Permitted concerns

Random thought about media vs experience. The current Officially Permitted Concern is inflation. Politicians and central banks are “responding” to the “public will” on inflation. Does this agree with my experience? No.

I’ve never been bothered by inflation. In 1973-74 I was driving long distances for work and pleasure, and I wasn’t bothered by high gas prices.  I didn’t observe any gas shortages or gas lines.

What DOES concern me is torture and strangulation and mass murder. I’m intensely concerned by mandatory ballgags and enforced imprisonment. But this form of concern is NOT permitted.

Frank Edwards observed in 1964 that the government assigns media an official Safe Zone, a set of required complaints and prohibited complaints.

= = = = =

1. Deepstate didn’t try very hard to control local newspapers or local radio. They focused mainly on national media, radio and TV networks and major magazines.

2. Deepstate kicks off an event by announcing the official line. (UFOs don’t exist, assassins and “terrorists” are lone gunmen, Russia causes all problems.) This tells the national media where they will be SAFE. As long as they stay in the SAFE zone, they can count on good ACCESS and renewed LICENSES.

3. Deepstate steers national media back into the SAFE zone when they stray. First using gentle persuasion, cutting off ACCESS to sources or cutting off defense contracts for sponsors. If that’s not enough, revoke broadcast LICENSES or pull blackmail dossiers.

= = = = =

The inflation concern has a numerical aspect as well. Actual inflation has been around 8% since 2015 at least. Officially defined inflation remained near zero for most of that time, until this year when the Official Number was suddenly jumped up to 8% while the real number is 15%.

Faking numbers to create and eliminate Concerns also began in the ’50s, and was also noticed by Edwards. Government stats in the ’30s were honest.

The biggest fake of all, of course, is CASES. This is a new style of fakery. Economic numbers are faked by excluding categories, as in unemployment vs workforce, or by reinterpreting abstract nonsense as numbers, as in Hedonic Adjustment. CASES are faked by redefining the entire concept of health. Before 2020, illness was measured by the number of people who felt ill and went to a doctor. Now we’re testing everyone all the time (with fake “tests”) to spot the Official Witchcraft “virus”. Nearly all of these CASES are people who don’t even know they have a “virus” or an “illness”. Our immune system is handling all of the microbes for us. Real illness happens when the immune system is overwhelmed or weak, not when a microbe is present.


This is undoubtedly the literal endpoint of the CASES fakery. Psychopaths have an urgent burning need to obliterate the universe.

Nice graph of Real Value

A beautiful graph from a 1939 book on radio advertising.

Verifies yet again the correct picture of the Depression, which is almost always misstated by ShareValue commentators. The boom of the ’20s ran up beyond the realistic capacity of the economy. The collapse from ’29 to ’33 brought the economy down to where it should be, plus an overshoot in some areas. After that, things started to grow at a realistic pace again, thanks to FDR’s restoration of USEFUL WORK.

There’s a more important distinction inside this graph. In the ShareValue world we only discuss selling. When we analyze real estate or cars, we NEVER mention the majority of the population who buy things to USE. All of our talk is about SPECULATIVE INCREASE for selling. We do the same with bonds and stocks. In earlier decades people bought bonds and stocks solely for the interest or dividends. Both of these ‘appliances’ were meant to be USED AND ENJOYED, not SOLD. Now all of the discussion and math is about speculative sale value, which treats the LEAST USEFUL ‘appliances’ as the best. In a real economy, a bond with zero interest, like a car that doesn’t run, is worthless. In ShareValue, a bond with zero interest is the most valuable.

The graph clearly distinguishes sellable from non-sellable items. Cars are sellable, and in most cities cars were a luxury. Streetcars and commuter trains and buses were everywhere. Telephones were a fairly expensive luxury, so the people who couldn’t really afford a phone in the real economy gave it up.

Other items, radios, vacuums, irons and washers, were hard to sell and hard to give up. Obviously the book’s author was interested in the steady increase of radios.

The modern focus on INCREASE OF SALE PRICE factors out the REAL PURPOSE of buying and owning things. All of our economic stats intentionally reverse REAL VALUE.

= = = = = START REPRINT:

Basic problem: When money creation happens automatically at the moment of making a LOAN, people who are attempting to run their lives and businesses by thrift, without borrowing, are completely ignored.


REAL VALUE comes from REAL LABOR. Turning raw materials and components into a useful product, or cultivating crops and livestock, or arranging and advertising products for easier purchase.

