Already answered, but missed a point

Okay, we know that “journalists” have stopped serving any function. That’s tired territory. Batya is covering it thoroughly and usefully.

Purpose-based question: If reporters DO have a real function, the function should be definable in a basic biological way. It should be the same for a beehive or a tribe or a city or a nation.

I answered this question in 2018.

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Every living thing, and every organized colony of living things, has ‘media’.

Why does an individual organism need senses? To answer seven important questions. The first six are universal from bacteria to humans. The seventh is not quite universal.

1. What time is it? Day or night? Winter or summer? Full moon or new? Time to fuck? Time to swarm? Time to die?

2. Where am I? Which way am I going? Up or down? Toward the light? Toward food? Toward enemies? With the magnetic field or against?

3. Where is food?

4. Where is poison?

5. Where are my friends, and what are they doing?

6. Where are my enemies, and what are they doing?

7. The non-universal non-question: Entertainment. This applies for sure to all the ‘intelligent’ critters from octopuses to mammals. When we’re not in immediate survival mode, we love to watch stuff happening. Entertainment merges smoothly into education. Watching somebody else catch a caterpillar or hammer a nail isn’t especially interesting; but when the catch misses or the hammer hits a thumb, it becomes entertainment AND education. Smart design, connecting pleasure to learning.

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Communities or colonies have mechanisms or workers to accomplish the last five purposes on behalf of the whole community. Bees have honey scouts and enemy scouts. Mammals generally send out disposable males to locate food and enemies. Plants and bacteria and modern humans use electrical networks to observe the activities of friends and enemies.

Professional reporters have been around for 5000 years. Most of the sagas and testaments of religions are newspaper archives with the original bylines replaced by God, who is the biggest copyright troll in history. Greece and Rome elevated the role of scout to high literature. Troubadours and town criers continued the mix of art and observation until 1500 AD, when Gutenberg made it possible to shout on paper.

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Circling back to the original question: How do modern paid reporters fulfill the basic purposes of community sensing? (Again the first two purposes are only for individuals.)

3. Where is food? Newspapers and TV carry useful ads for grocery stores, but the reporters aren’t involved.

4. Where is poison? Reporters have specifically inverted this purpose. They warn us LOUDLY of fake poisons [2020: AND FAKE DISEASES] to stir up a war, or to squash one industry and boost another. They never warn us of real toxins, because the reporters are the real toxins.

5. Where are my friends, and what are they doing? TV offers us a complex and addictive array of fictional friends, ruining our expectations for real friends.

6. Where are my enemies? Reporters have specifically inverted this purpose. They warn us LOUDLY of fake enemies to stir up a war, or to squash one tribe and enrich another. They never warn us of real enemies, because the reporters are the real enemies.

7. Entertainment: We get to see plenty of failures, but we’re NOT ALLOWED to learn from them. Any attempt to draw ACCURATE conclusions from stories about crime is forbidden. Sports give us plenty of crashes and failures and injuries, but the whole process is carefully scripted to avoid any useful lessons. When we see a Tesla crash, we’re not allowed to conclude that Teslas are bad. Instead we are required to BUY THE DIP.

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Concluding: In earlier eras the press occasionally performed the DUTY of community senses, but not now. There is no excuse and no defense for the “right” of “press freedom”.

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There is another traditional role for ‘media’ or community sensing mechanisms, which I didn’t think about in 2018. This role has become the ONLY purpose, replacing all others.

8. Carrying COMMANDS from the queen.

In a beehive the commands are carried by pheromones. In traditional cultures, soldiers are often sent to read out dictates from the government. In modern cultures, newspapers and electronic media carry commands. Hitler and Stalin established closed-circuit radio systems which were REQUIRED LISTENING. The web now serves the same purpose. Everyone is carrying a closed-circuit speaker that carries nothing but commands. Some of the commands are disguised as news or science or entertainment.

Statusotopic mapping?

If we start from my unconventional thought that secrecy is the default, what happens? If we treat this as the baseline assumption, what about “innovation” and “robust debate”?

First some clarification. I’m talking about secrecy and language within a family or tribe or guild, not secrecy between all individuals. Language forms the circle and keeps outsiders at bay. Secrecy inside the guild is natural and easy. Secrecy between individuals (within the circle) is not natural and interferes with civilization. Modern technology is designed to break down the natural forms of secrecy. Destroy the workplace, destroy the family, destroy clubs and Mutual Benefit Associations. The state penetrates all boundaries.

I was casting around for a way to organize this random crap, until I read this proposal for breaking an important part of secrecy. “Transparency” is a favorite fake goal of reformers. “Transparency” breaks the privacy of the guild.

“Transparency” in the process of research and development would ruin research, because competing teams with more money would be able to catch the idea and frontrun it.

This was the original purpose of the Web. NSA wanted a way to catch research ideas early in their formation so NSA could get ahead of them. It’s bad enough to have NSA frontrunning all your tentative thoughts and hypotheses, but it would be vastly worse if the team at MIT could see an early form of a brilliant idea or clever experiment at Podunk Community College.

