Three-way flasher

Speaking of medicalized:

In the grocery store checkout this morning I was behind a highly overweight older couple who (1) properly self-gagged with M95.78854377 as per CDC instructions (2) brought their own shopping bag as per Our Dear Prophet Inslee’s instructions (3) bought white bread, lunchmeat, frozen dinners, and a case of Bud Light as per Dylan Mulvaney’s instructions.

Okay, you’ve just expressed your loyal Democrat membership with three separate symbols: Gag, Bag, Bud.

But aside from that, I couldn’t help thinking a TOTALLY UNFAIR THOUGHT as I walked home. Lately I’m trying to apply the Fairness Doctrine, but every now and then I deserve a break. Fairness Funemployment.

Totally unfair hippie-era thought: Maybe you wouldn’t need so much medical attention, and you wouldn’t have become medicalized, if you did more of your own cooking and more of your own exercise.

During my idiotic neocon TV-watching era from 2000 to 2010, I fell into the habits of convenience food and no exercise. I paid the price with overweight and high blood pressure. After 2010 I tossed the TV, resumed cooking with more varied and less SOPHISTICATED food, and resumed daily exercise.

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