Money creation at the point of lending doesn’t even begin to recognize any of these activities. A business that makes or sells things WITHOUT BORROWING FIRST is not recognized as creating value. In the Western system, EVERY loan, whether it goes toward real production or gambling or stock manipulation, is recognized as creating value.

The current system treats DESTROYED VALUE as an increase, and completely ignores CREATED VALUE. Perfectly backwards.

Before 1975 the distinction didn’t matter quite as much, because many loans went directly toward creating value. Building new factories, improving productivity, redecorating a store. Now that the vast majority of loans are strictly criminal, serving to MURDER real business and expand the already infinite fake “wealth” of the robber barons, the distinction matters.

The alternatives are Sharia and Soviet.

Sharia, when applied properly, should create money exactly when value increases. Unfortunately there is no proper Sharia in the current Muslim world. According to this article, modern sharia banks don’t create money differently, but do try to prohibit loans that serve speculation. Might achieve the same goal, but doesn’t solve the basic problem.

Unsurprisingly, the Soviet system AS ACTUALLY APPLIED got it right. From this clearly written article:

First, Gosbank had no discretion over the quantity of money. Its money-creation activity like its credit activity was entirely passive, arising as a byproduct of the production plan.

When a farm delivered its milk output, it would obtain a document from the cheese factory verifying that the latter had received its milk input. The document was then turned over to Gosbank, which credited the farm’s account according to the value of the milk delivered, and debited the cheese factory’s account by the same value.

Likewise, after the cheese was produced and shipped to the State food store, the cheese factory obtained a document verifying its delivery of cheese. Again, the document was turned over to Gosbank, which this time credited the cheese factory’s account and debited the store’s account. Finally, when households purchased the cheese with cash, the State store deposited its cash receipts with Gosbank and was given a credit of equal value.

With this simple example, we can see how every transfer of physical output from one location to another, and every bit of value added in production, was mirrored by an associated financial transfer through Gosbank.

I don’t know if Marx designed it this way, but this was the reality.

= = = = = END REPRINT.

Remembering what caused me to start thinking about this reversal. Around 2012, after tossing the TV, I gradually eliminated partisan talk radio. I ended up with the local ‘money talk’ radio station, which was lively enough for background noise but not egregiously political. Ray Lucia, the network’s chief talker, often discussed strategies of decumulating after retirement. Which assets should you sell first and which should you postpone? Lucia firmly recommended selling the most solid and reliable assets, like treasury bonds, FIRST. Keep the speculative crap because it’s “guaranteed to increase” way beyond the interest on the bonds. This struck me as crazy.

Cancelling is hardly new

Among the scattered preserves of OTR is one 1954 Mutual news broadcast by Frank Edwards, at KFWB in Los Angeles.

Edwards made a point of NOT insulting the audience. He was clearly trying to tell the truth as he saw it, and understood that normal people are also capable of seeing the truth.

In discussing unemployment stats, he mentioned that the official unemployment was considerably lower than real unemployment because a huge number of job seekers are automatically dropped from the rolls every week. “But you already knew that.”

Public health officials were distributing gamma globulin to help in the fight against polio, “though no evidence shows that gamma globulin helps. Well, if it doesn’t help against polio, it does help the company that sells the compound.”

Can you imagine a modern newsman saying that about muzzles and lockdowns and mRNA “vaccines”? Not even worth asking.

I wasn’t familiar with Edwards, so looked him up. His Mutual news was sponsored by AFL, and he was fired in 1954 because he was giving too much positive attention to CIO.

Broadcast Magazine tells a more detailed story. Reading between the lines: George Meany of AFL simply disliked Edwards, and made some sudden contract changes, knowing Edwards couldn’t go along with the changes.***

Edwards moved to local stations and focused more on scientific oddities like flying saucers, continuing to tell the truth as he saw it.

Was this his last network broadcast? That would explain why it was preserved. It includes a positive item about AFL and no mentions of CIO, so this wasn’t the immediate trigger.

= = = = =

See also Don Hollenbeck, another truth-loving newsman who was lethally cancelled by Deepstate in the same year. Edwards was lucky to be fired by a sponsor, not killed by CIA. Radio was a fast-moving business at that time, and sudden firings were common. Edwards regained his balance and found his niche.

