Why I moved

11/27/2021: Starting here on WordPress.

Copying my last post on blogspot which tells the story:

= = = = =

Looks like I’ll have to move this blog elsewhere. For the first time in 16 years, somebody is complaining about “misleading content” and forcing Blogspot to “unpublish” posts that tell too much truth. From email this morning:

Statcounter shows what happened. All of these posts were viewed yesterday by one reader, who is not in USA.

= = = = =

Judging by the experience of other familiar bloggers, WordPress seems to have a better record of openness. It’s also a paid subscription, which establishes a two-way obligation. Customer, not product. So I’ve started a new blog at WordPress, as Polistrasmill.com.

Fortunately I made a firm habit of storing all archived content offline, so I can eventually repost the lost items on WordPress. No point in copying all of the content; I can link to it when needed.

Okay, inquisitor, burn as much as you want. You can’t touch my truth, you can only strengthen my resolve. I’m sure as fuck not going to fall for the ‘appeals’ routine. That’s a trap. I’ll never revise the truth to satisfy an inquisitor. When I determine FROM MY OWN OBSERVATION AND EXPERIENCE that I’ve been wrong, I do retract and revise.

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