Preserved has a feature on Port Washington, LI in the ’40s. Lots of interesting architecture, from old New England to the latest postwar houses with attached garages. This magnificent building especially caught my eye:

A Studie dealer at 145 Main St, with a ’42 Champion in front. I couldn’t resist checking Googlestreet. Normally a downtown building has been wiped out by urban renewal or covered with 1970s mansard crap. Not this one!

Remarkably preserved. From another view, the clock and front door are still original. The only obvious difference is that the shrubs newly planted in 1949 are mature now.

Irrelevant thought: The font of the vertical STUDEBAKER sign is Cyrillic, which reminds me that Studie trucks were big in the Lend-Lease program and stuck around in Russia for a long time afterward, influencing Russian trucks. But oddly, Studie never actively participated in Russian manufacture or sales. Ford had a directly controlled division in Russia, making tractors and Model As. GM licensed Buick bodies and engines to Russian makers in 1931. Packard licensed and cooperated with Russian makers in the ’40s. Studie missed the opportunity to leverage their accidental influence into profit.

Hmm. The last sentence is unnecessarily long.

“Studie missed the opportunity.”

That’s the whole story of the company. Nash/AMC lasted much longer because it knew its own SKILLS and rarely missed an opportunity to use its own particular SKILLS. Studebaker tried to be GM and failed. Nash tried to be Nash and succeeded.

The rule holds

I’ve been observing a peculiar paradox for several years. People who have a sternly realistic and objective view of NEARLY all parts of life are pure gullible suckers for Bitcoin.

Here’s a thinker with the best and clearest view of all the fakery in all branches of math and science and philosophy. Steve Patterson hits all the balls out of the park. From Cantor to Hilbert to Bohr to Einstein to Turing to Rand to Fauci, he sees through all the nonsense and speaks all the obvious truth. Nobody does a better job.

So I knew what was coming, and sure enough here it is. Patterson is a fanatical Bitcoin cultist and salesman.

The rule hasn’t failed yet.

= = = = =

Calibrating for clarity as usual: I’m NOT claiming to be the only 100% realist. I’m realistic about science and math, including Bitcoin, but I’m an incurable sucker for political frauds. Every fake populist or fake revolution fools me. I never learn.

The tired old Klaatu story

Via MindMatters, NASA is studying how to use “aliens” to replace religion with science. This replacement has been a constant theme of Deepstate-loving scifi writers. Alien Avenging Angels descend to Earth and cleanse it of redneck crackers and holy rollers, leaving only the Official Doctors And Scientists alive and in charge.

The only problem with this demonic Rapture myth** is that the people who claim to have actual conversations with aliens are always redneck crackers and holy rollers.

Maybe the aliens know more about religion and humanity than the scientists do.

In reality this is NOT about science vs religion, this is two competing religions. NASA belongs to the Robespierre tradition of all-consuming OCD Ubermenschen. The Ubermensch religion has been trying to obliterate the older god-based religions since 1789, but filthy little god-based redneck cracker hillbilly three-toothed bible-thumping LOSER religions just keep popping up like ants, requiring constant scrubbing and disinfecting.

In reality humans are built to resonate with a god-based universe. We can be forced by weapons and psyops to OBEY the omnicidal Emperor-Doctors like Marat and Fauci, but compliance is not belief.

= = = = =

**The newest version of the Rapture myth is more like the Revelations version. Instead of disinfecting the earth, the Ubermenschen fly to Mars and create a new CLEAN STERILE LOSER-FREE earth for themselves. They’ve already built their rockets.


On my morning walk through a light dusting of snow, I saw unfamiliar footprints. Not dogs or cats or squirrels. Each set was a trapezoidal pattern. Checked Google, and sure enough it’s rabbits. I remember seeing a few rabbits in that part of the neighborhood 10 years ago, but no actual bunnies or tracks since then.

The world has lots of quasi-hidden surprises or (ahem) Easter eggs, which only show up on rare occasions.

Defensible Spaces review 1/6

Unlike the other reviews I’ve been doing this year, the Defensible Spaces theme started with a general feeling, not with a specific piece of science or a specific input. Later a smart scientific idea fertilized the theme.

