Cited by Batya:

“The most reliable cure for confirmation bias is interaction with people who don’t share your beliefs. They confront you with counterevidence and counterargument.”


This is the same stupid myth as “robust debate” or “academic freedom”.

Interaction is the solution, but CONFRONTATION is NOT part of the solution.

When you WORK with people of different types and beliefs on a SHARED PROJECT with a SHARED GOAL, the different types simply don’t enter into the picture. There is no confrontation, no counterevidence, no counterargument, no counternothing. All of that countershit fades into the background when everyone is MAKING THINGS or SERVING the same purpose.

Our problem is that we have stopped MAKING THINGS and deleted all SHARED PROJECTS, including military conscription.


Da capo al fine.

My very first thought about the “virus” hoaxocaust is turning out to be correct, after two years of wobbling and waffling. For a long time I assumed there was an actual virus but not an epidemic. Then I applied Ockham and settled into the total hoax hypothesis, but ignored the discussions about China because they looked like false flags.

Here’s what I wrote on Jan 25, 2020:

= = = = = START REPRINT:

If I had to make a hypothesis, I’d say Wuhan was brewing some kind of rebellion, and China’s government decided it was time to shut the province down. Note this headline.

USA found the panic convenient as another way to sanction China.

We should have been sanctioning US CORPORATIONS who chose to send their jobs to China. Instead, we let the corporations steal our jobs and skills, and then the corporations let China steal their factories. Pretty good deal for China. Sanctions now are just a shakedown, Trump’s way of getting concessions for his favorite corporations.

= = = = = END REPRINT.

Finally, after two years of worldwide holocaust, ruining EVERY SINGLE HUMAN LIFE IN THE WHOLE WORLD, the original purpose is coming to the surface again.

It’s just a battle between Xi and Jiang. That’s the whole story. China is fighting real cases of Jiangism, not imaginary cases of an imaginary “virus”.

This still doesn’t explain why the rest of the world’s demons seized the opportunity to permanently ruin their own countries. The unison pattern was rehearsed in 2019 by Event 201. Maybe the “cases” represent a different contagion in each country. Trumpism or LePenism. The common denominator is fun and profit. Joyous fun and orgasms for the psychopathic rulers and demonic Public Death Authorities, and infinite profit for Bezos.

Focusing on one question…

One of the Thiel questions in previous item is:

8. Normal people want security. Criminals want freedom.

The standard line, of course, misquotes Ben Franklin. Ben didn’t say it; an author published by Ben’s printery said it.

The question deserves renewed attention in the “virus” era. The “alternative” spokesmen, some of whom may be Agents Provocateurs, constantly misquote old Ben to tell us that we should fight for freedom against the security-loving muzzle-loving lucite-loving lockdown-loving Deepstaters.

In the first place, you can’t change human nature. The vast majority of people are DESIGNED to be servants and employees, not leaders. Most people NEED to serve their families and serve an employer by making things. Telling them to resist instead of serve simply won’t get anywhere, and I’m pretty sure the Agents Provocateurs know this.

In the second place, fighting is EXACTLY WHAT THE DEMONS WANT. Psychopaths are excited into a killing frenzy by a rebellious victim.

In the third place, the Ben-quoters are pivoting on the wrong part of the question.

We don’t need more freedom-loving and demon-exciting criminals. We need to base our security on FACTS instead of LIES.

The problem isn’t our need for security, the problem is Deepstate’s perpetual manipulation of security for demonic purposes. Deepstate persuades us that security from the “witch” or the “Commie A-bomb” or the “virus” or the “Islamoterrorist” requires crackdowns and lockdowns and fear and panic.

Normal people understand real risks accurately when they’re ALLOWED to use their own senses and social circles without Deepstate interventions and injections. Deepstate force-feeds us with fake risks and fake threats, then tells us how we need to “protect” ourselves from these “risks” and “threats”. The “protection” kills us and enriches Bezos.

We’re not trading freedom for security, we’re trading LIFE for DEATH.

It’s pure fraud, pure theft, pure GENOCIDE, pure HOLOCAUST.

Placing a small bet

The flurry of “news” about Elon’s “battle” with Twitter reminded me of my Follies theme. Sometimes a rich man’s toy advances science.

Elon superficially resembles Ned Green, who inherited his evil mother’s criminally acquired fortune and tried to turn it toward enjoyment of science.

The spaceflight competition among Elon and Bezos and Branson also has a similar flavor.