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Part of my initial 2016 thoughts on the subject:

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These modern debates about encryption (ie the Bitcoin scam or the fake dispute between Apple and FBI) ring hollow to my ear, but I hadn’t figured out why until just now.

Both sides are missing the oldest and deepest fact.

Encryption is the PRIMARY form of communication. Encryption came first. Publicly readable speech and writing came later.

Most living things communicate through chemical, visual and audio signals. Some fish communicate through AM and FM radio waves. Bacteria and mitochondria communicate electrically via wires. Most of these ‘channels’ are intrinsically and physically private.

Smarter vertebrates turn public audio channels into private channels through individual variations. Why do birds develop special grace notes? So a male can stand out as a mateworthy individual, and so members of a family can recognize each other.

Why did humans take it to the next level with more complex and more articulate syllables? Not so everyone could understand. That’s SUICIDAL. We developed language so OUR FAMILY and OUR TRIBE and OUR GUILD and OUR COMPANY could communicate without OTHER modules picking up the information.

Why did humans later develop ways of recording information on clay or wood? Three semi-separate motivations. (1) The priesthood of bookkeepers (my kind of priesthood!) developed numbers so they could keep track of business transactions. After the idea of visual mapping became familiar, the specific number symbols for One Ox or One House came to represent the ox or house itself, and then the sounds for Ox or House. After that, metaphor expanded or specialized the symbols.

(2) Census-takers picked up the trick, using it to register information about residents for governmental purposes like debts and taxes. (3) Religious priesthoods used writing to keep the scriptures within bounds, so they could gain power and money by renting out little bits of the ceremony. Guilds developed their own special sublanguages to protect their ownership of skill-estate, so they could rent out skilled labor without passing the skills to outsiders.

All of these priesthoods were trying to keep information within their own circles. Otherwise, why bother?

Audio encryption pretty much disappeared after writing became commonplace. It didn’t re-emerge until electronics made tricks like scramblers possible. Later on, DSP made complex audio encryption easier.

And that’s where we are now. The same place we’ve always been…. except that AS FUCKING USUAL we intentionally reverse our understanding.

The initial and permanent purpose of communication is EXCLUSION. DIVISIVENESS. XENOPHOBIA. When communication REALLY MATTERS, it’s coded.

Families no longer matter, so families no longer encrypt. Businesses still need encryption to stay ahead of the competition. Government data-gatherers still need encryption to stay ahead of the citizens. Armies still need codes to protect strategies.

Languages didn’t start from a single universal tongue. Exactly the opposite. Satan doesn’t separate languages; Satan wants everyone to speak the same way so the government can spy more efficiently. God smashed the Tower of Babel because the emperor was trying to force ONE language.

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Now a bit of speculation about innate capacities. We’ve known for a long time that the basics of spoken language are built-in. We’ve known for a shorter time that writing and reading are built-in and hardwired. Recent observations seem to indicate that we have an innate structure for status, which makes sense. Hive structure is innate and permanent, so it must be hardwired.

Status indicators (formal vs familiar) were part of all languages until the Locke-Marat Endarkenment wiped them out of English.


Given that language and status are both hardwired, there must be a MAP of status locations closely tied to the language processors. All languages account for physical location (noun case, prepositions) and all languages account for temporal location (verb aspect and tense). These language structures must connect to the hippocampal maps of space and time. The space and time maps are laid out ‘on the horizon’ of the hippocampus. Where is the status map? I might envision it as two-dimensional. Around the horizon we see the ‘portals’ of our own hive, where it connects to other hives of superior or inferior status. The superior hives are above, the inferior hives are below.

Reprint on the uses of expertise

I’ve reprinted this list many times in various contexts with various additions. Feels like a good time to reprint it again, connecting it to my recent language-based comparison of facts vs commands, and this week’s UFO obsession.

This version of the list is from 2017, with a good discussion of factual experts vs commanding experts.

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“Scientists” jail you for questioning “science”.

Astrologers don’t jail you for questioning astrology.


MDs force you to follow orders by withholding life-sustaining prescriptions. (In any other context this would be called extortion.) (Now, of course, MDs have shown their true colors as pure Nazi torturers and holocausters.)

Alternative doctors (naturopaths, chiropractors, etc) don’t force you to do anything.


Social “scientists” design and operate torture chambers.

Psychics and faith healers don’t.


Non-smokers jail you for smoking in the wrong place, which is pretty much every place.

Smokers don’t jail you for not smoking.


Bankers punish you for using cash. (And now they STEAL your money when you spend it on heresy.)

Goldbugs don’t jail you or STEAL YOUR MONEY for using debit cards.


Globalists bomb you for questioning the Empire.

Localists don’t bomb you for being a globalist.


Adding: Government punished UFO believers. Many lost jobs or ended up in insane asylums.

UFO believers didn’t punish disbelievers.

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I commented in detail on the “sonic attack” hate-hoax, more or less dismissing it but remaining objective because this is my proper area of expertise.

Later ZH had a headline:

This Is What Americans Heard During The Mysterious Cuban Sonic Attacks, And Why Experts Don’t Buy It

Yup, I’m an expert and I don’t buy it.