The first exposition of the theme in July 2015:

Dreher is hitting his Benedict Option theme again.

Stand firm against the “barbarians” — people who live by feeling, driven by the passions, not right reason, and with no sense of restraint or obligation beyond satisfying their momentary demands — of our dominant culture is to form stronger, thicker communities based on a commitment to virtue.

Live by feeling? Driven by passions? No restraint?

Exactly diametrically wrong. Dreher is stuck in the obsolete ‘relativism’ crap. The dominant culture has nothing to do with passions or feelings or unrestrained-ness. It is solely about ABSOLUTE MECHANISTIC OBEDIENCE to Big Brother.

At the moment an individual dissenter can live well enough by decoupling. Withdrawing consent and participation. Avoiding the command stream. For damn sure, no TV. TV has a unique ability to phase-lock** the brain. Other media are not quite as ‘pipe-like’. Radio leaves you somewhat more freedom to absorb or reject the message. Print is best.

If you’re in an occupation where participation is forced, you have a hard choice. At the moment those occupations are literally butcher, baker and candlestick-maker. The list will expand FAST. Pay attention. [2022 footnote: Yup.]

Communities have a bigger problem. I find it instructive (constants and variables as always) to compare the fate of David Koresh’s community with Prophet Clare’s CUT community. Both were active and growing in the ’80s. Koresh was loosely tied to Christianity, CUT followed a new-agey Spiritualist theology. Both were about the same size. Both were isolated in rural areas, with some members working in nearby cities to bring in cash.

We know the fate of Koresh. Tanks and bombs. Christallnacht. Clare’s cult didn’t get bombed. It apparently faded out on its own, as cults generally do.

What’s the difference? Theology is one variable, but there’s a vastly more obvious difference. Koresh had a fragile wooden building. CUT was housed in missile silos and had its own tanks and bombs.


A community formed by Christians or other natural-law types will need to look maximally unattractive to Big Brother, and it will need to be maximally unreadable. Residents will need to pay careful attention to signal discipline. Ideally avoid electrically based communication altogether. Think gears and levers, analog, mechanical differentiators, paper and hand-signals, Helen Keller.

= = = = =

** ‘Phase-lock’ deserves a note. Modern tyranny may appear ‘relativistic’ or loose because it has a dynamic goal, just as a fast-moving train looks like a blur. Requirements are constantly changing but ABSOLUTELY PRECISE at each instant in time. This is the point Orwell was trying to make in his O’Brien sequences. 2 + 2 doesn’t equal 5, and it most certainly doesn’t equal Whatever, Dude. 2 + 2 equals PRECISELY what Big Brother says it equals AT THIS PICOSECOND. You need to keep up with the changes, which is much harder and much more brain-destroying than simply accepting a STATIC lie. In engineering terms you need to eliminate your own natural resonances and lock onto the constantly varying signal.

Proper morality, whether you call it “God’s word” or “the data from millenia of painful experimentation”, is STATIC. The basic character and relations of male and female, the broad requirements of diet and public health, are unchanging. There is no “evolution”, no “personal journey”. A church or a believer can set its resonant circuit once. Some churches may have a broader Q, some have a sharp quartz notch; but if you see a church or a leader constantly sliding up and down the band to lock onto Kim Kardashian, you know it’s not a valid church or leader.

More on static vs dynamic here.

Defensible Spaces review 2/6

The digital world is built on gang-style traps. After you join Facebook, you’re never out. Every subscription starts as free and then turns into a lifetime obligation. Every program “phones home” and forces daily “updates” to maintain maximum vulnerability and control. (Firefox popped up an update alert as I was typing the previous sentence!) You can’t even unsubscribe from stupid spam emails. You click ‘unsubscribe’ and nothing happens.

2020 created world-size traps in a horrible multi-front siege war of attrition. “Medical care” is mandatory since 2015, so you can’t break loose after the “doctor” reveals herself to be a Nazi torturer. In the Nazi states, every store is forced to maintain the same rules. You can’t escape from ballgags and needles by picking a different store. Moving from a Nazi state to a sane state is suddenly a lot more difficult because investors have bought up most of the houses and raised the rents and prices beyond your range.

= = = = =

Trust requires exit doors.