There’s one big difference. The spaceflight competition is NOT advancing science or technology in any way. These three toy-loving rich fuckheads are simply recreating an achievement from 50 years ago. It’s more like an expensive road race of classic cars.

Does Elon intend to turn Twitter into a more open and less censorious platform? Or is he just pumping and dumping to make more money?

Since today is Take A Wild Guess Day, I’ll bet on pumping and dumping. Not a strong bet. Remains to be seen.

Later: A Substack commenter reminded me that Elon’s SpaceX launches communications satellites for NSA. So he’s a fully licensed and registered part of Deepstate, not an “independent” by any definition.

Updating the Thiel questions

Updating the list of Thiel questions again. Sorting into categories and adding two new ‘exclusives’.

The strict question as originally stated:

How would you respond if PayPal co-founder Peter Thiel asked you his favorite interview question: “Tell me something that’s true that almost nobody agrees with you on.”

My sloppy variation is more like true but nobody else knows.

= = = =

First the non-exclusives, viewpoints or bits of knowledge that are publicly available but usually ignored or inverted.

1. Rights vs duties, Paine vs Morris. This strictly fits the Thiel standard, since many others have examined the subject and reached the opposite conclusion.

2. Broadly the whole subject of real-value economics and skill-estate. Specifically the fact that GDP and growth are precisely backwards from real value-added measurements. Leftist economists have approached the question but haven’t hit the specific point.

3. The crucial importance of storage.

4. Georg Ohm’s original idea about heat and electricity turns out to be more correct than the usual metaphors.

5. Counting votes by hand isn’t slow. In practice it beats electronic counting. The reason for the Electoral College was to make cheating easier, not to compensate for “slow” counting. We’re switching to electronic counting of all votes to make cheating easier, not to speed up the count.

6. In 2008 Bernanke ANNOUNCED CLEARLY AND PUBLICLY that he had no intention of helping the economy. QE was solely intended to boost share value, which it did. The Fed wasn’t “clueless” and it didn’t “fail in its mission.” It succeeded MAGNIFICENTLY. This fact is gaining more visibility, but most commentators still assume “clueless”.

7. Eskimos survived a period of melted ice and high sea levels, and told us about it in their legends.

8. Normal people want security. Criminals want freedom. This is the least exclusive of the list. Populist commentators often get close but miss the second part.

9. During FDR’s time, American media were NON-INTERVENTIONIST and pushed NEUTRALITY. Most people think we’ve always been warlike and aggressive.

= = = = =

Then the exclusives. As far as I can tell, nobody else has ever written about these.

1. Hubbard’s E-Meter. I examined the original schematic and noticed that it’s not a passive meter but an active stimulator. Then I built the original schematic and proved it painfully.

2. An accurate understanding of the anti-SOUTHERN-slavery settlers in Kansas. They were sent by Northern sweatshop owners to expand NORTHERN slavery.

3. The only externally observable evidence of awareness is REM sleep, so vertebrates and cephalopods are the only known and proven owners of consciousness. Others may also be aware, but dreamers are measurable and provable.

4. Not a fact but a plausible hypothesis that works better than the usual. Cooking started with fermented barley, not with grassfires in the Sabertooth Savannah.

5. Math fails to deal with thresholds, which are a vital and universal fact of life in everything from neurons to shrinkflation.

6. Cave Gas. I’ve been modeling these Lost Places for quite a while. Some are rare, but Cave Gas is the only one that nobody else has documented.

7. Debunked the tiresome Tocqueville quote about voters and largesse. (This fits the strict Thiel standard. Everyone else disagrees.)

8. There is a sharp demographic breakpoint at age 46. People who live hard and fast die at 46.

9. Jennings Bryan was a fake Pied Piper like Trump. After pulling his mice into the open where they could be exterminated, Bryan joined the Wilson administration and helped to set up Versailles and the League of Nations. Total betrayal, just like Trump.

10. New addition to the list. Secrecy is not a malignant development by Deepstates. Secrecy is the entire point and purpose of language and math. Closely related: Contrary to conventional idiocy, secrecy is EASY to maintain forever…. which is another way of saying that secrecy is the default.

11. New addition. If you want to leave a legacy, don’t copyright your work. Copyright sometimes brings in more money. Copyright always places your work into the hands of corporations who can destroy it for various reasons. Most of the reasons are ordinary business, not censorship, but destruction is destruction regardless of motive.