= = = = =

** Footnote: Gamma globulin did work to some extent, and there was evidence, but the evidence was not “scientific” because good parents who wanted their kids to be healthy messed up the “scientific” trials. In hindsight Edwards was wrong about this, but the facts were not publicly available in 1954. His conclusion was valid from available facts.

= = = = =

*** Footnote 2: Edwards later said that Meany wasn’t the culprit. The Air Force was pissed at Edwards for the UFO stuff, and they extorted Meany by threatening to move defense contracts to non-union companies.

Economics as a verb (reprint)

Reprint from 2012.

= = = = =

In any area you examine, our current idiocy stems from the fallacy of reification. In some cases we think of a word as being reality; in others we think of a number as being reality; in others we think of an arbitrary unit of measure as being reality.

Word: In all aspects of politics we’ve lost the reality of offering different sets of actions. We no longer have a tension between opposing parties pulling in opposite directions. Both “parties” pull in the same direction, loyally following Wall Street’s commands; and both “parties” have fierce “robust debates” about sets of words and slogans that have zero connection to reality. [Nice example today. NPR interviewed some voters in Ohio. The Romney voters all wanted Romney “because he talks about God.” Not because he will do anything different; just because he includes one fucking word in his randomly spouted sloganmix.]

Number: Quantum “physics” has abandoned all contact with reality. New “discoveries” are terms in complex equations. We spend billions on machines that force protons into completely unnatural conditions, in order to “prove” the “existence” of these numbers in equations. The machines can’t tell us anything about nature, because their exact job is to create a situation that never occurs in nature. And of course climate “science” doesn’t even bother to build machines for counternatural experiments. It just plays with numbers and requires mass murder to decrease one particular number.

[2022 addendum: Likewise with “virus” “science”.]

Unit of measure: We get locked into booms and busts, inflations and deflations, because we forget that our measuring unit is only a measure. In Alan Watts’s famous metaphor, a carpenter wouldn’t stop work because he “ran out of inches”, so we shouldn’t stop work because we “ran out of dollars” or “ran out of liquidity”.

Modern bankers have developed a monstrous structure of pure units depending on other pure units depending on other pure units, losing all possible contact with any actual underlying value. Options are literally and explicitly bets on the value of numbers, identical to the operation of a football pool. The difference, of course, is that we don’t force nations to collapse when a football pool gets too large. We force nations to collapse when an option pool gets too large.

= = = = =

At its origin, economics seemed to understand this distinction. Early Catholic and Islamic thinkers saw labor as the key component of value. Islam went farther, declaring that any attempt to place value on abstract numbers (i.e. paying interest) is a sort of idolatry.

I’m proposing one more step. Treat everything, animate or inanimate, carpenter or car, as activities instead of things. Treat everything as a source of labor. Why is a carpenter worth money? Because he works for you, doing things you can’t or won’t do. Why is a car worth money? Because it works for you, doing things you can’t or won’t do.

= = = = =

This would not lead to a different set of economic equations. Instead, it would simply eliminate the whole fraudulent notion that you can condense human behavior into a closed-form equation.

= = = = =

I can imagine a few specific consequences at the moment:

(1) Delegitimize statistics. Don’t use stats for any important purpose. Stats are designed to remove the time element and the relational element, leading to all sorts of evil thinking. Wave-type analysis represents the verbs of reality much better, but still doesn’t capture the transitivity of verbs.

(2) Delegitimize idolatry of numbers. If you want to bet on something, you should do it in a clearly illegitimate environment. Currently we have a weird disjunction between two rackets: Betting on numbers related to stocks is run by the NYC Mafia, with total governmental approval and assistance. Betting on numbers related to sports is run by other Mafias with no pretense of legitimacy. Under the present system, if you lose your shirt betting on stock numbers, Ben ‘Bugsy’ Bernanke will make up your losses and give you a few trillion as reward; but if you lose your shirt betting on horse numbers, Guido ‘Lefty’ Salvatore or Ernest ‘Two Dogs’ Runs-with-bear will break your legs. We should put Lefty and Two Dogs in charge of stock-based betting as well. Much more efficient and honest.

(3) In foreign trade, treat labor and stuff on the same plane. Impose tariffs on stuff that comes from China, AND impose tariffs on labor performed in India, AND impose tariffs on laborers brought in from Mexico.