Some experts in acoustics and phonetics are in fact working for NSA and Apple and Google. Their jargon is easy to recognize in the NSA stuff released by Wikileaks, and their work is easy to see elsewhere.

In terms of the pairings above, does that make me an astrologer? Yes. If an analogous title existed I’d happily use it. (Faith acoustician? Phonologer?)

The important distinction in the pairings above is not the professional title but the willingness to serve power. The first group in each pair is willing to use their expertise aggressively. The second group is not willing to serve power. They are defending people against power, lending their knowledge and skills to people who are just trying to live an ordinary life.

Reprint from 2018

Especially germane on the subject of protests, media insanity, etc.

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Want to break the “cycle of violence”? Break the media.

The press has been running this routine for at least a hundred years. It’s not mysterious or “unintended”. It’s an intrinsic part of their business model.

Blood sells newspapers. Blood and chaos and war are the RAW MATERIAL of media, just as wheat is the raw material of bakers. When bakers want to sell more bread, they develop more sources of wheat. When media wants to sell more clicks, it develops more sources of war and violence.

Hearst dared to say it openly. Every media baron since Hearst has followed his methods while sanctimoniously pretending to be against violence.

More war means more clicks, and more clicks give the media more power to create more war and chaos.

Everyone in a position of power is part of the setup. DC profits massively from violence. More budget for the Pentagon, more budget for FBI, DHS, BATF, ETC.

So DC does everything possible to increase the cycle. Pentagon creates coups in foreign countries “justifying” our intervention. FBI cultivates “terrorists” on “both” sides. BATF runs stings. ETC.

We can’t do anything about the government side of this positive-feedback death loop. FDR was a one-time miracle, and Deepstate regenerated after FDR’s death to GUARANTEE that we would NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER get another sane leader.

We can do something about the media side.

First, don’t be a blood farmer. Don’t add to their overflowing silos of raw chaos material. Don’t protest, don’t join organized groups. ALL ALL ALL ALL ALL ALL organized groups are run by Deepstate. This has been STEADILY true since 1946.

Second, don’t click. Don’t help the retail side of the cycle. Turn off everything. We don’t NEED to open our God-given life to the chaos of Bezos.

Life is an island of order in a universe of chaos. Life generates order and beauty. Bezos and DC generate chaos and death. We can’t break them but we can preserve our souls by attempting to make more order and beauty.

Listen to Booker T. His advice to black men in 1910 is still SHARPLY APPROPRIATE advice for Deplorables of all colors.

= = = = = END REPRINT.

Only slight edit needed now: Replace ETC by CDC.

Defensible Spaces review 4/6

How about defensible times? From 2019 again:

Roger Scruton’s latest article includes this evocative sentence;

At first, I thought that the placeless character of modern housing is a matter of style—the modern materials and proportions, the grammarless disposition of windows and doors, the random orientation along cul-de-sacs that join nothing to nothing. But it soon became clear that the style made next to no difference to the effect.

‘Grammarless disposition’ is a wonderfully precise phrase, and I think it’s the key to the problem.

Life is order. Death is chaos.

Civilization is a specific TYPE of order called Natural Law. Natural Law was recorded in God’s experimental log book. It was recorded by the civilizations who survived. Sorosians break every provision of Natural Law. We can watch the experiment in supercompressed video now. Sorosian cultures are dying fast from both ends, failing to reproduce and committing mass suicide. Natural Law cultures are reproducing and staying alive.

Language also has a specific TYPE of order called grammar, which develops naturally. I’ve made two pretty good observations on the subject. (1) Grammar is a trellis that organizes and strengthens civilization. (2) Languages with caseless nouns are easy prey for Sorosian chaos. The latter connects with Scruton’s discussion of places. If your language has firm structure of the relations between places and things and people, you have a better defense against Sorosian destruction of borders and connections. A place for everyone and everyone in his place. Firm structure of verbs doesn’t seem to help.

Natural grammar is generally unrecorded, so it doesn’t have lobbyists or churches to defend it against the chaotizers. The chaotizers, unsurprisingly, started to enforce the invented rigid abstractions of UNnatural grammar at the same time that they started to enforce the rigid demonic insanities of the “Enlightenment”. The “rules” of official “grammar” lead to confusion and ambiguity, and make it impossible to express normal thoughts in normal order, just as the crazy abstractions of “rights” and “equality” lead to confusion and ambiguity. Chaotized meaning is well-known, thanks to Orwell. Chaotized grammar is equally important but not often discussed.

I haven’t thought much about the grammar of art and architecture, but it fits the same pattern. Utopias of “rights” and “equality” always break down natural symmetry and resonance. It’s most obvious and literal in music, where movements like atonalism and Twelve-Tones obliterated resonance and rhythm.

Needless to say, the brain’s functioning depends on resonance and rhythm, and I’m guessing that the brain creates defensible spaces by heterodyning or subcarrier processes.

Any input that breaks resonance and symmetry and rhythm is a pathogen against internal rhythm.

Any input that breaks our memory of previous experience is a pathogen against defensible times. Globalists constantly break memory and force it to be reinterpreted the globalist way. Github/Room 101 doesn’t merely distort earlier memories, it smashes the PROCESS of creating and storing memories.