12. Later addition, trivial but unique. The architectural and social significance of BEADBOARD. No architectural history fan has touched the topic, and it’s even hard to find mentions of beadboard online. This also connects with screened porches, which are somewhat more widely discussed.


Scientifically speaking, #1 on Hubbard’s E-meter is the best of all by my own standards. It was a genuine physical experiment with genuine physical results, which proved that a universally accepted idea was false. That’s real science, even if the subject is narrow and specialized.

Historically speaking, #2 on the Wokeites who founded Kansas is unquestionably the most important. I had an indirect personal connection with those people. In the ’50s our family lived across the street from the Goodnow farm in Manhattan, and I often played in their property. A descendant of the Goodnow family still lived there at the time. So the Goodnow documents at KSHS had a strong resonance with old stories and culture.

Unique in one way

Random thought.

The UFO phenomenon was a unique conflict of government vs humans.

Normally the government makes up a fake “threat”, calling it an “attack” or “witchcraft” or “commie subversives” or “Islamic terrorists” or a “virus”.

Ordinary people are NOT observing the nonexistent “threat”. The government has to persuade us that the “threat” is real so it can ruin and kill us for sexual pleasure.

With UFOs the balance was reversed. Ordinary people were seeing things that seemed like threats, and the government was trying to persuade us that the things were NOT there.

Most likely the things were government projects, but that’s not relevant to this basic difference.

Revising a conventional guess

In previous item about a strangely primitive tube-based spy rig, I casually dismissed transistors as not ready for prime time. That was true in the early ’50s, but Russian equipment famously stuck with tubes long after transistors were generally reliable and consistent.

Sputnik used submini tubes while our satellites used transistors. Sputnik got there first, which says that tubes were still fully competitive even in small and light equipment.

The conventional reason for the Russian caution is EMP. Supposedly Russia was afraid that we might hit them with a high-altitude nuke.

In reality EMP never happened. Not fucking once. We had plenty of chances to use it, and “terrorists” had plenty of chances to use it. EMP has been a potential (heh) threat for 75 years, and nobody has ever tried it.

Now that I’m more familiar with the capabilities and behaviors of UFOs, maybe it’s time to revise the hypothesis.

Russia was protecting its equipment from UFOs, not from EMP.

There’s plenty of doubt about the origin and ownership of UFOs, but one thing is certain from reliable reports:

UFOs had a powerful electric field.

I’m inclined to believe that UFOs were American, not Martian or Venusian. This would also fit the unique Russian desire for protection. We didn’t need to protect our equipment from our own weapon.

Some observers also measured high radiation readings where UFOs had landed or approached the ground. This measurement is far less definite than the electric field because it was infrequent and lacked baseline comparisons. If the radiation measurements were valid, they would imply that the electric field was generated by fission, just like the alleged EMP.

Was EMP a polite way of saying UFO?


Continuing a vaguely defined theme of obscure and peculiarly clumsy secret equipment.

= = = = = = = = = =

Soviet spies were working in Oklahoma and Kansas in the ’50s, as evident in the correct local pronunciations on their maps. Every city and province has its secret shibboleths, its own tests for You’re Not From Here. A spy who wants to survive needs to be From Here immediately.

Let’s imagine Резидентка Полистра ensconced in an unspecified Okla location:

She’s loyally receiving and sending data to the nearest Center with her Тензор spy rig. (The nearest Center is remarkably near!)

Тензор was designed and built by the Russian division of Sylvania. [Sources disagree on this.] Russia, of course, continued making radios and using tubes long after we stopped using tubes and stopped making anything at all.

Interior view:

The excellent writeup at CryptoMuseum mentions the unexpected English labels. They cite two reasons: Russian labels would give away the game immediately, and spies were usually locals who knew English as first or second language.

= = = = =

Two aspects of this setup are unusually primitive for the ’50s, and seem wrong for a spy rig. But I can’t possibly outthink KGB, so I know they had excellent reasons for each choice. (It’s possible that the seeming wrong itself was part of their brilliance.)

(1) Big metal octal tubes were outdated in portable equipment. Transistors weren’t ready for serious use yet, but Russia made lots of mini and submini tubes. (I own some). Subminis were also available in most target countries. I’m guessing that big COMMON tubes avoided conspicuous consumption. 6J7 and 6L6 were ‘default tubes’, found in most house and car radios. You could buy them in a hardware store or drug store in every town. Subminis were only available through electronics stores in big cities, or through mail-order houses like Allied, which would leave a paper trail.

