Peasant to aristocrat to ghost

UncommonDescent is highlighting the standard story of human “progress”. They’re trying to send a Gotcha message to the Wokers who love Darwin but allegedly hate “racism”.

In the usual story, “primitives” are dark and “advanced” humans are white. But color is only one part of the standard story.

Human evolution is expected to “progress” from peasant to aristocrat. The “primitive” versions have strong features, strong colors, loud voices, and strong bodies. The “advanced” versions are featureless, smooth, pale, and motionless. The final goal is disembodied software or spirits. Ghosts are white and translucent.

This sequence happens in human tribes AND human languages AND human inventions. The first version is complex and rich in features. The later versions, after merging and globalizing, are pale and flat and featureless; finally vaporizing into pure abstraction and software.

It’s interesting that feature is the central term in all of these progressions. Old languages have a huge variety of phonetic and grammatical features. Neanderthal faces have deep and strong features. Original inventions are packed with features that later disappear.

The trouble with the standard view is that it reverses Nature’s purpose. Nature wants complexity because complexity is ADAPTABLE. When a living thing or a language or a device has a wide variety of purposes built in, it can be used in a wide variety of situations. The dumbed-down final version, supposedly the superlative perfect result, is only functional in a luxurious delicate environment, with all the adaptation done externally by servants or offshore factories or robots.

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