New thought about Wilson

Continuing a random look through old arch stuff… Hotels in 1918 were struggling to keep up with Madman Wilson’s lunatic Food Administration. Like today’s Public “Health” psychopaths, the USFA sent out a paralyzing flood of ever-changing and impossible regulations. Hotels and restaurants were supposed to do without wheat entirely, which resulted in VAST WASTAGE of inedible substitute breads.

Hotels were also supposed to sell Thrift Stamps (small denomination bonds).

The Davenport in Spokane, famed for total quality service, figured out an expensive trick to induce more acceptance of Thrift Stamps:.

= = = = = START QUOTE:

The hotels of the United States are doing a great national service at this time in the selling of thrift stamps. Many different methods have been adopted, but the most unique that has come to our notice is that put into effect in the Davenport Hotel of Spokane. The method is explained in the following letter from Louis M. Davenport, proprietor of the hotel, and the accompanying illustration speaks louder than words.

“The Davenport Hotel has hit upon a plan of reminding the guests of the house of their duty to buy Thrift Stamps which is proving as effective as it is inoffensive. “Going upon the theory recognized by the modern student of advertising that a flashing light is a great deal more effective in the way of getting attention than even the most brilliantly lighted permanent sign, it has installed over its Cashier’s Desk an ordinarily inconspicuous legend reading: Will you take Thrift Stamps for your small change? “When the guest steps up to pay his bill the Cashier, while apparently intent only upon giving her undivided attention, pushes a concealed button suddenly flooding the sign with a soft but sufficiently brilliant light. The sign is just above eye level and the flash never fails to direct the guest’s gaze to the message. The appeal is so courteously worded and so appealingly made, and yet so free from importunity that even the most grouchy guest is never inclined to show any resentment.

= = = = = END QUOTE.

New thought: Madman Wilson wanted perpetual war. He never said it, but all of his lunatic agencies were designed to run forever, constantly punching normal people in the gut to obliterate Negative Externalities. He was shocked when his war ended after only one year. His 1946 zombie descendants succeeded where Wilson had failed.

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