Good advice for dissidents of all sorts: Try to be a small fish in a big pond. Avoid specialized stores and specialized channels. Even if they’re not provided for you as false flags, small groups are easier to watch than big ‘default’ groups.

(2) Modularity. Radio developed like cars and houses and business machines. All started as a collection of separable modules, then merged inside a streamlined envelope in the ’30s. Exposed tubes were the norm before streamlining, and still a ‘classic symbol’ for tube-loving audiophiles just as free-standing headlights are a ‘classic symbol’ for cars.

A single self-contained transceiver would seem obligatory for a spy who needs to pack up his equipment quickly. These modules fitted into a custom-made travel pack with pouches for each device and antenna and tool, but removing the tubes and taking down the antenna and fitting the modules into the pouches would take a long time.

One possibility: An operating schedule linked at CryptoMuseum instructed the spy to operate in ‘duplex’, transmitting and receiving on separate frequencies. Most transceivers are designed to transmit and receive on the same frequency, with one dial controlling both. Perhaps the separate modules and separate antennas made duplex easier to manage?

= = = = =

Now let’s look at the modules, assisted by HappyRedStar.

= = = = =

The filter box is just a box, no knobs or lights or moving parts. It goes between the power plug and the rig’s own power supply. No fun for me to model and animate, but it shows plenty of design savvy. It contains a series of hefty RC filters to block transients in both directions.

Line filters are normal on ham equipment to spare your hearing from the buzz of the neighbor’s washing machine and to spare the neighbor’s TV from your keying.

In this case there’s a more important purpose for the backwash filter. Mains power systems are communication systems. Smart meters are NOT NEW. Power companies have been modulating the AC with their own Morse and data signals for 100 years. If they heard Morse in a neighborhood with no known and licensed hams, they might start investigating.

= = = = =

The power supply is uniquely flexible. It contains a multi-tap transformer. A rotary switch on the front selects taps for a wide range of input voltages. Presumably the blank tap is the OFF choice, though not labeled. The output provides filament and plate voltages for both receiver and transmitter. The transmit/receive switch, a standard and necessary part of every station, is on the power supply. It trades only the plate voltages, leaving the filaments on all the time. The power supply also has a high/low voltage switch for the transmitter, so you can send at high or low power when needed. The available schematic is for an earlier version with only two tubes. Each is connected as a halfwave, and the second looks like a voltage doubler for the transmitter.

= = = = =

The receiver has three identical 6J7 pentodes, inside the case unlike the other modules. The first is an RF amp with untuned input. The second is a regenerative detector, and the third is the audio amp. Regen seems an odd choice for a spy receiver, since a regen transmits on its tuned frequency. Regens were famous for interfering with neighbors. You can turn down the regen control so it’s effectively a TRF, but then you would lose sensitivity and lose the BFO. There’s no separate volume control on the audio stage.

The tuning dial is unique. It moves through a full circle and has two separate bands, which are automatically switched when the dial passes the halfway point. (The full circle might imply a butterfly capacitor? Not visible in the pictures.) A fine-tuning knob is on the left, but it’s not a separate capacitor, just a reduction gear for the main dial. Earphones are connected through separate pins for each wire, another ancient feature. Tip-ring phone plugs were standard by 1930.

= = = = =

The transmitter is straightforward and simple, with one odd exception. A crystal oscillator drives a single stage of amplification, with LC tuning on both stages. The key interrupts the cathode of the amplifier stage. Instead of meters, each stage has a neon lamp to tune for maximum brightness. The oddity is a switch on the front that puts the second lamp in the primary or secondary of the plate tank. In the secondary the lamp would be viewing antenna resonance. Why the switch? Three lamps would be cheaper and less scratchy than two lamps and a switch.

= = = = =

The antenna matcher / reel is another ancient leftover. It’s a wooden frame with a slide inductor inside. Slide inductors were typical of early crystal radios. The spy would wrap the transmitting antenna around the wooden frame for storage or travel, and would use the slide inductor to tune when the lamp switch was set to Antenna.

The rig covers the usual SW ham and broadcast range, 80 to 20 meters. The linked operating schedule used all the bands at appropriate times and seasons. Max power was about 25 watts, which could span the world on the right band with the right skip conditions. More reliably, 25 watts would travel about 100 miles. So the Centers would need to be fairly dense. If Резидентка Полистра was in Enid, her Center might have been in OKC or Wichita. This dense distribution strikes me as implausible. I’m inclined to think that the rig was meant for more urban areas like Europe or NYC… but again I shouldn’t underestimate KGB.