When you detect that you’re being tortured or cheated or fooled or disdained or led down the Pied Piper path, you should be able to get out easily and smoothly. You shouldn’t have to prove your case or provide documentation. Just stop paying and leave.

Substack’s monthly subscription breaks the digital rules and provides an easy exit door. I’ve used it several times when I felt a hint of sting or Agent Provocateur. One or two of those feelings may have been oversensitive, but after a lifetime of being fooled and betrayed I trust my feelings more than my feeble reason.

Defensible Spaces review 3/6

The magnificent Del Giudice idea entered the theme of Defensible Spaces in 2019.

Via, a genuinely fresh and PRODUCTIVE idea that sounds silly at first glance.

Del Giudice doesn’t claim this is a theory, just an open question to spawn new ways of looking:

Did the brain develop ‘software’ defenses against behavior-controlling parasites?

Many parasites try to control the host’s behavior. The most horrible example is the fungus that takes over an ant, turning it into a seed pod that walks up to the top of a plant and explodes. Most viruses alter the host’s behavior in more subtle ways. Familiar example is chicken pox, which digs into the nerves and pounces years later, causing pain or paralysis.

This type of attack has been going on for millions of years, so it makes sense that the brain and nervous system would have developed electronic countermeasures.

The most interesting part of the question deals with signaling and OpSec:

The central nervous system uses neuroactive substances as internal signals between neurons, brain networks and between the brain and other organs. Parasites can hijack these pathways to alter behavior by producing overriding signals or, as Del Giudice points out, corrupting existing ones. This entails breaking the host’s internal signaling code.

Thus, a more complex signaling code is more difficult for a parasite to break. Instances of such a complexity increase include the requirement of joint action of different neurochemicals, or releasing neuroactive substances in specifically timed pulses. Expanding the set of transmission molecules and their binding receptors also increases complexity. More elaborate internal signals increase the time required to break. From an adaptive standpoint, this can close off the parasite’s options, forcing it to develop other means of manipulation.

Genuinely inspirational and immediately thought-generating. Most discussions of neural signaling miss the infinite complexity of the real neurons and glia. Del Giudice gets it and adds something new.

His concept happens to fit with the question I was asking yesterday about separate mental spaces:

I’m under the weather this week. Trying to boost my spirits, this “thought” popped up:

When I’m feeling bad, I forget what it’s like to feel good. I forget that I was feeling good just two days ago, and the last time I felt bad was only a few days. BUT: When I’m feeling good, I forget what it’s like to feel awful.


That’s not a BUT. Not a paradox. It’s the same rule.

Feeling good vs feeling awful are separate mental universes in some way, just as dreamtime vs waketime or sober vs drunk.

How does the brain keep these spaces separate? When does the brain decide to create a new space? How many spaces can we contain?

A separate mental space during illness would be an excellent way to protect normal memories and decisions when under attack. The memories and decisions formed while the parasite is in control are outside the regular space, thus not affecting the regular space.

How is this space formed? I have only a vague semi-guess. I doubt that the brain opens up a special room or nucleus. More likely it’s a different tuning, a different carrier modulating the signal.

Analogy: The pattern of electromagnetic waves washing over the whole earth includes billions of separate transmissions at any moment. Each receiver tunes to its desired frequency to pick up one harmonic.

Closer analogy, though less familiar: Subcarrier systems. Even on the same main frequency, subtle frequency or phase modulation can create signals that aren’t readable by an AM receiver.

Chicken pox might be a good test case for Del Giudice’s idea. Shingles follows the timeline of the seed-pod parasites. Infiltrate, wait, explode. But it doesn’t actually do anything to help the virus spread. It just messes up some pain and motor nerves, creating annoyance and damage. Is this the result of an ancient countermeasure that diverted the parasite’s efforts?

Defensible Spaces review 4/6

How about defensible times? From 2019 again:

Roger Scruton’s latest article includes this evocative sentence;

At first, I thought that the placeless character of modern housing is a matter of style—the modern materials and proportions, the grammarless disposition of windows and doors, the random orientation along cul-de-sacs that join nothing to nothing. But it soon became clear that the style made next to no difference to the effect.

‘Grammarless disposition’ is a wonderfully precise phrase, and I think it’s the key to the problem.