(4) In general try to think like Nature. Nature loves negative feedback and decentralized operation. In shaping an economy, encourage closed loops and discourage loopless control. Encourage direct ownership of companies, discourage shareholder ownership. Follow Henry Ford, “Pay workers enough to buy what they make.” Discourage outsourcing of labor and capital. Encourage smaller units with minimal coupling. Discourage giant corporations and giant governments.

= = = = =

There’s no such thing as matter, no such thing as particles. It’s all energy and waves. It’s all work, and we should value it accordingly. Furniture consists of the photosynthetic labor of trees, improved by the intelligent labor of humans; and furniture serves us with its own labor by giving us rest or helping us to cook. We should value it highly. Stocks and derivatives and “swaps” are pure numbers. We should consider them worthless and counterfeit, and punish anyone who attempts to use them.

= = = = =

More on the subject here.

Still more Zenith musings

The Zenith memory pulled me back into those first few months after release from prison.

I was appreciating freedom, but I was starting out on the wrong track AGAIN.

What was the wrong track? COLLEGE, and especially college courses in physics and math. College drove me crazy, drove me into hopeless depression which led inevitably to jail.

What was the right track? Printing and typesetting, which would have led to editing. Or any career using language skills, not math skills.

I can forgive the wrong choice immediately after high school, because there was NO information or guidance available in the correct direction. Culture and parents and friends and mentors were all pushing toward a degree in physics. The wrong choice after prison was not forgivable. At that point I knew what had happened, and should have tried a different path.

Those first few months of Zenith-flavored freedom were spent in an apartment in Stillwater, attempting to resume a physics degree from OSU. I hated it AGAIN, couldn’t grasp the theories or the PURPOSES of physics. I dropped out after a couple months and returned home in disgrace and depression AGAIN. After a month of moping around, my father got pissed and ordered me to go out and get a job, any old job.


I got a job as delivery boy at Cromwells in Enid, and soon learned typesetting and then offset printing. None of these subjects had been covered in college, but I had a real talent for spelling and grammar and fonts.

The old pressure was still there, from parents and friends and culture and mentors. Get back in school! So I did AGAIN, and quit Cromwells in the middle of mastering THE PROPER CAREER.

= = = = =

Here’s a reprint that appeared by chance in the blogstats today. A random reader was looking at this item for an unknown reason, probably geographical.

From 2009:

= = = = = START REPRINT:

Every day in science-oriented news we hear of a new study showing that some tendency, from honesty to obesity to (of course) breast cancer is partly determined by heredity. These studies are not needed. Pure waste. We ALREADY KNOW DAMN WELL that every human tendency, taste and talent is roughly half innate and half learned.

Studying each tendency on its own is like carefully examining every dog in the world and saying “This one appears to have four legs. And this one appears to have four legs. And this spotted one seems to have four legs. Surprisingly, this small one with big eyes also appears to have four legs. Amazingly, this big brown one seems to have four legs. Wowie zowie! I think this scruffy one has four legs as well! Will wonders never cease?”

The only thing these “studies” prove is that scientists are still hopelessly ensnared and stupefied by Leninist egalitarianism.

Finally we have one study with a truly new, surprising and crucially useful finding about heredity.

In short:

Intelligence depends MORE on genes and LESS on training as you get older.

From the brief article in New Supersitionist:

Previous studies have shown that variations in intelligence are at least partly due to genetics. To find out whether this genetic contribution varies with age, Plomin’s team pooled data from six separate studies carried out in the US, the UK, Australia and the Netherlands, involving a total of 11,000 pairs of twins.

In these studies, the researchers tested twins on reasoning, logic and arithmetic to measure a quantity called general cognitive ability, or “g”. Each study also included both identical twins, who have the same genes, and fraternal twins, who share about half their genes, making it possible to disentangle the contributions of genes and environment to their g scores.

Plomin’s team calculated that in childhood, genes account for about 41 per cent of the variation in intelligence. In adolescence, this rose to 55 per cent; by young adulthood, it was 66 per cent.

This is certainly counter-intuitive. On Nature vs Nurture I’m hard-line Nature, but I also know a thing or two about neurons. Thus I’d always assumed that differing experiences shape your ability to learn in different ways. Use more language neurons, grow more language pathways. Use more number neurons, grow more number pathways. If identical twin Bob is doing more mental work than Bill, Bob should grow more pathways overall, and Bob’s intelligence should increase more than Bill’s, even though they started with the same brain.

Apparently the surprising result is still unexplained. Since the study pools information from several countries, you can’t implicate one cultural milieu or one educational system.

