime sprees, but “news” refuses to tell us about those things.

What about “investigations”? Serious chin-pulling intellectuals insist that “investigations” are necessary surgery for the health of the “democracy”. Sorry, there’s no proof. Check the clinical trials.

We’re supposed to think that exposing Watergate cleaned up government. It did the opposite. Watergate made it harder for REPOOFLICANS to do dirty tricks and much easier for DEMOCRATS to do dirty tricks. But even the one-sided “investigations” didn’t stop the Bush family with solid CIA credentials. We still have EXACTLY ZERO INFORMATION on 9/11 or the financial crimes of 2008 or the NAZI TORTURE CAMP of 2020 which was also a Bush family project.

Local “investigations” serve the same purpose. The newspaper exposes dirty tricks by the OPPONENTS of the paper’s owner, thus making it much easier for the owner’s side to pull even dirtier tricks. Back when every city had several genuinely competing papers, this process sometimes led to a Mutually Assured Blackmail standoff, but it doesn’t work now.

In other words, Manweller’s rule extends to investigations. An investigation that improves government is never allowed. Only investigations that cover up crimes and make things worse are allowed.

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A bit later, a beautiful example popped up. WSJ has a new “investigation” of Epstein’s connections, naming several people who haven’t been mentioned before, including Noam Chomsky.

The article focuses solely on the sexual side of Epstein’s business, completely omitting his PRODUCT. This is like describing General Motors as a provider of welding services. Epstein uses sex as a TOOL to make blackmail. GM uses welding as a TOOL to make cars.

Will anything happen to the newly mentioned clients? Of course not. Nothing happened to Epstein’s previously mentioned clients, who have been known for 10 years. All are still the most powerful demons in history. The article is irrelevant and PURPOSELESS.

The PURPOSE of an object is what happens when it’s used. At best investigations have no effect, therefore they have no purpose. More often investigations are intended to obstruct justice.

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