The receiving antenna came on another wooden frame without an inductor.

= = = = =

The key is the only ordinary part of the rig. It’s a common Soviet key, and thoroughly familiar to me. I own one and use it daily for a few minutes of code practice along with my kit-built regen receiver. Because it’s instantly recognizable as a Soviet model, it would spoil the ‘native effect’ of the English labels.

= = = = =

** Footnote: The available power supply schematic is for the Mark I version with only two tubes. This version would handle AC but not DC input. Many parts of the world, including most farms and even one section of NYC, were still on DC power in the 1950s. Many home radios were built to handle both AC and DC. Possibly the third tube in the Mark II version served as a vibrator or inverter for DC locations? I can’t find any better schematics or descriptions, so this is an open question.

Fucking idiots

New Satanist has been pushing the Carbon genocide for decades. They got on board the “virus” holocaust with equal demonic frenzy, but “virus” isn’t really their main thrill-kill. They’ve been itching to get back to carbon torture.

Now they’re back, with the same brainless idiotic satanic frenzy.

The world’s biggest facility for removing carbon dioxide directly from the air is running behind schedule in Iceland, after punishing Arctic conditions froze machinery and forced the Swiss company behind it to make modifications. The Climeworks “Orca” plant to the east of Reykjavik is a direct air capture facility, which uses geothermal energy to power fans that funnel air into collector units. Inside, CO2 is heated, piped and stored in basalt rock as calcium carbonate, permanently locking away the carbon. Operations have been ramping up towards the plant’s capacity of removing 4000 tonnes of CO2 a year. But Christoph Beuttler at Climeworks tells New Scientist that this is taking longer than planned. While the team knew Icelandic weather could be extreme, he says the winter just gone was especially harsh, with low temperatures stressing mechanical elements of the machines.

We must pray harder to Gaia! We must build bigger prayer wheels to stop the burning burning furnace! But unfortunately the burning burning furnace is freezing our prayer wheels. More money! More money!

Reprint on scam-spotting

Previous item led to this from last year.

= = = = =

Another where’s the guild question. In this case I’m not really puzzled by the absence of a guild response because I know exactly how and when the guild was subverted and flipped. It happened 20 years ago.

The current “virus” holocaust is based HEAVILY on cheating with software.

The use of software to create and expand a fake crisis began with the Carbon Cult, with Mann’s fake hockey stick models showing exponential increase of CO2 “pollution”.

A more visible example for outsiders was VW’s diesel cheating. Diesel is intrinsically and incurably MORE DIRTY THAN GASOLINE, but the Carbon Cult flipped the comparison and redefined diesel as clean because VW bribed them to flip. VW then used software to fake the numbers. The control computer in each car sensed when the car was connected to an official test rig, and outputted artifically low numbers.

Same thing with the “virus”. Exponential models can’t possibly represent reality because reality is never exponential. Governments use the models because governments want to kill everyone. Software processes the “cases”, and HIPAA prevents us from checking the “cases”. Even if the “cases” were honestly counted, “cases” are THE WRONG FUCKING MEASUREMENT. Just as with diesel vs gasoline, the holocausters have flipped medicine upside down, redefining “cases” as dirty.

The proper MEANING of “cases” isn’t in the models, so we don’t get to hear it.

= = = = =

From a modern perspective it seems obvious that ABSTRACT software makes cheating easier, but this total misuse wasn’t always normal. There was a guild spirit in software that tried to protect the craft from misuse and cheating.

When did it change? 2000. Dotcom. Cheaters took over the biz.

Computing began with the government census, at a time when the government wanted accuracy. From 1890 to 1990 software mainly served corporate accounting. Computers were seen as fancy adding machines, and they were REQUIRED to be strictly honest.

Bookkeepers and their adding machines were the honest end of the system. After the bookkeeper had carefully verified the accuracy of the double-entry ledger, the accountant walked in and arbitrarily moved numbers around to cheat on taxes. This may be unfamiliar to outsiders, but it was standard procedure. You can see the setup powerfully in this Racket Squad episode.

The machine was the honest end, and the human accountant was the criminal.