And then the researchers claw their way out of egalitarianism for a moment to reach some valid conclusions for education:

Plomin suggests that genetic differences may be more accentuated if all children share an identical curriculum instead of it being tailored to a child’s natural abilities. “My inclination would be to give everyone a good education, but put more effort into the lower end,” he says.

Yes! Yes! Tailor to natural abilities! Yes! Can we spell apprentice?

This finding also settles the “puzzling” question of why black students seem to do well enough until 4th grade, then fall farther behind in higher grades.

If we were really serious about serving our black population (and half of the Caucasians) we’d quit trying to educate everyone to compete with the Chinese, because THAT WILL NOT WORK. IT IS PHYSICALLY AND GENETICALLY IMPOSSIBLE. Abstract intelligence has NEVER been America’s strong point, as Polistra has discussed in detail.

Until we return to our previous accurate reckoning of our comparative strengths and weaknesses, we will continue to get weaker and weaker.

If we want to regain our power, we should put all of our resources into rebuilding American heavy industry and cut all ties with China and India. Call it the Second War of Independence. Yes, it would cost a lot to buy out China’s bonds, but we’re currently throwing trillions down the drain to stay enslaved to China!
= = = = = END REPRINT.

Including India with China was probably inaccurate, but the rest still holds water.

Sort of halfway self-solving

Wolf’s latest item about credit includes some disheartening stats. Earlier it appeared that Americans were taking advantage of the Federal blood money to reduce their credit card debt. Now they’re doing the opposite.

Wolf also includes a simple chart of college debt. Unlike most graphs that go exponential under the demonic influence of the exponential government, this one just goes up smoothly in a straight line from 2005 to present. Wolf mentions that college enrollment has been going down, which is generally known.

Well, how much and when? Stats from the Fed Dept of Ed:

I have zero Excel skills, so my graphs are crappy. This runs from 1995 to present, and the peak is 2010. Since 2010 more people have been figuring out that college is a total waste. Not nearly enough yet, but an encouraging trend of sanity. But debt is going up linearly, which means the shrinking college population is borrowing more per capita.

How about tenure? This one is more complicated. Percent of all colleges with tenure went down beautifully from ’93 to 2010, then rebounded partway. Dept of Ed says this is related to growth of profit-making useful colleges in the first half. The Dept cracked down on useful training schools in 2010, so the rigidly theoretical universities became a larger part of the total again. Though the Dept website doesn’t say so, the enrollment graph might reflect the same change because it has the same switch in 2010. If the increase was mainly in the useful training schools, the total would decline as those schools were closed.

This graph is percent of all faculty with tenure. Here we finally see a steadily positive trend, as even the theoretical universities are trying to reduce costs by hiring adjuncts and part-timers.

Supply and demand will solve many problems if the government doesn’t step in to UNsolve the problem.

Reviewing Aberree, part 2/7

Before 1700 there wasn’t a distinction between astrology and astronomy. Stargazers with or without telescopes were doing serious observation and real math and real geometry to determine God’s will. This purpose was especially dominant in Islam, the most scientific religion. Stargazers were seeking long-term patterns that were reflected in human lives and human civilizations. They found many such patterns.

The Age of Endarkenment forced all “science” into a secular and purposeless mold with Random replacing God. The split was already evident in the disputes around Galileo and Bruno. We think of the dispute in terms of mathematical centers, which wasn’t the real argument. Geocentric versus heliocentric is NOT a question of right vs wrong, it’s just a question of convenience. One center works better for some calculations, the other works better for others.

The real dispute was between PURPOSEFUL astronomy vs PURPOSELESS astronomy. The PURPOSEFUL branch, which had been offering guidance to people and rulers, lost the battle for Expert Credentials, and eventually decayed into an oversimplified reliance on the Zodiac, which has the flavor of a false flag.

Modern dissidents often get sucked into Deepstate’s false flags that trivialize and stupidize their real concerns.

If the PURPOSEFUL branch of stargazing had continued to develop as a living discipline instead of a flattened triviality, we’d have much better guidance for real decisions. The stargazers would have expanded into observing patterns in the magnetosphere and radiosphere, and would have paralleled those patterns with weather and civilization patterns.

The same split gave us “global warming”. The credentialed experts MEMORYHOLED all previous knowledge of long-term patterns. We are not allowed to look at magnetic field changes. Only the official secular explanations via CO2 and Trump Cooties are allowed.

