Turing test?

Old joke:

Joe was a simple-minded guy who lived in a small town. He was the town mascot, mowing yards and shoveling snow for a dollar here and there. Everyone liked him, so they made sure he had enough to eat and a place to sleep.

One day the city decided to make the arrangement official. They gave Joe a uniform and established him as the Town Cannon Keeper, in charge of polishing and maintaining the cannon in the city park. He received $50 a week and had a permanent room in the city hotel. Every July 4th he fired blanks at the end of the city’s fireworks display, and the town shouted “Hooray for Joe!”

After five years, the mayor told Joe he was doing such a good job that he would get the job permanently. Joe said “Gee thanks, mayor, but I’ve been saving up my money. I’ve bought a cannon and I’m going into business for myself.”

= = = = =

Test for AI: Why is this joke funny?

Correct answer: Because Joe misunderstands the purpose of his job in the same way that AI misunderstands the purpose of human behavior.

Metatest: Why would a human think this joke is a good test for AI?

Same answer.

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