Life is order. Death is chaos.

Civilization is a specific TYPE of order called Natural Law. Natural Law was recorded in God’s experimental log book. It was recorded by the civilizations who survived. Sorosians break every provision of Natural Law. We can watch the experiment in supercompressed video now. Sorosian cultures are dying fast from both ends, failing to reproduce and committing mass suicide. Natural Law cultures are reproducing and staying alive.

Language also has a specific TYPE of order called grammar, which develops naturally. I’ve made two pretty good observations on the subject. (1) Grammar is a trellis that organizes and strengthens civilization. (2) Languages with caseless nouns are easy prey for Sorosian chaos. The latter connects with Scruton’s discussion of places. If your language has firm structure of the relations between places and things and people, you have a better defense against Sorosian destruction of borders and connections. A place for everyone and everyone in his place. Firm structure of verbs doesn’t seem to help.

Natural grammar is generally unrecorded, so it doesn’t have lobbyists or churches to defend it against the chaotizers. The chaotizers, unsurprisingly, started to enforce the invented rigid abstractions of UNnatural grammar at the same time that they started to enforce the rigid demonic insanities of the “Enlightenment”. The “rules” of official “grammar” lead to confusion and ambiguity, and make it impossible to express normal thoughts in normal order, just as the crazy abstractions of “rights” and “equality” lead to confusion and ambiguity. Chaotized meaning is well-known, thanks to Orwell. Chaotized grammar is equally important but not often discussed.

I haven’t thought much about the grammar of art and architecture, but it fits the same pattern. Utopias of “rights” and “equality” always break down natural symmetry and resonance. It’s most obvious and literal in music, where movements like atonalism and Twelve-Tones obliterated resonance and rhythm.

Needless to say, the brain’s functioning depends on resonance and rhythm, and I’m guessing that the brain creates defensible spaces by heterodyning or subcarrier processes.

Any input that breaks resonance and symmetry and rhythm is a pathogen against internal rhythm.

Any input that breaks our memory of previous experience is a pathogen against defensible times. Globalists constantly break memory and force it to be reinterpreted the globalist way. Github/Room 101 doesn’t merely distort earlier memories, it smashes the PROCESS of creating and storing memories.

Defensible Spaces review 5/6

I revisited the Del Giudice theme in April 2020 at the start of the full state of siege, but before ballgags were required.

= = = = =

Other commentators have been noticing lots of intense dreams during this insane period of total satanic control. They attribute it to the isolation.

I’ve also been having intense dreams, but can’t blame the physical change. In terms of time spent outside, my life was already in semi-lockdown mode for the last 20 years. Introverts never go to large gatherings, and I gave up restaurants for frugality. I work from home, leave home for about one hour each day. Groceries three days a week, neighborhood walk four days. This hasn’t changed at all. The experiences have changed, as the bus system and stores adopt Martial Law procedures. And of course the overall perception of what’s happening has changed drastically.

The dreams fit the Del Giudice conjecture nicely. All of them are in strange places, extremely complex and puzzling places. Lots of big-city buildings, wide railroad areas, unbridged chasms, signs and people moving around. I’m lost and can’t figure out how to get back. Where’s my car? Where’s the bus line?

This isn’t unique; previously some intense dreams were in places like this, but most were inside semi-familiar houses or workplaces. Sometimes an improved version of my own house, often semi-familiar Enid places.

Reviewing my version of the Del Giudice idea:

Many parasites try to control the host’s behavior. The most horrible example is the fungus that takes over an ant, turning it into a seed pod that walks up to the top of a plant and explodes. Most viruses alter the host’s behavior in more subtle ways. Familiar example is chicken pox, which digs into the nerves and pounces years later, causing pain or paralysis.

This type of attack has been going on for millions of years, so it makes sense that the brain and nervous system would have developed electronic countermeasures.

A separate mental space during illness would be an excellent way to protect normal memories and decisions when under attack. The memories and decisions formed while the parasite is in control are outside the regular space, thus not affecting the regular space.

How is this space formed? I have only a vague semi-guess. I doubt that the brain opens up a special room or nucleus. More likely it’s a different tuning, a different carrier modulating the signal.