And now the same split gives us Holocaust Science that EXPLICITLY MEMORYHOLES all knowledge of the long-term patterns of immunity and the natural trends of viruses. We must assume that immune systems never existed, in order to place ALL reliance on the murderers who switch their rationales and procedures every two weeks.

= = = = =

Among all these similar deletions of PURPOSE and GOD and TIME and PATTERN from science, astrology was the first.

Since we’re back in 1000 now, we need to recapture and reanimate the tools that served ordinary people in 1000.

Alphia Hart had written or featured some articles on the theme. Hart tried to favor genuinely unconventional views derived from objective or subjective Nature, avoiding the false flags of his era. He didn’t always succeed, but he did a better job than anyone else.

This remarkably sane and perceptive article was written by Burt Essex. I’ve cut it down some.

Astrology has been a makeshift science. It has hobbled along on less than half its required factors for centuries, and to this day carries with it the assorted crutches and props devised thru the years to shore up its shaky foundations. The foundation has been there all along but much of it undetected, and the house of astrology has meanwhile strayed off into thin air.

As practiced by the Babylonians and Egyptians, it was already thousands of years in decadence, which is the opinion of our most outstanding archeologists based on the ceiling drawings in the tombs of Seti and Senmut, and with the many years of study I have devoted to the subject, I heartily agree.

Back in the time of the Babylonians and Egyptians, and up until only 400 years ago, only five planets in the solar system were known and used in astrological computations. We now have nine sighted planets and two more are tightly computed by this writer after 25 years of patient observation.

There are 12 divisions of the zodiac, with 12 discernible patterns of human behavior. Stop and think what would happen to an equation in algebra or trigonometry if 12 factors were necessary to arrive at an accurate solution and you had only five or six, or maybe seven, factors. To be sure, you might get an answer but it most certainly would not be more than mishmash and a virtually worthless solution.

This is exactly the position astrology has been in for the last 4,000 years. Those who studied the effects of the planets that were known found there was a correlation in human affairs, but for lack of all the basic factors, namely, all the planets of the solar system, their resulting analyses could only be guesses colored by the general knowledge of the one attempting astrology without all the factors necessary to arrive at accurate analyses quickly fell into the hands of mystics and promoters of various religions. The Bible is loaded with allusions to astrological data. Down thru the centuries this decadent astrology was used as a prop for religion and has so confused people that it is now virtually impossible to separate astrology from religious or, worse, socalled ‘spiritual’ connotations. Another contributing factor is that religion usually tries to imbue into its adherents the trust in their particular concept of God (or gods) to guide them in everyday affairs.

Astrology, with its seven (and even now with nine) planets, has also purported to give guidance to its devotees. This places the person exposed to both in a dilemma. The Church has solved this several times by banishing astrology, with justification. The astrologer today, with nine planets, can give some guidance of value in a broad and general way. The individual seeking such guidance, however, should be reminded that the details and daily decisions must be made from inner guidance.

It is from failure that the truly great things in one’s life are learned, and not by asking an astrologer for a life program that would include trivialities such as when to have one’s hair done. It is before the undertaking of action that is to have long-range effect, e. g. the conceiving of a child, the beginning of a corporation, the forming of a partnership, business or marital, that astrology is of great value as by this means one can look ahead at future possibilities before casting the die.

Says it all. I’d only add the other “variables” outside the visual spectrum, like magnetic and electrostatic fields.

Reviewing Aberree, part 7/7

Aberree on experiential education.

= = = = = START REPRINT:

Alphia Hart constantly recommended examining your own ideas, but he didn’t always succeed in examining his own. Along with a preponderance of powerfully original and unique thoughts, he sometimes let out a standard “liberal” thought, as in this 1957 editorial….

In this case the expectors were right and Hart was wrong. Professional criminals CAN be expected to commit more crimes. At that time medical and actuarial statistics were good predictors because the profits of insurers and hospitals depended on good prediction. Now, of course, the profit motive no longer exists and sanity is LONG gone from penal policy and medical policy, so stats are no longer reliable.

Hart didn’t seem to have much contact with the shady end of society (which may explain why my social circle didn’t overlap his!) so he wouldn’t have a lot of experience with pro criminals.

He did have direct experience with the A-bomb. He did his WW2 service as a journalist for the Air Force, writing training films and press releases. He was one of the few journalists who directly witnessed and photographed the Bikini atomic test.

