From an extremely different era 17

A 1950 ‘meet the press’ style program had 5 reporters talking with Betty Hutton. Atypically the preserved recording is an uncut version, with frequent ‘offstage’ pauses where the reporters try to figure out who goes next, or check with Hutton to see if a question is acceptable. She had an interesting life. Like most reporters in those days, she learned on the job starting at age 7, and got her first big NYC break at 15.

One of the questions was about Senator Johnson’s proposal to license actors. Everyone hated it, and everyone could see that licensing reporters was next on the menu. “It’s certainly an infringement on freedom of expression.” “It’s like licensing a dog or something.” “Well, I just want to get a license to hunt congressmen.”

Who was Senator Johnson? Was this part of the HUAC commie hunt that finally fizzled out with Roy Cohn’s boytoy McCarthy? One online source gives this account:

Famed actress Ingrid Bergman’s adulterous affair with Italian film director Roberto Rossellini caused in international scandal and a civil liberties crisis in the U.S. On this day, Senator Edwin Johnson (D-Colorado) delivered a vituperative attack on both Bergman and Rossellini and proposed a law that would require the U.S. Commerce Department to license actors, actresses, and film producers, and permit the department to revoke licenses if found guilty of a crime involving moral turpitude, or publicly admitting to such conduct.

It wasn’t McCarthy, it was morality. Licensing was presented as an extension of the existing semi-official Hayes Code into official law.

So this is really comparable to today’s #MeToo, not comparable to today’s #FUCKTRUMP.

But in both situations the response of the 1950 actors and reporters was opposite to today’s actors and reporters. Both modern groups are enthusiastic supporters of hunting down political heretics AND hunting down “scandalous immorality”.

Note especially that Johnson was D. Many of the 1950 red-baiters, including JFK, were also D. The reporters wanted to hunt down CONGRESSMEN, not REPUBLICANS.

As fucking always, the Fairness Doctrine worked. It forced reporters to think in terms of power and class, not R and D team labels.

In fact radio reporters were already licensed. Like a hunting license, the Fairness license prevented monopolistic hunting of one species to extinction, and tried to maintain balance. Restriction is not always bad.

Returning OJT

Batya’s message about the failure of modern “journalism” is focused on Experiential Education. She tirelessly repeats that journalism was previously a TRADE, learned on the job. Since the Watergate Coup journalism has been a THEORETICAL ABSTRACTION learned in grad school.

I’ve been tirelessly repeating the same historical switch in the field of science. The change happened earlier in science. Before the switchover, scientists and inventors worked in real life, trying to solve real problems systematically. After the switch, scientists became competitive theorists, developing crazier and crazier GENOCIDAL abstractions to serve the purposes of lunatic imperialist GENOCIDAL governments.

The career of Alphia Hart illustrated the earlier style of journalism. He started work at 14 as a printers devil on a local paper, and soon moved up to editing the paper, then moved to bigger papers.

Damon Runyan, who I finally looked up last week, also fits the old model. He quit school after the 4th grade and started working at newspapers. His literary inventiveness was famous. He didn’t become inventive in grad school, he became inventive by WRITING.

This shouldn’t be a fucking mystery. It’s simple arithmetic. People who start work at 14 have a 10-year head start on people who start work at 24. The late starters aren’t learning anything useful in high school or college; often they’re DELEARNING even on the factual level. They’re just losing a decade of REAL learning.

One possible bright spot: Substack is trying to resume OJT in literature. Substack is explicitly a training site for writers. Most of their resources are aimed at the needs of new writers, not the needs of readers. Initially I was annoyed at the hidden ‘masthead’ and the difficulty of finding subjects. After reading the ‘masthead’ for a while, I can see the purpose so I’m less frustrated.


Ringing words

A good sharp paragraph from Kirn:

There are things against which even the concerted leveling of brute force is powerless. Beauty. A mystical epiphany. True prowess in some difficult endeavor. The ring of the right word. It’s those things which civilization must protect if it’s to be worthy of the name.