An extremely complex mental space, a big city with lots of details, is calculated to discombobulate the parasite’s vectors, hack its GPS.

One thing I might expect, but haven’t seen yet, is an internal attempt to defend logic and grammar against the satanic influences of government and culture. The dreams include a lot of talk, but none of it is strange talk.

Defensible spaces review 6/6

Finishing this series with a potential answer and solution.

This line of thinking was inspired by the hail cannons and the cloud seeders.

Both of these technologies are forms of self-defense against weather. Both of them WORK. They don’t work perfectly or constantly, but they work VASTLY better than doing nothing at all.

Both are remarkably efficient in terms of energy and material used. Grelifuges use small acetylene explosions to turn hail into rain. Seeding uses about 4 pounds of silver iodide powder to create a substantial rainstorm. (The Cold Rain seeding used aircraft, which are highly inefficient; but it could now be done with electric drones. 4 pounds is an easy load for a drone.)

Both have been disdained and deleted by official “science” for a long time.

We’re seeing the same disdain and deletion now for ordinary immunity. Our immune systems are forms of self-defense. They don’t work perfectly, but they take care of most viruses most of the time. Vaccines help them deal with a few especially deadly and contagious viruses like measles and smallpox. Immunity has no cost at all, except the discipline of living a relatively healthy life. Sunlight, exercise, proper food, confidence, work, sleep. Vaccines are a microscopic dose of weakened virus, applied once or twice in a lifetime.

Where does the solution start?

Let’s put together a broad set of equivalences, starting with the idea that Natural Law is meant to provide an INHIBITORY response or NEGATIVE FEEDBACK for Deplorables against Insatiables.

How do you get from order to chaos and death? Positive feedback. Exponential functions. Wanting everything.

How do you restore and maintain order? Negative feedback. Tanh functions. Wanting something.

Positive feedback people = Insatiables.

Negative feedback people = Deplorables.

In a HEALTHY culture both forces are always present. The Sorosian side of the world is no longer healthy or survivable because the inhibitory side has been eliminated and outlawed.

Natural Law is explicitly about strengthening NF and suppressing PF. Sharia does it smartly by harnessing the PF people to serve the NF people and vice versa.

The Parkinsonian agency or NGO, the ‘War On’, is the classic excitatory input, self-generating positive feedback. Make more problems to justify more budget, use more budget to make more problems. War On Terror makes more terror. War On Poverty makes more poverty. War On Drugs makes more drugs. War On Virus makes more virus.

What’s the opposite of WarOn?

The opposite of WarOn is SELF-DEFENSE at all levels, physical and commercial and informational. SELF-DEFENSE is the organizational equivalent of inhibitory synapses and negative feedback.

A charter for self-defense would include these items:

1. You should be free to own and use physical weapons and walls, and use your own mental and physical immunity, to defend your PROPERTY and BODY and SOUL against criminals and governments.

2. You should be free to own and use cyberweapons and cyberwalls and pre-Disney copyrights to defend your INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY from thieves and monopolies and governments.

3. You should be able to defend your CAPITAL and BUSINESS against monopolies and hostile takeovers and aggressive lawsuits and arbitrary confiscation.

4. You should be able to defend your SKILL against skill-thieves like schools and universities and innovative disrupters like Uber.

5. Cities should be able to defend their SOVEREIGNTY against black-robed demons, and to defend their people against forcible invasions of migrants and criminals by higher levels of government.

6. Governments and common carriers should not be allowed to eliminate INFORMATION needed for self-defense.

When did I see the Viagra?

I figured out INSTANTLY** that this shit was about power, not health. The first mention of the holocaust in this blog was 2/20/20. After that I started to pin down and narrow down various aspects. At first I thought there was a real virus but not a real epidemic. Gradually I decided that the virus, if any, was just an accidental connection.

Right now I’m ‘agnostic’ in the literal sense that knowledge is impossible. It seems more likely that Deepstate’s main goal is to eliminate immunity and open the way for every disease and virus. This fits the Parkinson endless war model. Looking at it the other way, Deepstate is perfectly capable of generating panics and genocides with NO actual substance or reality at the base. See global warming or Skripal. Witch hunters have always worked this way. Engage the OCD Karens in a perpetual unachievable hunt for an invisible and undetectable particle which MUST BE EXTERMINATED, and watch the fun.

