Winged metrologists

I bought several of Frank Edwards’s books on UFOs and other subjects. Near the end of his short life he was following the model of Hix and MacHarrie and Nesbitt, producing a set of books and short radio features on historical and scientific oddities, well beyond UFOs.

All of these ‘Fortean’ writers were presenting known and observed FACTS that don’t fit the official THEORIES of historians and scientists. They were strengthening the resolve and the moral compass of non-Experts.

Edwards was a GREAT writer. Each book grabs you on the first page and doesn’t let you put it down. Edwards understood people deeply and empathetically, but didn’t understand technology quite deeply enough. He drew some tech conclusions that don’t work well.

Coral Lorenzen was the other way around. She was an introvert with less experience of human strategies, but she had a tremendous capacity for technical patterns and details. Some of her conclusions about human motivations don’t work well.

Most importantly, the ‘Forteans’ understood that non-Experts have MONEY, which modern writers have forgotten. Edwards sold millions of books, and his radio features reached millions of listeners.

Edwards’s UFO book starts with ancient stories. Ezekiel is the most famous, but similar accounts are found in India and China and the Americas.

Previously I was betting that the ‘standard UFO’ was simply an experimental surveillance tool developed after WW2. The pattern of secrecy and censorship pointed in that direction. I didn’t see any reason to assume origin from another planet, and I still don’t. After reading those parallel OLD descriptions, I have to bet on a more complex earthly origin story.

= = = = =

Just for fun, let’s take several of the observed facts I’ve been discussing lately and apply them to the long observations of UFOs.

1. Start with the interlocking facts about secrecy. Privacy is natural inside a guild or tribe, thus secrets are easy to keep forever within a guild. Secrets don’t want to leak.

2. Add the facts about tech history. Invention and life and language are NOT LINEAR. Technology and skills develop suddenly, then die out unless carefully maintained by a guild.

3. Add the perpetual observations of the ‘standard UFO’. It has a few basic ingredients that imply a massless charge vortex or wave knot, capable of assuming the external qualities of a solid object when necessary.

4. Add the perpetual observations of a hidden tribe of small people or angels with wings who are not quite material, capable of assuming quasi-material form.

5. Add the Booker T / mouse rule. When you’re the low-status mouse, you need to be very quiet and very smart. Live inside the walls, find your niche and stay there.

= = = = =

Sum: An ancient tribe of small humanoids developed tremendous technical ability based on the correct assumption that everything is patterns of energy. They never bought Epicurean atomism and chaotism. They know how to appear solid and massive as seen by our senses and tools, and they can turn off the stageplay just as quickly. We don’t know where they are because waves don’t have a where.

This ancient winged tribe realized that the big wingless tribes enjoy obeying the demonic will of evil psychopaths. The big tribes constantly slaughter each other, and the demons often slaughter their own tribe for fun and profit. We’re seeing the latter tendency right now in the broadest and most vicious form in all of history.

Occasionally, when the big warlike humanoids are getting especially nasty, the ancient little angel-tricksters wander around in their invulnerable fast-dancing fast-disappearing aircraft to see what we’re planning. They have no hope of fixing the big humanoids, but they may be doing some ‘wiggle and watch’, popping out in interesting places and ways to measure our responses.

When they appear over non-psychopathic areas or guilds, nothing much happens.

= = = = =

When they appear near one of the demon-owned areas, their ship is pursued and shot.

= = = = =

The shooting doesn’t matter (or isn’t matter) because the angel-tricksters are only appearing as matter; but the shooting gives them a measure of the demonic power at this particular time and place.

Invulnerable India

Today’s little news item continues a LONG-running theme that doesn’t seem to get much attention. India is buying lots of Russian oil despite our self-destructive sanctions. We aren’t sanctioning India for breaking our sanctions.

In the “virus” holocaust I’ve been noticing that many of the heroic dissidents within the “medical” community are from India. They haven’t been silenced or fired.

Indians are gradually taking over the banking world from Jews, and quickly taking over the tech world from the Waspish Wealthy Weirdos who founded it. Nobody is calling them anti-Semitic for replacing the Jews.

This has been going on since the end of WW2. India always played both sides between US and USSR, profited from the game, and didn’t get bombed or punished for it. India has been running a perpetual low-level war against Pakistan in Kashmir since 1947, and we’ve never tried to intervene on either side.


Unfamiliar versions

A few ‘new’ episodes of Passing Parade have recently entered the OTR distribution. They’re not in the free material at yet. (Everything ends up at Archive sooner or later.)

One episode from 1949 deals with espionage and code breakers.

The main theme is highly unconventional, especially after 1946: There has always been a Deepstate. America pretends to be innocent and constitutional, and claims to be bamboozled by the byzantine convolutions of Old World countries. In fact we always have our own convoluters who ignore morality and laws.

The first part of the episode tells the familiar story of Yardley and his Black Chamber in a familiar way.

Toward the end the narrator tells two unfamiliar versions of familiar events. I don’t know if these are forgotten facts or abandoned lies or just confusions. The first one feels like a confusion; the second one feels like a forgotten fact.

= = = = =

1. Again in the late 30s, just before the world blew up again, our country was infested with enemy spies. And yet somehow we had invented a code machine for sending our own messages, which the immense intelligence forces of Hitler failed to figure out. That machine, still I believe a secret, is said to be a sort of thinking machine based upon the human brain.

= = = = =

‘Electronic brain’ usually meant a digital computer. The conventional story (which seems reliable) is that we weren’t using digital computers in any active way during the war. Atanasoff was trying to use digital for ballistic calculations, but this wasn’t useful yet. Every plane and ship had ANALOG computers for bombsights and autopilots. Computers were being tried for decrypting late in the Enigma project, but the vast majority of the Enigma work was done by brute-force automatic code wheels. I don’t think anyone would describe the code-wheel devices as ‘thinking like a brain’. Both sides had been using wheel machines since 1920, contrary to the usual story that the Enigma was a total mystery until Turing magically understood it.

= = = = =

2. It was widely believed during the last two years of the war that we were having a most difficult time in breaking the Japanese code. We had very few agents well trained in the Japanese language. That was the story. Hidden behind this is the encouraging fact that a couple of young Yankee inventors had already perfected a radio decoding machine by the time Pearl Harbor occurred. And there was hardly a minute in the entire war that the American machine wasn’t smashing the Japanese code as fast as it was changed.

= = = = =

This differs radically from the familiar ‘Midway Mistake’ story. There’s also a hidden inference: If we were decoding everything before Pearl Harbor, we knew what was coming.