Princess of Sanity

Via DailyMail.

= = = = = START QUOTE:

Kate, 41, was beaming as she arrived at Anna Freud’s London base this morning, where she joined a series of roundtable discussions about the mental health challenges facing youngsters today.

The Princess of Wales said she believes emotions should not be ‘over medicalised’, particularly among young people who tend to ‘latch onto labels of any sort’

“Anxiety and sadness are not a disease. They are part of life and we all need help in coping with anxiety and coping with sadness. If you medicalise it and we just get psychologists and psychiatrists to deal with those problems of everyday life you are doing a disservice.”

= = = = = END QUOTE.

Amen, double amen. Medicalizing EVERY FUCKING THING was a vital part of the preparation for the NAZI TORTURE CAMP of 2020.

Yoots especially need to hear sanity from a beautiful max-status influencer. Her voice has enormous penetrating power. When I was a yoot all the influencers were recommending total submission to psychiatry and chemistry. Got trouble? Get pills.

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