We’ll never know for sure which angle is true, because all “data” is secret forever, and all “tests” for the “virus” are known to be false.

From the exact start I knew that prison and ballgags and distancing were NOT medical ways of dealing with a virus. Imprisoning and killing and binding and gagging innocent people are WAR CRIMES, not medicine.

When did I first catch the psychopathic aspect? It was easily visible in May 2020, dealing with the chickenshit city “government”:

= = = = =

The basic fact about a psychopath is that he must IMPOSE HIS WILL at all times. Obedience is never enough. After you obey, he has to change the rules and make you obey again, then change the rules again and make you obey again.

I remembered my first cellmate in April 1969. Charlie was a small-scale psychopath, not qualified to be a governor or president, but he showed the same basic characteristic. He needed to WIN every single interaction, and then change the rules to WIN again, then change the rules to WIN again.

I had no hope of conquering him, but I figured out how to BORE him. I obeyed beyond his wishes each time, never protesting or complaining. Each time he got tired of imposing and punching and raping. He got bored. This happened every evening, so it was a bit wearisome and bruising for me, but the alternative was death. I preferred life.

Spokane’s city government has been trying to bore rot-brained Thrill Killer Inslee, but he’s a higher-quality psychopath than my cellie. He doesn’t stay bored.

There’s an added distinction. When I was trying to keep Charlie bored, I wasn’t hurting anyone else. I was taking the beatings and rapes without passing them on. When the city is trying to keep Inslee bored, they are PARTICIPATING in the genocide. They are passing along the beatings to 300k innocent people who did nothing to deserve prison. Worst of all, the actual criminals are getting LESS punishment than before because the chickenshit county wants to “protect them from a virus”, whatever the fuck that means. Every day things get crazier, more suicides, more despair, more starvation.

= = = = =

And later on the global level in August 2020:

= = = = =

The real scientists who spoke out against the holocaust have not been punished. Some media platforms choose not to carry the info, but it’s widely available, not censored. Ioannidis, the super-courageous hero who broke the dam, is still employed and still paid. Nobody else in US or UK has followed him through the breach. Many scientists and doctors in Europe have been speaking the truth from the start, and none of them are in jail or fired.

The lack of punishment focuses our attention sharply on the PERSONALITY of individual leaders, not on government systems or ideologies. I noted some common factors among the initial sane countries, but it’s mostly PERSONALITY.

From this viewpoint, it’s highly instructive that none of the holocausters have resigned. No mayors have said “I can’t do this. I can’t carry out the governor’s mass murder. Find somebody else.” Instead, all mayors in crazy states are ENJOYING the holocaust.

Watching the slaves crawl around, bound and gagged, barely able to function, trying to maintain a little bit of life while they wait for the next horrible STOMP. Absolute heaven for psychopaths.

The situation got worse after August. Nearly all leaders converged into aiding the holocaust, and then later a new group, led by DeSantis, started to break away from the holocaust. A few of the honest scientists were fired. But the overall pattern is the same.

= = = = =

**Footnote: I had a geographic advantage in seeing the fakery. Spokane received some of the first publicly announced “cases” of the “virus”, in our big hospitals and in the Veterans Administration nursing home. The VA is a half mile upwind from my house. If the “virus” was as bad as the monsters claimed, this whole neighborhood would have died. We didn’t muzzle and we didn’t die.

I didn’t understand the importance of the VA until November 2020 when Jeffrey Tucker told the horrible backstory of “bioterror adviser” Carter Mecher.

Substack’s manifesto

The founders of Substack have written a clear and careful and thorough defense of PROFIT-BASED OPENNESS.

Key point:

In a frenzy to kill all the monsters, we keep creating more monsters – and then feeding them. All the while, the range of acceptable viewpoints and voices within each group gets ever narrower.

This is the area where we hope to make a contribution with Substack. While the attention economy generates power from exploiting base impulses and moments of attention, a healthy information economy would derive power from the strength and quality of relationships that are built over time. The strength of these relationships would depend on the writers and readers not feeling like they’re being cheated, coddled, or condescended to.