Thus his thoughts about bombs are informed by experience:

My experience vs idiocy pattern is the exact opposite. I had early and direct experience with professional criminals, but no experience of bombs or war. So I was able to embrace globalist wars with enthusiasm until I unplugged the TV and started thinking; but I was never susceptible to globalist lies about prison and criminals.

Less delicately: When you’ve had criminals up your ass, you develop immunity to globalist lies about criminals. When you’ve had A-bombs up your ass, you develop immunity to globalist lies about bombs.


= = = = =

Hart’s theory about synchronous hate influencing weather was fanciful at the time, but three separate developments in knowledge and technology make it more plausible now.

1. Neurology is getting a better picture of how the brain works. It’s not digital and it’s not separate filing cabinets. Nothing is static, everything is flowing. Think of one million people watching Miss Anderson Cooper screeching up RUSSIANAGGRESSION RUSSIANMEDDLING RUSSIANHACKING. Inside each of those one million viewers, one billion** synapses are firing off transient electrical impulses in synchrony.

2. Since 1957 TV has grown infinitely more expert at synchronizing with brain patterns. The six-second rhythm phase-locks large portions of your brain to the visual and audial input.

3. Meteorology and bacteriology are converging on one BIG AND CONSEQUENTIAL set of facts. Bacteria shape clouds and ocean currents, and bacteria respond to electromagnetic fields.

You don’t need metaphysics or ‘butterfly-chaos’ stuff. You’ve got an evil intentionally phase-locked driving force mechanically leveraging 10^15 synapses in perfect synchrony, and you’ve got uncountable numbers of bacteria capable of sensing a massive electromagnetic field. The connection isn’t definite but it’s damned plausible.

= = = = = END REPRINT.

I’ve been exploring those magnetic fields and influences in 2021.

Electrotherapy again, soothing (part 3/3)

The Vreeland was a smooth oscillator, but it also had a digital rheostat or current control on the left side. This was not active during therapy; it was set once and left alone.

Here’s a clearer picture of the same digital rheostat in use with a forge:

= = = = =

Jerky current control was just as bad as jerky oscillation, when the current controller had to be moved during therapy.

Water rheostats became popular in the 1800s for two important reasons. First, water can’t be burned. It can boil off, but steam tech had mastered the materials and techniques of keeping water refilled. Second, water is perfectly smooth and analog. Most heavy current controllers, then AND now, are digital, with a switch selecting big resistors of different sizes, or switching in more windings on a motor.

Water rheostats were often used in situations where smooth control of HEAVY current was needed. Here Happystar is regulating the current to a Cottrell dust collector as Polistra watches for just the right level of performance.

Pure water has a high resistance, and changing the amount of water between the two conductors changes the total resistance smoothly.

Water resistors were popular in electrotherapy devices. This is the Lockey coil, just a buzzer and induction coil to provide a high-voltage charge, plus a manually variable water rheostat to control the output.

The Lockey was then extended to the ultimate use of a water rheostat. The Enallax-Ohm was a programmable and smooth variable current source. The water rheostat was driven gradually up and down by a clockwork mechanism that could be set for various speeds and deltas.

Here Polistra is getting some slow and smooth muscle exercise, to strengthen a muscle after long disuse.

= = = = =

Another source of soothing and smoothing is warmth. I’m highly aware of this modality after shoveling and deicing the sidewalk. The sun finally popped out of the clouds just now, and I let it bathe and saturate my tense neck.

The Oudin was an induction machine designed to generate higher frequencies. Those higher frequencies turned out to be the most useful and universal form of electrotherapy.

The Oudin’s high frequency output led to a discovery. Higher freqs can penetrate tissue, making it possible to heat up a tense muscle, or create a localized internal fever to burn up microbes.

The simplest way to get controlled heat is with steam radiators or simple resistance heaters inside a box. This device is familiar from old cartoons of weight-reducing salons. (Was it really used that way? I doubt it.)

High frequency sources based on the Oudin self-induction coil became hugely popular for many decades. This diathermy machine is working on a stiff knee joint:

In the 1920s diathermy machines, for medical and industrial heating, outnumbered radio stations. A history of the first station in Oregon tells us: Diathermy machines were another constant irritation, and owners of these were ever in conflict with radio listeners.

Better tuning and frequency allocation solved the interference problem. Later diathermy moved up into the microwave range, and now nearly every house has a diathermy machine, used primarily to heat food.