The dotcommers reversed the paradigm. They used the software itself to create false impressions of their wealth and corporate solidity, then used software to manipulate the market, and had no compunction at all about ruining lives to EXPONENTIALLY increase their wealth.

More specifically, how did software switch in the public mind from an adding machine to an authority, from a fact to a command?

In the Racket Squad episode, the boss tells the bookkeeper to release an arbitrary and dishonest set of numbers. The bookkeeper refuses. Boss says “Are you calling me a liar?” Bookkeeper says “No, but my adding machine doesn’t lie either.” In that situation we can see clearly who’s lying.

The trick seems to be AI. Most people don’t understand that AI is still an adding machine. The AI hype by both commercial and governmental propagandists has persuaded us that AI can make its own decisions independent of human input, while remaining impartial and mechanical.

Can’t have it both ways. The trick conflates the demons who are writing the intentionally bad predictive models with the computer that doesn’t lie. Because the DECISION POWER has been falsely transferred to the computer, we don’t blame the demons who actually DECIDED to write counterfactual and unrealistic math models.

If most people learned math in the context of job-related problems and projects, they would understand the stages of this process better. They’d know that the PROGRAMMER can lie, even if the CPU doesn’t lie.

Huge exception to an old rule

This is a completely trivial criticism of an old obscure TV show, but it seems to be what I need to write today. Maybe there’s a reason, maybe not.

The show was ‘Man of the World’, one of many British James Bond imitators. Other shows in this genre gave us remarkably accurate dramatizations of facts that can’t be shown now, like this absolutely perfect picture of a psychopath.

‘Man of the World’ went the opposite way, with a remarkably stupid depiction of basic scientific method. Every radio and TV detective and cop show, from the ’30s onward, managed an accurate and USEFUL dramatization of scam-spotting methods. Not this one.

This episode was about an attention-seeking father who exploited his daughter’s talents, trying to make her famous as a mindreader. The protagonist was a reporter who was supposedly trying to spot the scam. He consulted a psychiatrist who was supposedly an expert.

Starting here, we see a “controlled” experiment with the daughter inside an isolation booth to avoid sound cues. The father was doing most of the writing and card-picking. Obvious error #1. When you suspect a partner act, you want to exclude one of the partners. Then the psych threw some dice while the father was watching the dice AND FACING THE DAUGHTER. Obvious error #2. Any card-player would recognize this form of cheating. Then the psych wrote some numbers on paper, while hiding the paper itself behind a barrier. But the numbers were huge, involving elbow and shoulder motions that were easy to see. He invited the reporter to write some numbers, and again he wrote huge numbers instead of miniature fingers-only numbers. Obvious error #3.

I’m inclined to assume that old entertainment got the facts of life right, but this is one huge exception to the rule.

Always a thrill

Coral and Jim Lorenzen developed a network of independent UFO observers across USA and South America. Their organization knew what was happening, and thus knew when the media was choosing not to report what was happening.

Immediately after Sputnik a large number of media reports came to the surface, and the media went supernova after Sputnik II (carrying Laika the dog.) Coral knew that the change was mainly in the media, not in the actual frequency of reports. The media clearly wanted to distract us from the Russian success, and needed to associate HORRIBLE UFOs with Russian satellites.

Even so, a couple of highly dramatic incidents happened just after Sputnik II. A huge orange ball was seen by a military installation at Itaipu in Brazil, and a similar orange ball (possibly the same ball) was seen in Levelland, Texas. These objects used their electric fields more aggressively than before, seriously burning two of the soldiers at Itaipu and ‘warming up’ some people in Levelland. Both of these objects also stopped cars and electric power systems.

Coral believed UFOs were from other planets because she grew up under FDR and couldn’t imagine our own government killing its own people for thrills.

She wrote:

Is there a purpose and a pattern? I believe so. A moderate-sized American town “besieged” by an object which stopped traffic. A test to halt panic-stricken flight of the natives when the day of contact comes?

A modern observer who grew up under the post-FDR Deepstate wouldn’t be so sanguine. We’ve seen repeatedly, with increasing frequency and cruelty, that our own government ENJOYS trapping and destroying us.

The tendency was already clear in the ’50s in retrospect. Our Civil Defense program was designed to paralyze us with fear and panic, not to shelter us from real bombs. And now we recognize with horror the BESIEGED CITY, halting panic-stricken flight with lockdowns and lucite and ballgags in all transportation.