I’ve been saying a related thing, not quite the same thing, in less ringing words.

Life is order and beauty and value. Every living thing creates order out of chaos. Most living things create forms of beauty that we can appreciate, in their flowers or feathers or harmonious sounds or graceful motions. It’s a certain bet that the others are creating forms of beauty outside of our sense range, or beyond our appreciation.

I’m less sanguine about the limits of brute force and the protection of civilization. Brute force can’t be opposed or limited by preservers. Western civilization stopped preserving and started obliterating a LONG time ago. Brute force has been obliterating every bit of order and beauty it can FIND, using all the power it can muster.

The enforcers work fanatically hard to create chaos and obliterate order and beauty, but they are a FINITE set of demons with FINITE budgets. The beauty generators are INFINITE.

We have to maintain our stores of order and beauty in small ways and hidden places, below the visual field of the zoning boards and HOAs and Public Death Officers and stock markets and environmentalists.

Random thought about Vimeo

As I watch various platforms competing for the Rogan crowd, I started wondering what happened to Vimeo. It was big before Youtube, and remained a solid contender and competitor for a long time. In the early years Vimeo had a reputation for independence. Vimeo was THE place where offbeat producers could stay online after Youtube kicked them out.

What happened? Purely guessing… Vimeo focused on offbeats of the ‘progressive’ type, which is another way of saying Deepstate. See CIA jazz. Vimeo also became an official outlet for city and state governments, in the tradition of cable ‘public access’ channels. City council meetings and mayoral candidate debates are on Vimeo.

Thus Vimeo didn’t want to attract low-class Deplorable independents, and didn’t see any future in that direction.

Nash puzzle

Found in a 1947 radio station brochure from WKNE in New Hampshire. The article is about a local Nash dealer who uses radio ads to advantage.

The front car is unquestionably a new ’47. The car behind is harder to see. Some Googling leads me to think it’s a ’38 Ambassador, mainly because of the split windshield and rectangular hood vent. The grille seems to have some vertical bars, which would tend toward ’37, but the ’37 doesn’t have the square side vents.

Unlike the magnificent Studie dealer that I noted last week, this building is gone. The block around 40 Railroad St is now a parking garage, and of course the railroad itself is now a “biking trail”.

Sort of halfway self-solving

Wolf’s latest item about credit includes some disheartening stats. Earlier it appeared that Americans were taking advantage of the Federal blood money to reduce their credit card debt. Now they’re doing the opposite.

Wolf also includes a simple chart of college debt. Unlike most graphs that go exponential under the demonic influence of the exponential government, this one just goes up smoothly in a straight line from 2005 to present. Wolf mentions that college enrollment has been going down, which is generally known.

Well, how much and when? Stats from the Fed Dept of Ed:

I have zero Excel skills, so my graphs are crappy. This runs from 1995 to present, and the peak is 2010. Since 2010 more people have been figuring out that college is a total waste. Not nearly enough yet, but an encouraging trend of sanity. But debt is going up linearly, which means the shrinking college population is borrowing more per capita.

How about tenure? This one is more complicated. Percent of all colleges with tenure went down beautifully from ’93 to 2010, then rebounded partway. Dept of Ed says this is related to growth of profit-making useful colleges in the first half. The Dept cracked down on useful training schools in 2010, so the rigidly theoretical universities became a larger part of the total again. Though the Dept website doesn’t say so, the enrollment graph might reflect the same change because it has the same switch in 2010. If the increase was mainly in the useful training schools, the total would decline as those schools were closed.

This graph is percent of all faculty with tenure. Here we finally see a steadily positive trend, as even the theoretical universities are trying to reduce costs by hiring adjuncts and part-timers.

Supply and demand will solve many problems if the government doesn’t step in to UNsolve the problem.

Constants and Variables 169

More from the trust-inducing 2/2/51 news report, which was ordinary mainstream CBS output at the time.