I appreciate the Ockham simplicity of the manifesto. No unnecessary entities. They tacitly acknowledge that ALL INSTITUTIONS are totally busted and corrupted and fucked. Unlike most advocates of open speech, they don’t declare that “courts” or “laws” or “constitutions” or “democracy” or “voting” or “rights” or “personal responsibility” or “manly virtues” or “blockchain” will fix the problem. Most of those entities were cruel hoaxes from the start.

Only trust can fix mistrust. Substack is attempting to create a structure of trust with TWO-WAY OBLIGATIONS, which is another way of saying GOOD BUSINESS.

= = = = =

Semi-relevant sidenote: My only complaint about Substack is that it’s hard to navigate. Their ‘selection’ menu supposedly includes every newsletter, but I’ve never found anything interesting via the menu. It’s always from a chance mention elsewhere. I didn’t see this manifesto, or the editorial department that contains it, until it was mentioned elsewhere. Normally a newspaper or magazine places this type of content in an easily identifiable masthead. Substack’s masthead is completely inaccessible from the main reader menu.

It would also help if Substack had a keyword search, so you could find newsletters that deal with (eg) old cars or analog tech or grammar. There’s no search function at all; you just have to look under a dozen broad categories, which don’t always fit the specific topic.

[Later, I realized that Substack is mainly aimed at the needs of writers, not readers. So the UI/UX is designed to help writers make more money. This is a good thing, even if it’s annoying for readers.]

It only works when you’re in charge

Idiot rock musician Neil Young tried to threaten Spotify over Joe Rogan’s “misinformation”.

Young said “He goes or I go”, so Spotify obligingly said “Okay, you go.”

“He goes or I go” only works when you’re in charge. Young has now learned who’s in charge.

Bravo to Spotify for making a NORMAL PROFIT-BASED BUSINESS DECISION, which may be a turning point in this atrocious tyranny. If more businesses favored profit over purity, we’d have a lot less purity.

Rogan is hugely popular because he allows a variety of viewpoints, including Young’s viewpoint. Will other media learn? So far the answer is no.

Some commentators are calling Young a hypocrite for allegedly favoring freedom in previous years. Nope. Hippies and rock musicians were always partisan Democrats, and many of the hippie leaders and musicians were CIA. The antiwar movement started while LBJ was running the war, but it didn’t have money and media support until the war belonged to Nixon.

Unshaving the yak

Following on this year’s yak-shaving….

Now it’s time to unshave. After two weeks of slow patient debugging and detours, using little constant/variable tests to eliminate all of the things that WEREN’T causing the problem, I finally eliminated the one thing that WAS causing the problem. Still not sure why it’s a problem in newer versions of Windows but never showed up in older versions. Most likely a question of multitasking and timing, where the Windows message loop has changed its sequence. At any rate the program now runs reliably without crashing, so I can get back to the FUN part of programming, expanding the capabilities and adding features.

During the debugging, Kirn’s report about therapists waterboarding clients gave me an added sense of mission.

Greenwald gets it.

The push for yet another war against Russia has stirred up some serious writing. Taibbi, who normally writes with a light and parodic tone, gets serious here. Greenwald, who is always serious, gets even more serious here.

Taibbi still misses the main point, constantly focusing on ‘incompetence’ by the demons. They are NEVER incompetent. There’s no such thing as unintended consequences.

The sole purpose is chaos, pain, and HOLOCAUST. Sometimes the holocaust is in foreign countries. In 2020 it’s everywhere. Now we’re going to focus on Russia yet again, for the 1000000000000000000000th time, while we’re still killing everyone everywhere.

Greenwald gets it HARD AND FAST, in this one all-consuming sentence.

Neocons derive purpose, self-esteem and arousal from watching other people’s children fight and die in wars.

This is not about politics or incompetence. It’s about sex. Psychopaths get pleasure from inflicting chaos, constant rule changes, pain, harm, ruination, and mass HOLOCAUST on other humans.

Demons are not confused, they are confusers.

Wars and “pandemics” and other fake panics and “threats” are fake justifications for the sexual thrills of psychopaths.

That’s all. Nothing more, nothing less, nothing else. Viagra for demons.