He says what I say

Arthur Brooks gives the best possible job advice. This is especially important for Uncool people who are NOT going to get satisfaction from the social side of life.

Brooks emphasizes COMPLETION:

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“Maybe you’ll work in your major — probably not. Maybe you’ll land your dream job — probably not, especially if you don’t know what your dream job is,” Brooks told the graduates. “None of this matters, as long as at the end of the day, you can say, on most days at least, ‘I did my work with love and with excellence.’”

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And he emphasizes SERVICE:

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And serving others comes from how you do your job, not what your job is. He believes that you can serve others whether you work in a bank, put roofs on houses or raise children.

“Let’s be honest: There are very few institutions and parts of our lives where people really care.” It is then up to individuals to care for each other, and Brooks believes that can be done in the way you carry out your daily work: “Service to others is loving everybody with your ordinary, sanctified work.”

= = = = = END QUOTE.

It took me 50 years of pain and experimentation to figure this shit out.

Completion at the end of the day.


When I was young NOBODY, and I mean NO FUCKING BODY, was giving this line of advice. The ONLY available advice was the cruel sadistic pranks of “anybody can be anything” and “pursue your dream”. Cool people use these fairy tales to insure that Uncool people will never succeed and never be happy.

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