This story deserves respectful verbatim transcription. Note the literary level as well as the content……

= = = = =

With all the troubles that beset us, and perhaps more to come, this is an inevitable corollary. The AP reports a phenomenal upsurge of religion in the United States.

The AP is careful to say that while the survey does not show the nation is more devout, it does suggest that organized religion is commanding wider attention; and it cites evidence.

Seminaries are packed. Some of them for the first time are turning away applicants. Bible sales have nearly doubled in the last decade. Church building is at an all-time high. Colleges have expanded their religious curricula to meet student demand. Church attendance and contributions are at a peak.

For a 20th century materialist note, advertising men are backing a big nationwide religion promotion.

Here’s the way one minister explains the revived interest in things spiritual:

“People have discovered that the things they counted on the most are no longer dependable. The family structure is not what it was 20 years ago. The positive assurance of American invulnerability is gone. The value of money has fallen to pieces. To put it briefly, things are shaking, and people are looking for something unshakable.”

= = = = =

Constant: Similar situation now in MANY ways.

Variable: Exact opposite response to churches, because churches have decided to be the MOST SHAKABLE INSTITUTION of all. Instead of maintaining the CONSTANT and PERMANENT values of morality, churches have joined the vanguard of the chaos-generating Deepstate torture brigade. Instead of providing sanctuary and protection from the Faucian stormtroopers, churches locked down and gagged their customers more enthusiastically than any other ‘voluntary’ institution.

Reprint from 2018

Especially germane on the subject of protests, media insanity, etc.

= = = = = START REPRINT:

Want to break the “cycle of violence”? Break the media.

The press has been running this routine for at least a hundred years. It’s not mysterious or “unintended”. It’s an intrinsic part of their business model.

Blood sells newspapers. Blood and chaos and war are the RAW MATERIAL of media, just as wheat is the raw material of bakers. When bakers want to sell more bread, they develop more sources of wheat. When media wants to sell more clicks, it develops more sources of war and violence.

Hearst dared to say it openly. Every media baron since Hearst has followed his methods while sanctimoniously pretending to be against violence.

More war means more clicks, and more clicks give the media more power to create more war and chaos.

Everyone in a position of power is part of the setup. DC profits massively from violence. More budget for the Pentagon, more budget for FBI, DHS, BATF, ETC.

So DC does everything possible to increase the cycle. Pentagon creates coups in foreign countries “justifying” our intervention. FBI cultivates “terrorists” on “both” sides. BATF runs stings. ETC.

We can’t do anything about the government side of this positive-feedback death loop. FDR was a one-time miracle, and Deepstate regenerated after FDR’s death to GUARANTEE that we would NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER get another sane leader.

We can do something about the media side.

First, don’t be a blood farmer. Don’t add to their overflowing silos of raw chaos material. Don’t protest, don’t join organized groups. ALL ALL ALL ALL ALL ALL organized groups are run by Deepstate. This has been STEADILY true since 1946.

Second, don’t click. Don’t help the retail side of the cycle. Turn off everything. We don’t NEED to open our God-given life to the chaos of Bezos.

Life is an island of order in a universe of chaos. Life generates order and beauty. Bezos and DC generate chaos and death. We can’t break them but we can preserve our souls by attempting to make more order and beauty.

Listen to Booker T. His advice to black men in 1910 is still SHARPLY APPROPRIATE advice for Deplorables of all colors.

= = = = = END REPRINT.

Only slight edit needed now: Replace ETC by CDC.

Peasants must be reminded

Via Spokane News, the demonic “city” dysgovernment sponsored and allowed a fireworks display for Chinese New Year. There was no warning or notice in advance, and many people were panicked.

Peasants are not allowed to shoot off fireworks on their own, which is a good and necessary rule, especially in summer. Fireworks flying into bushes or onto roofs have often started huge fires, including some forest fires.

