Odd mechanical reads

After the canceler caused Blogspot to delete several of my ‘controversial’ entries on the old blog, I’ve been watching the reads carefully. Now that I’m no longer adding new material, and all the old has always been archived offline, further activity doesn’t really matter.

Still, an odd mechanical process began one day after I moved from Blogspot to WordPress. At first the pattern looked human, but it’s been running for three days without a break, so I assume it’s mechanical. The OS is given as Linux, which also tends toward machine instead of personal.

Microsoft’s Azure center in Des Moines has been reading individual posts in random time order, using a different IP every time. As of now they’ve been reading steadily for three days, in no particular order and without a definite rhythm. The reads are about 10 minutes apart on average, but some gaps are only one minute and some are 30 minutes. They aren’t emphasizing the ‘controversial’. The only category that seems to be sparsely represented is the tech history animations, which I consider to be the only halfway worthwhile part of this blog. I suppose they’ll get everything sooner or later. The process seems to pick up about 100 items per day, and shows no sign of varying or slowing down. There are 11k items, so a complete read would take 110 days.

Later: The auto-read seems to have stopped on Dec 4 after 8 days at the same pace, reading about 800 items in total. Why stop there?

What’s the purpose of this activity? It doesn’t seem to be aimed at more takedowns, since it didn’t follow the tags that would lead easily to ‘controversial’ truths. No further takedowns have happened yet. Is it just archiving? Why?

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