When did back-scratching stop?

Still listening to those short 1948 news analysis pieces by Bert Andrews. He wasn’t unusual in that era, just a bit more clear and incisive than others.

Discussing party conventions, Andrews describes the process of mutual extortion.

When candidate A realizes that he isn’t going to pick up enough delegates, he negotiates with the operatives of candidates B and C. What will I get, and what will MY PEOPLE get, if I throw my delegates to you?

This process stopped a long time ago. Each party knows well in advance who its nominee will be, so there’s nothing to negotiate. Candidate Bernie and Candidate Tulsi gather up MY PEOPLE, pull in massive amounts of money from MY PEOPLE, and then simply surrender to the hereditary king. Candidate Bernie doesn’t ask, and doesn’t get, any goodies for MY PEOPLE. He only gets money from MY PEOPLE.

We’ve lost all the feedback loops that make life function. We’ve lost the two-way transactions, the balances that keep civilization running. Everything is one-way.

All money and power flows upward with no return path. We send our money and “votes” to candidate Bernie and candidate Tulsi, and they send us nothing in return. Candidates B and T send their power to candidate Biden, and they receive nothing in return.

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