Nazi demons are always allowed to do everything.

Peasants must be repeatedly reminded who’s in charge. July 4 is prohibited, Chinese New Year is sponsored.

We already know who’s in charge, but the “city” dysgovernment gets vast sexual pleasure from every STOMP STOMP STOMP STOMP STOMP STOMP STOMP.

Nazi torturers.

We need a Nuremberg.

Woodstock spirit? Hah.

From a Twitter thread about the fake Hundred Flowers promise in the early days of the web……

Joe Angier, a documentary movie maker, says:

I interviewed Mr. Whole Earth Catalog (Stewart Brand) for a Woodstock 25th anniv. special, and was told that the Woodstock spirit and ethos live on in these burgeoning online communities and chat rooms. Thankfully, none of that made it into the final film.

Woodstock spirit? I was active in the early pre-HTTP web. It was the opposite of “free”. It was pure Deepstate. Every forum on every subject, from software to sex, was rigidly divided into Team A and Team B. If you stayed within the chalk lines and took care to quote all of one team’s current doctrine verbatim, you were accepted by both sides. If you wandered outside the chalk lines, you were attacked and rejected by both sides.

Brand was either (1) lying or (2) naive, and I’ll pick Door 1.

How to create trust

It’s easy to say that trust requires truth. But truth is an asymptote, not a binary on/off measure. In any area of life we try to get closer to a useful set of facts and observations, but we never hit the plateau.

Here’s a better and more achievable rule:

In science and in journalism, trust requires METROLOGY.

You need to be perfectly clear about where and how you acquired and measured your data. You need to locate and specify your ground or baseline, and then tell how you measured the departures from baseline.

Above all your baseline MUST BE REAL. You can’t start history in 2020. Permanent parts of Nature and human behavior MUST be considered as permanent, and new things MUST be seen as a departure from the permanent baseline.

I previously mentioned a couple of randomly preserved pieces by Bert Andrews, a newspaperman doing news analysis on radio. In these features he was discussing the backroom maneuvers of the 1948 Repooflican Convention, not an especially important story. Andrews was a CAREFUL METROLOGIST. He told us how he knew each fact, whether he was sure, and why he was sure.

Here’s a slightly later and even better example. Don Hollenbeck subbing for Murrow on Feb 2 ’51.

The main stories are (1) Gradual removal of wage and price controls (2) Rumors that the Korean War would halt at the 38th parallel [which turned out to be true] (3) The atom bomb tests in Nevada.

For each story Hollenbeck tells us the metrology as above, and also tells us the cui bono for each side. Why does side A want us to believe A, and why does side B want us to believe B? On the bomb test story, Hallenbeck gets downright neurological, with an inside look at salience. He says that newsmen had started to treat the tests as baseline data no longer deserving daily updates, but the latest test was sneakily pre-revealed to a photographer in Los Angeles who “accidentally managed” to use the flash as lighting for a picture he was taking. Why did the AEC want to re-salientize this test?

This is a shining (or flashing) example of HOW TO CREATE TRUST. Now we occasionally get this level of analysis from independents like Greenwald. 70 years ago we routinely heard it on mainstream radio BECAUSE IT WAS REQUIRED BY LAW.


Before any of this crap about information, STOP TORTURING US. It doesn’t matter what you tell us as long as you are imprisoning and strangling and disemploying and de-souling and obliterating and killing and squashing and slaughtering us. STOP TORTURING US FIRST.

Then we can talk about information and truth.

= = = = =

Later thought: Hollenbeck was a tragic figure. His painstaking love of truth killed him. He was cautiously uncertain about the need for the Korean war, and cautiously uncertain about the HUAC crap. Murrow was ferociously dogmatically certain about both. War good, McCarthy bad. The Wikipedia bio of Hollenbeck implies that the conflict led to Hollenbeck’s suicide. I wonder if Operation Mockingbird was involved. They recruited and punished with blackmail, and CBS was fully on board with CIA.

