Verified power

In the last 15 years Indian immigrants have been gaining economic power at the expense of NYC Jews and Silicon Valley Anglos. The Youngkin election in Virginia was the first manifestation of Indian political power.

Older power factions always try to defeat newcomers.

Vivek and Haley appear to be a split-flank gambit to neutralize Indian political power.

Now an Indian dude has been recruited by FBI as a “Nazi” “terrorist” to make the newcomers look horrible. No need to speculate. All “terrorist” acts are organized by FBI, and this is a classic. One look at the dude tells you he’s unpopular and not very smart. FBI, like other gangs, always recruits the same victim. Only the religion or ethnicity changes every few years. Commie, Hippie, Christian, Muslim, now Indian.

You know you’ve arrived when FBI turns you into a “Nazi”.

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