The UFOs were clearly part of the experiment, giving a thrill to the demonic experimenters. Imprison the peasants! Stop their cars! Burn them to a crisp! Day of Contact! Orgasm!

= = = = =

Calibration: My own attitude toward Civil Defense was much more sanguine before I tossed the TV and sobered up from the neocon drug.

2005: Please protect us from terrorists! Need more lockdowns!

2011: Civil Defense was formerly sensible but now it’s useless.

2014: It’s always been crap.

Today is…

Today is Chicken Little Awareness Day. Are we aware of the story? Are we attempting to learn from the story?

From the WhatNationalDayIsIt page:

First detected on the 9th of April 2016

The most recent detection of references to Chicken Little Awareness Day was 2 years ago.

38 total tweets.

Nuff said.

This is what he meant

Last month I was puzzled by an unconventional version of a familiar spy tech story. In a 1949 Passing Parade episode, John Nesbitt said:

Again in the late 30s, just before the world blew up again, our country was infested with enemy spies. And yet somehow we had invented a code machine for sending our own messages, which the immense intelligence forces of Hitler failed to figure out. That machine, still I believe a secret, is said to be a sort of thinking machine based upon the human brain.

I’ve been looking around since then, and I think the answer is SIGSALY, patented in 1941 by Bell Tel, using Bell’s recently developed vocoder technology. The patent was kept secret by the Patent Office, and finally declassified and published in 1976.

Previous speech scramblers simply modulated the speech audio with a 2500 cps tone, which made the speech hard to hear but not really incomprehensible. (The voice of Daleks was done with this type of modulation.)

SIGSALY was part analog and part digital. It sampled the incoming speech 50 times a second and did an analog spectral analysis with a bank of 9 filters. The outputs from the filters were then turned into a sequence of digital pulses, more or less like Morse. Each 20 millisecond interval included a count from each of the 9 frequencies. The pulses were turned into an audio pattern using frequency-shift keying.

This sequence would be easy enough to decode if the enemy knew it was a spectrum, but the sequence was then mixed with a pre-recorded sequence of noise before it was sent over phone or radio channels. The noise was the real trick. Every message had a new noise-mix. The SIGSALY crew had created a huge stack of records, each with a different noise pattern. Each record was played exactly once and then destroyed.

The receiving end had copies of the same stack of records, and played them in the same order to demodulate the incoming signal. The pulse counts were then fed into the inverse of the input filter: a set of 9 sine oscillators. A larger pulse count in one frequency segment mixed in a larger proportion of that frequency.

In other words, SIGSALY was an audio equivalent of the classic one-time pad text code.

Several SIGSALY setups were built. One was in the Pentagon serving the US military and the White House. Another was in the basement of Selfridge’s department store in London, serving Churchill. Others were in semi-trailers or ships, but the unit was definitely not portable, and couldn’t be airdropped into a combat zone.

The setup looks more like a radio station than a computer.

Especially the turntables for the one-time audio pads! [Note the supersecret milspec needle-cleaning equipment.]

From the government story:

While the Germans monitored the system, they never succeeded in breaking it. The details of SIGSALY’s technical features remained classified until 1976. The best proof perhaps is a telling 1943 statement by the once successful Deutsche Reichspost on the future possibilities of intercept of high-level Allied communications, “there is not much to be gotten from them now.”

This sounds a lot like Nesbitt’s narrative.

Even better, the spectral analysis system actually did work like a human brain, which wasn’t known in 1941. The hair cells of the cochlea analyze the spectrum of incoming sound and send their relative spectral strengths to the brainstem AS PULSE CODES.

= = = = =

Footnote: The SIGSALY story is yet another disproof of the STUPIDEST STATEMENT IN THE WORLD. What’s the STUPIDEST STATEMENT?

“Secret conspiracies are impossible because large groups can’t keep secrets.”

The parallel Enigma project already disproved the STUPID. Enigma involved about 10000 people in Britain and America. Only the top leaders were professional spies trained and committed and paid for secrecy. All the rest were civilians from academia or business who were called up for the duration and returned to normal life in 1945. ALL of the civilians kept the secret perfectly, until one of the leaders decided to declassify and publish in 1973. The SIGSALY project was smaller, about 1000 civilians, mainly from Bell. They returned to normal life and kept the secret, until one of the leaders declassified in 1976. Huge groups of ordinary non-professional people kept a secret for 30 years with no pay or encouragement. They didn’t even hear about the declassification through official channels, so most of them just stayed silent.