No more donations

GoFundMe has seized the $10 million fund for the Canadian truckers and will repurpose the money to charities chosen by GoFundMe.

The flat statement isn’t exactly true; donors can request a refund, and GoFundMe has a well established refund system, which always goes into action when a fund fails for various reasons.

Even so, moving millions into the wrong place is grand larceny. When GoFundMe cancels a fund for a specific purpose which is NOT speculative or betting, refunds should be automatic; or the money should drop back into your account so YOU can choose to put it elsewhere.

Some funds are openly stated as speculative, such as making a movie which can’t happen unless the fund reaches a certain size. In those situations there’s no crime involved. You’re supposed to recognize the risk. This fund was not a speculation or a bet. It was all meant to go to the truckers, regardless of thresholds.

In 2020 I stopped supporting DonorsChoose after it officially endorsed riots.

I’ll never give through GoFundMe or any of those web-based donation systems again.

Some charities may be starting to realize the problem. Last week I got a papermail request from the Fraternal Order of Police, with NO mention of any websites. I gladly sent them a paper check, which didn’t go through any of the tech-world fake money systems.

Police are the ONLY PART OF GOVERNMENT that remained human through the entire holocaust. MANY police chiefs and sheriffs openly resisted and refused to enforce the holocaust, and regular officers knew when to look the other way. ALL OTHER PARTS of government gleefully turned into NAZI TORTURERS AND HOLOCAUSTAL VAMPIRE DEMONS.

= = = = =

Calibrating for clarity as usual: I figured out some time ago that protests are worse than useless. Government only “listens” to protests that were organized BY government to provide “public pressure” for what government is going to do anyway. Protests that genuinely disagree with government are ruthlessly squashed and usually cause even worse tyranny. So I didn’t support or aid this particular protest. Early in the holocaust I did support a GoFundMe for a Seattle cop who was fired for refusing to assist the holocaust. At that time GoFundMe hadn’t yet turned to crime, and the cop received the money.

Stupid question now worth reasking

Wandering through 1918 stuff, came on this trivial stupid question from 2017.

= = = = = START REPRINT:

Stupid random thought.

I was downloading some ’50s TV shows to watch later. Most of the systematic Youtubers list old TV shows with numbers like S03E18 for Season 3, Episode 18. A few shows lasted long enough to need two digits on seasons, so this makes sense.

Would any radio or TV show need three digits? We’re getting mighty close. Fessenden made the first known music and speech broadcast in 1906, but his station didn’t last. The first ‘solid’ commercial stations started in 1919. It’s possible that one of those stations had a feature like Farm News that continued under the same title through the decades, which means a three-digit season number could be needed soon.

If you include Morse we’ll get there sooner and more definitely. W1AW, the headquarters of ARRL, has a unique status as both broadcaster and amateur. It was founded in 1914, shut down during WW1 as part of the total tech mobilization, then restarted in 1918. Since then it has been ‘broadcasting’ bulletins and code practice sessions regularly.

Some of the Navy’s beacons may have been continously sending signals longer, but you can’t call their output broadcasting or programs.

= = = = = END REPRINT.

Many of the major stations started in 1922. A list of stations from 1923 contains lots of familiar call letters.

So there’s a good chance now that Farm News or Morning News has been running continuously under the same name for 100 years, needing a three-digit series number.

How many times? Every fucking time.

Listening to Club Car Special as part of my usual bedtime playlist. Club Car was a radio teaser for the humor page of Hearst papers, dramatizing some of the columns and cartoons to enrich your reading experience. One of the regular humorists was O O McIntyre.

It struck me that Kirn’s short takes on Twitter are a close modern equivalent of McIntyre’s short takes in print. I tried to find more of McIntyre’s real columns, without luck. Though part of his work was before the Steamboat Willie copyright threshold, his actual work is absent online. There are several good articles about McIntyre, which reinforce the parallel. Both grew up in the Midwest (Wisconsin for Kirn, Ohio for McIntyre) and both came from eccentric families. Both moved to NYC and applied the eccentric Midwestern viewpoint to their writing about NYC and elites. Later: Kirn mentioned that he was born in Akron, so the Ohio connection is even firmer.

Come to think of it, most of Hearst’s writers were real Americans who made a point of writing TO real Americans while describing bizarre NYC aliens. George Ade was from Indiana, Damon Runyon from the other Manhattan, Will Rogers from Claremore. Runyon and Rogers turned alien, losing their American perspective, but Ade and McIntyre remained real.

While looking for McIntyre material, I ran into a much more interesting artifact, which provides a highly specific answer to the question mentioned in yesterday’s item. Srinivasan was assuming that total censorship is a new thing. Wildly wrong.

Cartoons magazine from 1918 shows how it was done. The trade journals passed along Holy Prophet Wilson’s holy orders to the nation’s writers and cartoonists.

Index pages from three months:

There was a specific theme for every country and every subject, with sample cartoons helpfully provided. As we achieved our unnecessary and pointless “victory” over Germany, the focus shifted to Russia, where we were already preparing our invasion forces. Japan was our dear democratic friend, and China was the Yellow Peril because our dear democratic friend Japan was invading and occupying China.

On Russia:

Since the coup that put Vladimir Lenine and Leon Trotzky in power was
brought about through the tragic blundering of Kerensky the world has been waiting for word that this precious pair of madmen had been deposed by the saner elements in Russia and that some sort of responsible government was on the way. For this we have so far waited in vain. If Russia has the power to save herself from complete dissolution and the fate of being destroyed by the combined forces of anarchy, treachery and German autocracy, it has yet to be made manifest.

Referring to the threat of Trotzky and Lenine to expose the “secret treaties” of the allies, the New York Tribune says: “Whether Trotzky and Lenine are in German pay or not, they are serving German ends deliberately, and all that they say and all that they do deserves to be treated as a detail in German propaganda.”

Our invasion of Russia was an extension of our war against Germany, because Russia was a German puppet. It didn’t matter that our invading army was working WITH the Axis forces from Czechoslovakia, and it didn’t matter that we were working WITH the Japs, who continued invading Russia after we gave up and faded out. It didn’t matter that we later worked WITH the Krauts directly to invade the Baltics.

Meanwhile, supporters of the ‘Red Terror’ at home were being cultivated and organized and arrested by Lady Edgar, developing a technique that her demonic agency continues to this day.

= = = = =

Irrelevant footnote: Since I grew up in Manhattan, I ought to know more about Runyan, including the correct spelling of his name. I can never decide if it’s Runyan or Runyon. Turns out both are correct. He was born in 1880 at 4th and Osage to Alfred and Sarah Runyan. Alfred founded the Mercury, which is now Manhattan’s only paper. Damon completed 4th grade, then the family moved to Pueblo. Damon took off to Denver and worked on various papers, specializing at first in sports. One of the papers misspelled his name on a byline, and he decided it looked better that way.

Bitcoinoleth strikes again

From Balaji Srinivasan:

See, this was stupid, because it’s *explicit* government censorship. The regime had a good scam going where they just got corporations to silence you in a deniable, decentralized way. But this gives the game away.

Next q: how many times has this happened without being reported?

How often has this happened? Always and forever. There’s no such thing as free speech. Government always controls major media. The difference is WHY government controls media. In the 30s and 40s FCC ferociously controlled radio to be sure facts were represented fairly, and each partisan side was given a chance to speak. Both entertainment and news were monitored and checked for balance and objectivity.

Srinivasan belongs to a peculiar modern type, the aggressive supernerd. He sprays layers and layers of precise and organized facts at you in an argument. But he doesn’t know ALL the relevant facts, and doesn’t seem to sense when his knowledge might be incomplete. And needless to say he’s a bitcoin salesman.